What Towers Does Straight Talk Use: Coverage Map 4G LTE & 5G

What Network Towers Does Straight Talk Use

Did you just join Straight Talk and want to know what towers the carrier use alongside other crucial features of this company? This comprehensive guide is here to bring you much-needed answers. Straight talk is a very famous, reliable, and trustworthy mobile virtual network operator that has been delivering quality services to millions of customers over the years. The fact that this company operates virtually means that it incurs less expenses, especially when it comes to infrastructure. This makes its services relatively cheap. The company offers cheap and quality devices that allow you to upgrade your current devices without straining your pocket. Straight talk is also open to customers bringing their own phone and numbers. Also, it offers non-contract, cheap and flexible service plans that include unlimited talk, text and data. 

Most importantly, this company gives its customers a chance to enjoy a very wide, quality, and reliable network. This is because straight talk is privileged to offer services through the help of the four biggest service providers in the US. It is a subsidiary of Verizon wireless that relies on Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T network. To know more, please read on!

What Towers Does Straight Talk Use In 2022

Since we have mentioned that straight talk is an MVNO type of company, this means that it doesn’t have its own network towers. This carrier is not self-reliant but dependent on towers from other networks. Normally, most MVNOs pay contracts with one service provider in order to depend on their network tower. That is not the same with straight talk because unlike the norm, it depends on four different towers.

Straight Talk does not only rely on four network towers but also the best and largest in the nation. These are Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T network towers. Merging with the four biggest companies ensures that straight talk offers the best network coverage to customers regardless of their location of residence. Note that although straight talk uses network towers from the three largest network towers, it doesn’t mean you have to access network coverage from all four companies. You will instead have to select services from one network tower depending on the one that offers the best coverage in your location.

Straight Talk Coverage Map 2022

As aforementioned, Straight Talk relies on the four major network providers to offer service to its users. These carriers offer excellent coverage and large reception in rural and urban areas. As a result accessing network from all the four biggest network towers gives Straight Talk a very wide network coverage. The company’s network covers 99.6% of the nation. 

However, it’s important to note that although straight talk network coverage is so wide, some areas are still excluded from its services. Because of that, it’s important to cover Straight Talk coverage map as of 2022. Note that Straight Talk coverage map offers a sum coverage of all the areas covered by the four major carriers. This will enable you to know which carrier among the major three has the best coverage in your area. To check Straight Talk coverage map, visit their official website straighttalk.com and select coverage. Enter your ZIP code, and you will be able to confirm whether straight talk services are available in your area. 

How Straight Talk Coverage Map Can Compare

Straight Talk offers the best network coverage since its coverage is a sum of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. All combined, straight talk gains a total network of 99.9% of America’s population. As we have stated however, you don’t get to access network coverage from all the carriers. Instead, you select one of the best coverage among the three. Therefore, it’s important to discuss how Straight Talk coverage map compares to help you make an informed decision. 

4G LTE coverage

  • Verizon 4G LTE coverage map with Straight Talk: When it comes to 4G LTE coverage map, Verizon has total coverage of 70%. It is in fact ranked to have the best overall 4G coverage among others. 
  • AT&T 4G LTE coverage map with Straight Talk: AT&T is ranked as the second best networlk operator when it comes to offering 4G services. AT&T covers 68% of the nation.
  • T-Mobile’s 4G LTE coverage map with Straight Talk: T-Mobile coverage is ranked as the third service provider with total overall coverage of 62% and 99% of the US population.

5 G coverage

  • Verizon 5G coverage map with Straight Talk: When it comes to 5G network, Verizon has the least coverage among the rest. The company has an estimated overall coverage of 10.9%
  • AT&T 5G coverage map with Straight Talk: ATT is the second best when it comes to 5G network. The company has estimated total network coverage of 15.9%
  • T-Mobile 5G coverage map with Straight Talk: When it comes to 5G network, T0Mobile is the best and most trusted among the other two carriers. The carrier has total overall coverage of 36.7% and covers 80% of the US population. 

Pros And Cons Of Straight Talk Network

Straight talk is a very trustworthy service provider with several amazing benefits. The company offers affordable, unlimited plans, quality phones, and friendly customer care services. Besides, it offers a very reliable network coverage just as seen prior in this article. However, nothing is 100% perfect. Although its network is incredible, it has a few drawbacks you should be aware of before joining their services. Below is a highlight of straight talk pros and cons.


