What Phones Are Compatible With TruConnect

Compatible Phones With TruConnect Wireless

TruConnect is a very famous mobile virtual network operator in America. It relies on Sprint and T-Mobile network towers to deliver services to its client. This assures TruConnect customers a very reliable network coverage. TruConnect also allows you to bring your own phone as a new customer who is enrolling to its services. That means that when joining this company, you don’t have to get rid of your already existing favorite phone. 

When bringing your phone to TruConnect, there are a few conditions to meet. First condition is that your phone must be unlocked. Another condition is that your phone must be compatible with TruConnect network. As a result, we bring you this detailed guide to help you know what phones are compatible with TruConnect. If your phone is compatible, then you can successfully join TruConnect services. 

Why Did You Choose TruConnect? 

There are several wireless service providers in the US. Among many, TruConnect has outstanding features that should encourage you to choose their services. Below is a highlight of all the reasons why you should choose TruConnect services.

  • One reason is to enjoy lifeline benefits: TruConnect is a very reliable lifeline service provider that offers subsidized phone services to all qualified customers across 37 states of America. When you choose TruConnect, you will be able to get unlimited talk, unlimited call minutes, and free international calling through TruConnect Lifeline Program. To enjoy these benefits, you must have an income less than 135% of the federal poverty guideline. 
  • Second reason is to enjoy ACP benefits: TruConnect is also an ACP service provider that helps limited-income families to remain connected throughout. Through TruConnect ACP program, you will get a free android phone, WIFI hotspot and free 14 GB monthly data. However, you must have an income less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines to get these benefits. 
  • Third reason is to enjoy reliable coverage: TruConnect relies on T-Mobile network towers. T-Mobile is among the largest and most reliable service providers with its network towers across several locations in the United States. This gives Truconnect customers access to fast, wide and reliable network coverage. TruConnect also relies on Sprint network. 
  • Fourth reason is to enjoy affordable plans: When choosing this company, you will also enjoy affordable plans with no contracts. For instance, with TruConnect plans, you can enjoy up to 8GB of monthly data with unlimited calling and texting for free. 
  • Fifth reason is to enjoy friendly customer care services: Choosing TruConnect will allow you to enjoy very friendly and responsive customer assistance. Their customer services are available every Monday to Saturday through the number (800) 430-0443

How Do I Check If My Phone Is Compatible With TruConnect?

Unlike other service providers, TruConnect does not have a specific online process for entering your device’s IMEI number to check compatibility. The provider has a general rule that all unlocked GSM or CDMA phones are compatible with TruConnect. To be sure of whether your phone is compatible, call the number (800) 430-0443 for assistance. 

List Of Phones Compatible With TruConnect

TruConnect is compatible with both CDMA and GSM phones through T-Mobile and Sprint network. This makes the company compatible with several types of phones. Here is a list of phones that are compatible with TruConnect

Android Phones Compatible With TruConnect

Apart from the above-mentioned list, here is a description of the four best android phones that are compatible with TruConnect.

1. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g is one of the latest handsets from Samsung that is well compatible with TruConnect. The phone allows you to enjoy a very sharp 108 MP rear camera and 40 MP front camera. The phone also allows you to enjoy a large storage space of 512 GB and 12GB RAM. With this phone, Users can also enjoy exquisite viewing from its large crystal clear 6.8inch display and a lasting battery of 5000mAh battery. 

2. LG stylo 6

LG stylo 6 is another high-standard device that is very compatible with TrueConnect. With the phone, you will enjoy a large screen of 6.8 inches, 13 MP back camera, 3 MP front camera, internal storage capacity of 64GB, 3GB RAM and an inbuilt 4000mAh Li-Po battery. 

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5g

If you need the latest Samsung handset to use with TrueConnect, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5g is your ideal choice. With this phone, you will enjoy 8GB RAM size, 256 GB internal space memory, a large 4300mAh battery, 12 MP rear camera, 10 MP Selfie camera and an expansive display size of 6.7inches.

4. Google Pixel 4a 5g 

Google Pixel 4a 5g is another easy to use handset that is also very compatible with TrueConnect. This model has an inbuilt 3140mAh lasting battery, a 12.2 MP back camera, and 8 MP front camera. The phone also allows you to enjoy a large 128GB ROM and 6GB RAM.

iPhones Compatible With TruConnect

We also bring you a description of the four best iPhones that are compatible with TruConnect

1. iPhone 12 pro max

iPhone 12 pro max is one of the latest iPhones that are very compatible with TruConnect. With the phone, you will enjoy a large screen size of 6.7 inches and a screen resolution power of 1284 X2778 pixels. The phone is also dust and water resistance and comes with internal storage of 512GB and 6GB RAM. Tin addition, you will access a strong triple rear camera of 12 MP and a dual 12 MP front camera. 

2. Apple iPhone XR

You can also bring Apple iPhone XR to TruConnect and enjoy a large crystal clear screen of 6.1 inches, a powerful 2942mAh Li-Ion battery, quality 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP Selfie camera. It also has a large storage capacity of 256GB and 3GB RAM. 

