Xfinity Mobile Coverage Map 2022: 4G LTE & 5G

Xfinity Mobile Coverage Map 2022

Network coverage is a crucial factor for every customer looking for an internet service provider. This brings us to the point where we ask, does Xfinity Mobile have good network coverage? To answer that, let us start by telling you what Xfinity Mobile is. Xfinity Mobile is an MVNO company that offers broader network coverage compared to other service providers. This carrier uses the towers of Verizon, which is well established in terms of network connectivity and with extensive coverage across the country. As an Xfinity customer, you will enjoy 4G network connectivity in approximately 70% of Verizon’s nationwide coverage. Besides, if your phone is 5G enabled, you will also have access to 5G network coverage through Verizon 5G technology.

In addition, Xfinity Mobile has established 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. These hotspots are free to all Xfinity customers, reducing your travel data consumption. This means you can always switch to the free Wi-Fi hotspots and keep your data for usage in places without the hotspots. So, if you have been looking for a reliable phone carrier with good network coverage, then Xfinity Mobile is the real deal. However, since Xfinity network coverage is not in every location, it’s important to go through Xfinity coverage map and determine whether your area of residence is under this great coverage. In our guide today, we have covered Xfinity mobile coverage map in 2022 to help you get started.

Is Xfinity Mobile Network GSM Or CDMA

Let’s start by mentioning that GSM is a very reliable network that is used by the majority of the big carriers. Although Verizon is a big carrier, it is exceptional because it uses CDMA network. We have already mentioned that Xfinity uses Verizon’s network tower to deliver services. This makes Xfinity CDMA enabled.

How Do I Check Xfinity Mobile Coverage In My Area?

Xfinity Mobile has good services that might prompt you to join their services. Before subscribing, you should first ascertain availability of Xfinity Mobile services in your area. This is because Xfinity Mobile services are not available in every part of the United States. Here is a guideline on how you can check the coverage of your area:

  1. Open the browser and search
  2. Scroll down until you find a text field requiring you to enter a ZIP code. Enter the correct ZIP code of your state.
  3. Explore if your area has Xfinity Mobile coverage. If they are available, apply and start enjoying both 4G and 5G networks.

What Network Towers Does Xfinity Mobile Use?

Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon towers to give services to its users. As a result, connecting to Xfinity Mobile will enjoy reliable 4G LTE and 5G fast-speed networks.

How Do I Compare Xfinity Mobile’s Coverage Area?


Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon network towers with 4G coverage of 70% of the nation. This makes Verizon wireless to have the highest 4G network coverage compared to other providers like AT&T with has 68% of 4G coverage and T-Mobile with 62% 4 G coverage. Since Verizon has the largest 4G LTE coverage, Xfinity also follows suits. This also makes Xfinity the largest 4G LTE network provider in the states. Therefore, we can conclude that Xfinity Mobile has high-quality 4G LTE services compared to others.     


When it comes to 5G coverage, the story is quite different. As of now, Verizon has not fully introduced 5G network in every location. It has the least 5 G network coverage of 12.77% of the nation. This is low compared to AT&T, which has coverage of 29.52%, and T-Mobile, which has 53.79% coverage countrywide. This however, means Xfinity has less 5G coverage than 4G. Although Xfinity 5G coverage is not as much, one thing for sure is that in areas with 5G network, customers receive a very fast and reliable internet connection.  

Xfinity Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Coverage

Besides getting discounted data plans and good network coverage from Xfinity Mobile, Wi-Fi hotspot is another added benefit to users. Xfinity Mobile has got approximately 18 million free Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. This will help you to conserve your data when you are traveling.

Xfinity Mobile vs. Verizon Coverage

Xfinity Mobile and Verizon share the same network towers. However, these two carriers are typically different in terms of coverage. Xfinity has a massive network as compared to Verizon. Specifically, Xfinity enjoys 70% of Verizon coverage plus high-speed hotspots.

Regarding Verizon coverage, you know that this carrier has the largest 4GLTE coverage. However, it has limited 5G WI-Fi hotspots that is not better compared to Xfinity.