  1. Straight Talk uses network towers from the three major carriers which assures customers a very reliable network coverage
  2. Straight Talk offers network coverage across 99.6% of the US
  3. Depending on the big-3 carriers assures straight talk customer’s unlimited 5G network.
  4. 5G network assures customers high-speed connection with low latency and more bandwidth


  1. Although it offers nationwide network coverage, straight talk services are not available in all areas 
  2. It depends on third-party towers thus not a self-reliant company

How Can I Get Better Signal With Straight Talk?

If you largely depend on Straight Talk network for your online classes or attending to virtual businesses, it can be frustrating to experience weak signals. The good news is that there are remedies for getting better signals with straight talk. To troubleshoot signal issues with straight talk, try the following tricks:

  • Reboot the device that you are using to access Straight Talk signals
  • Power your device off then switch it on shortly after 30 seconds
  • Factory reset your Straight Talk device
  • Turn your mobile data off then turn it on again after 30 seconds
  • If the problem persists, check whether you have configured the right APN settings for Straight Talk

How Do I Update My Towers For Straight Talk?

When experiencing text, calls, or signal problems, you should update the tower settings of your phone. To update your towers for straight talk, you just need to update your APN settings, update PRL settings and update your carrier settings. 

  • To update your APN settings, open your handset’s settings on the menu, open wireless and networks, open mobile networks followed by access point names. On the upper right settings of your screen, tap the three dots and select add APN to update your APN settings with straight talk. 
  • To update your PRL, dial *22891 to inform straight talk that you are in search or PRL updates.
  • To update carrier settings, open your device’s settings, scroll down until you come across about phone. Tap about phone and your will see an option that says update profile. If you can’t find update profile option, you can also tap about phone in settings, then select more, followed by mobile networks, then open carrier settings and select update profile. After this step, you can now connect to your WIFI network by dialing ##873283# and your device will update its carrier settings.

How Do I Reset My Straight Talk Network Settings?

To reset your straight talk network settings, you need to have the right, updated APN settings. To obtain it, send a text of the word APN to 611611. Straight talk will respond to your text by sending you new APN settings. With your APN settings, you know to install it in your device by opening your phone’s settings on the menu>wireless and networks> mobile networks> access point names and add APN

Does Straight Talk Have The Same Coverage As Verizon?

We have discussed severally that straight talk is a mobile virtual network operator that depends on the big-3 carriers inclusive of Verizon. The fact that straight talk uses Verizon network towers gives straight talk almost the same network coverage as that of Verizon. 

Does Straight Talk Have Better Coverage Than T-Mobile? 

T-Mobile is a massive network service provider that has built reputation as one of the best options available as far as network coverage is involved. Straight talk on the other hand, is a mobile virtual network operator that relies on T-Mobile. This makes both carriers so reliable as far as network coverage is concerned. However, straight talk does not depend on T-Mobile towers only but also relies on Verizon and AT&T, or Sprint. This makes Straight Talk coverage a better option.

Which Straight Talk Network Is Best?

Straight Talk uses network from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Before choosing the best among them, it’s good first to understand what you are looking for in a carrier. If you are looking for the best 4G coverage, Verizon outstands them all. If you prefer 5G network, T-Mobile has the best coverage. If you need incredible plans with a low budget, AT&T beats them all. 

Is Straight Talk Owned By Verizon?

Yes, straight talk is currently owned by Verizon. Initially, Straight Talk was owned by TracFone, which is the biggest mobile virtual network operator in the US. Not long ago, Verizon acquired TracFone through a very big multi-million dollar transaction. After Acquiring TracFone, Verizon also acquired other brands that were parented by TracFone. Among them was straight talk! Therefore, straight talk is currently a subsidiary of Verizon Wireless. 

What Does Straight Talk Piggyback Off Of?

Straight talk piggybacks off on Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint networks. This makes it compatible with both GSM and CDMA

Are Straight Talk Phones Compatible With Other Carriers?

Straight talk phones are compatible with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. However, Straight Talk phones are locked to other carriers. To use Straight Talk phones with other carriers, you must first unlock it. 

Do I Need A New Straight Talk SIM For 5G?

You don’t necessarily need a new straight talk SIM to access 5G services. This is because your current straight talk 4G SIM can also access 5G network.

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