3. Apple iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is another incredible Iphone that is compatible with TruConnect. With the phone, you will enjoy a quality 12 MP rear camera, 12 MP front camera, a lasting 3110 mAh battery, 256 GB internal storage capacity and 4GB RAM. 

4. Apple iPhone SE 

Apple iPhone SE is another incredible iPhone that is compatible with TruConnect wireless. This device comes with a 4.7inches screen with a resolution power of 750 X1334 pixels. In addition, it has a tough exterior that is resistant to both dust and water. It is also equipped with a single 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera. Besides, this phone features an inbuilt 1821mAh Li-Ion battery, internal storage of 256GB, and 3GB RAM for smooth running. 

Flip Phones Compatible With TruConnect

Besides iPhones and Android phones, TruConnect also considers flip phone lovers. Although several users yearn for modern phones, a few still prefer simple and basic phones. Luckily, TruConnect has the following compatible flip phones for you:

1. NUU F4L flip phone

When you get NUU F4L flip phone, you will enjoy 4G LTE connectivity. You will also enjoy edible speakers, a front and rear camera, 4GB RAM, 512 GB memory space and a quality battery of 1350 mAh. 

2. Alcatel Go Flip phone

You can also bring Alcatel Go Flip phone to TruConnect wireless since it’s compatible with their network. With the phone, you will enjoy 4GB RAM, 512 GB internal memory space, 2 MP main camera and a reliable 1350 mAh battery. 

How Do I Purchase A TruConnect-compatible Phone?

There are options available to purchase TruConnect-compatible phones. Here, you choose the most convenient option. One of these options is purchasing your phone through TruConnect official website. Purchasing via TruConnect official website is good because you are given a payment plan. This is where you are allowed to pay for the phone in installments through financing companies like affirm. The second option is purchasing TruConnect-compatible phones from retailers like Walmart. 

How Do I Activate A TruConnect SIM Card On The Phone?

When you get your TruConect phone, install your SIM card and activate it for use. To activate TruConnect SIM card on your phone, turn your phone on and dial 611. Herein, you will receive a welcoming message to TruConnect. Alternatively, you can activate your SIM card by visiting any TruConnect store and asking the attendant to help you. You can also call TruConnect customer team and ask for help.

Which Carriers Are Compatible With TruConnect?

TruConnect works under T-Mobile and Sprint network. The firm is not unlocked to any other carrier. All TruConnect devices are locked and encrypted to work precisely with their self-network. The only remedy for using TruConnect device with another carrier is to unlock your device first. The good luck is that TruConnect easily accepts to unlock all devices that have been in their services for more than 12 months.

Does TruConnect Offer Free Phones?

TruConnect offers free phones through ACP or lifeline program. From these programs, you will get a free android phone together with free call, texts and data. To get a free phone, you must come from a low income household or participate in qualifying programs like SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, Section 8 Housing, and many more. To get your TruConnect free phone, enroll for lifeline, apply, attach lifeline proof documents, submit the form and wait for approval. 

Which States Does TruConnect Cover?

This firm assures network coverage across several states in the US. It has services in West Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nevada, South Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, Indiana, Louisiana, California, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, and Arkansas. 

Are TruConnect Phones Unlocked?

TruConnect phones are not unlocked. All their phones are locked and designed to work with the TruConnect network only.

Can I Put My TruConnect SIM Card In An iPhone Or Other Phone?

TruConnect has a BYOP program that allows you to bring your own phone to their services. This means that you can put TruConnect SIM card in another phone. Remember that the phone that you are putting a TruConnect SIM card should be unlocked and compatible with their network. 

Can I Upgrade My Phone From TruConnect?

You can upgrade your phone from TruConnect. From this company’s official website, you will come across several phones available for upgrade. These phones are discounted and given through monthly installments making it easy to upgrade your TruConnect phone. 

What Kind Of Phones Does TruConnect Give For Free?

After applying for TruConnect free phone, no one discloses to you the type of phone to receive. The company offers free phones subject to availability. It’s good not to place your hopes so high when waiting for your TruConnect-free phone. This is because free phones are just simple, Older models and basic phones will fewer features. The company, however, provides free phones from reputable brands like Motorola, Samsung, Apple, Google Pixel, Sky Devices, and others. 

How Much Is Unlimited Data With TruConnect? 

TruConnect unlimited data costs $55 per month. Another TruConnect plan is the pay-as-you-go plan that costs $30 for non-qualified ACP customers. For qualified ACP customers, this plan is free. The plan offers 8GB of monthly data. 

Does TruConnect Have A Hotspot?

Yes, it has a free hotspot plan for ACP-eligible customers. For non ACP customers, this hotspot plan offers 8 GB of internet for $30 per month. One advantage of TruConnect hotspot is that it allows the connection of up to 8 devices through WIFI.

Does TruConnect Have Free Tablets?

TruConnect has free tablets through ACP program. This program allows you to get a discounted tablet for only $10.01. To get this tablet, you should qualify for ACP program through your income level or participates in programs like Medicaid and SNAP. 

Does Walmart Sell TruConnect Phones? 

Walmart doesn’t directly sell TruConnect phones. What happens is it sells a number of unlocked phones that can be activated with the TruConnect network.

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