How Do You Update Towers On Xfinity?

Most updates are typically done automatically when the phone connects to the internet. However, in scenarios where the phone loses signals, you may be forced to update manually through smart apps.

Here is the procedure for updating towers on iPhone:

  1. Go to the Settings button located on the home screen.
  2. Tap on the section written “General and about.”
  3. Locate where it is written “Update your Carrier Settings,” and update if any update is available. Kindly note that you have to wait until the update runs successfully.

For users who use Android phones, here is the procedure:

  1. Go to the Settings button on the home screen.
  2. Tap on the section written about. Here you will see a button labeled “Update Profile” if not, proceed to the next step.
  3. Tap on the System Updates, locate Update Profile and tap on it. You will now wait until the updates run successfully. Your towers will now be updated.

Pros And Cons Of Xfinity Mobile

Among all the MVNOs of Verizon, Xfinity is one of the best. This carrier has many attractive features for its subscribers. Despite the good services that Xfinity Mobile offers, it still has some weaknesses that you should know about.  Here is a breakdown of some of the pros and cons of the Xfinity Mobile network.


1. Excellent phone customer service

If you encounter problems with Xfinity Mobile, several FAQ pages are available online to help you. The questions have answers on how to set up the Xfinity Mobile service, switch data plans, and billing. If you do not get a solution from the FAQ, you can contact them through several channels available. These channels include text messages, Facebook Massager, and calling through (888) 936-4968.

2. It has flexible phone plans and pricing

Xfinity Mobile offers low-cost plans you cannot get with other MVNO service providers. It has unlimited plans per line and a Gig plan paid per every GB you buy. When you purchase the Gig plan, you can share the data with all the lines attached to your account.

The following is a breakdown of payments according to the number of lines you get in the unlimited plan. Note that the data speeds are typically reduced after you reach 20 GB.

  1. $45 per month for one line.
  2. $60 per month for two lines.
  3. $90 per month for three lines.
  4. $120 per month for four lines.

Xfinity Mobile allows you to pay $20 per line you add after four lines which goes up to a maximum of 10 lines.

If you choose the Gig plan, you can pay the following. Kindly note that there is no Gig rollover.

  1. $15 per month for 1GB
  2. $30 per month for 3GB
  3. $10 per month for 10GB

After exceeding the chosen amount, you will be allowed to pay $15 per GB if you need an extra GB.

3. Flexible data plans

When it comes to Xfinity Mobile, you can pay for 1GB at a time. For example, if you buy a 1GB plan for $15 per month, when it depletes, you are allowed to add another for the same $15. Xfinity Mobile will enable you to change your plan even when the billing cycle is not over. This means you can upgrade to a better plan.

4. Fast data speeds

As mentioned earlier, Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon towers guaranteeing both 4G and 5G networks. Courtesy of Verizon, Xfinity has fast, reliable 4G LTE and 5G Data speeds as compared to most service providers. Depending on your state, you can get data speeds up to 80 Mbps with Xfinity.

5. Utilizing Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks

Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon, which offers 4G LTE and 5G networks in approximately 70% coverage of the whole country. By getting Xfinity Mobile services, it is automatic that you will enjoy the fast data speeds because of Verizon’s 4G and 5G networks. Everyplace Verizon has a 4G or 5G network, Xfinity Mobile users can access such networks.


1. You must have subscribed to Xfinity Internet

To subscribe to Xfinity mobile, you need to subscribe to Xfinity Internet. This requirement is a disadvantage for those who want Xfinity Mobile services only.

2. You must pay a cancellation fee if you terminate your internet service

You will have to pay a cancellation fee if you terminate the internet service. So, if you choose to terminate the internet service, it will be mandatory to pay a termination fee. This differs from those on prepaid plans that do not require one to pay a cancelation fee.

Does Verizon Own Xfinity?

No, Verizon does not own Xfinity Company. The only connection between Xfinity and Verizon is that Xfinity uses Verizon network towers to operate. When it comes to parent company, Xfinity is owned by Comcast communications.

Is Xfinity Cheaper Than Verizon?

Xfinity has a Performance Starter Plan that is the most affordable option, costing only $24.99 per month for 50 Mbps of download speed. On the other hand, Verizon provides a better deal with their 200 Mbps bundle, which you get at $39.99 per month. Comparing the two, Xfinity is much cheaper compared to Verizon.

What Phones Are Compatible With Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is compatible with several modern smartphones. Some phones compatible with Xfinity Mobile include iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Others include iPhone 11, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and Pixel 4a 5G, among others. Always confirm if the phone is compatible with Xfinity Mobile before you buy it.

Does Xfinity Mobile Have An Activation Fee?

Fortunately, Xfinity has no activation fees for new customers activating their services. However, the carrier has installation fee that customers should pay for any cable/ wiring service needed when fixing their internet services.

Does Xfinity Mobile Have Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, Xfinity Mobile has Wi-Fi calling feature enabled by default. You are not expected to do anything for you to get Wi-Fi calling feature once you buy a plan with Xfinity Mobile. The good news is that all the phones found in Xfinity have Wi-Fi calling features. You only need to have your phone connected to Wi-Fi to use the feature.

How Long Does It Take To Switch To Xfinity Mobile?

When you meet all the requirements to switch to Xfinity mobile, you will only need about 10 minutes to have your line active. However, you must be transparent and provide valid information during the activation process to facilitate a fast activation process. If you give invalid information, the process will be canceled or delayed.

Does Xfinity Mobile Use SIM Cards?

Yes, the Xfinity Mobile SIM card helps you during the activation process of your phone. This means it is mandatory to have a SIM card for you to activate the phone. With Android phones, the SIM card comes preinstalled on the phones. Yours is to initiate the activation process. If you do not have a SIM card and wish to activate it, you can order one online.

Does Xfinity Mobile Work In All States?

As previously noted, Xfinity Mobile is available in most U.S. states. Specifically, it serves approximately 70% of the United States coverage. That means there are areas that are uncovered by Xfinity. This is about 30% of the United States. To know whether your state is under Xfinity coverage, check 2022 coverage map in their official website. You can expect excellent service from Xfinity Mobile if you live in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Florida.

Can I Switch From Verizon To Xfinity Mobile? 

Yes, you can switch from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile. However, you need to meet some requirements for you to qualify. To get the services from Xfinity Mobile, you must subscribe to Comcast Xfinity Internet. If you want to bring your own phone, ensure that your phone is compatible with Xfinity Mobile since not all phones work with it. Here is a procedure for how you can switch:

  • Sign up for Comcast internet services.
  • Check if your phone is compatible with Xfinity Mobile.
  • Ensure that your Verizon phone has been unlocked. In most cases, Verizon phones are unlocked after 60 days, but if you are not sure, you can contact customer service to check it for you.
  • Determine the right time in your billing cycle with Verizon when you can switch. The best advised time is always the last week of your billing cycle. You will also need to check if they will charge you a termination fee because of canceling their service. In most cases, the fee can go up to $350, but this depends on when you terminated the contract.
  • You can now order your Xfinity Mobile SIM card after you have passed the above requirements. If you are bringing your phone, visit, and you will have the option to order your SIM card.
  • It may take up to 7 days for the card to be delivered. Once you receive it, you will now select your plan so that you can start billing. Note that Xfinity does not charge line access or activation fee, which gives you the freedom to look for a plan comfortable.
  • Finally, you will activate your line, complete the line activation, and start using the Xfinity Mobile service.

Can I Keep My Number If I Switch To Xfinity Mobile?

Yes, Xfinity Mobile allows you to keep your number when switching from another carrier. However, the number must meet some requirements to qualify to be ported. If your existing phone number qualifies to be transferred to Xfinity Mobile, you can retain it. Note that you only can port your number when placing an order in the Xfinity Voice Service. When you get to this stage, you will be requested to confirm the validity of your phone number. Note that majority of numbers are eligible for porting.

Nevertheless, a range of circumstances might impact the eligibility of your particular number for porting. Therefore, you must confirm if your number can qualify for porting. To confirm your number, search on your preferred browser using this URL

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