What Network Towers Does Assurance Wireless Use

What Network Towers Does Assurance Wireless Use

Assurance Wireless is one of the most reputable carriers in the United States. Unlike other carriers, this one offers discounted cell phone plans to all eligible customers. Therefore, you can apply for its Lifeline program and be able to get a free smartphone alongside the discounted cell phone plans. The carrier also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program which allows you to get more discounts on your monthly cell phone bill.

Assurance Wireless also boasts of having some of the most affordable cell phones that will meet your communication needs. As a result, you might be curious to know the network that this carrier uses so that you can join and enjoy its services on the go. In the subsequent sections, we shall discuss the network this carrier relies on alongside other related facets.

What Network Towers Does Assurance Wireless Use?

Previously, Assurance Wireless used to rely on Sprint towers in order to offer its cell phone services. However, in 2020, Sprint was bought by T-Mobile. Following that acquisition, this carrier started relying on the T-Mobile network. As we speak, this carrier now relies on the T-Mobile network and towers to offer its services. Thankfully, T-Mobile is one of the strongest networks in the United States.

Assurance Wireless Coverage Area

Although this carrier is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator on T-Mobile nationwide network and towers, it is imperative to note that its services is not available in all states. This means that you might enjoy Assurance Wireless service in some states and miss it in others. To be on the safe side, you should know the coverage of this carrier so that you can establish if it is available in your locality or not.

To check the coverage of this service provider, consider visiting coverage.assurancewireless.com/t-mobile.html. If you are unable to utilize this map to view the coverage of this carrier within your locality, consider reaching out to customer support team of this service provider for more guidance.

Is The Assurance Wireless Network Tower Good?

Like we mentioned above, this carrier relies on T-Mobile network. Compared to other networks, T-Mobile network has a good coverage in the United States. Unless you reside in a remote area, chances are that you will enjoy this network from any location in America. This means that Assurance Wireless Network is available in most parts of the United States, thereby making more reliable than its peer networks.

How Reliable Is The Assurance Wireless Network?

Compared to other carriers’ networks, this one has a reliable network. This can be attributed to the fact that Assurance Wireless relies on the T-Mobile network. Although this network can be reliable for the better part of the year, there are instances when you might not experience high data speeds.

Such is the case when the network is very busy. Thankfully, T-Mobile direct users are always given priority whenever the network is busy. However, MVNOs such as Assurance Wireless might not enjoy such privileges, thus making users experience some inconveniences during such moments.

Assurance Wireless GSM or CDMA?

Previously, Assurance Wireless used to rely on CDMA technology. However, after Sprint was bought by T-Mobile, this carrier started to appreciate the need to use the GSM network. As we speak, you can use any compatible GSM, LTE, UMTS or 5G model to access Assurance Wireless broadband internet, as long as the device does not damage the T-Mobile network.

What Is Assurance Wireless Customer Service Contact?

If you want to reach Assurance Wireless customer services on the phone, feel free to dial 1-888-321-5880 and narrate your issue. Better still, dial 611 from your Assurance Wireless device and you will be able to reach an agent on the other end.

Assurance Wireless Network Towers Pros & Cons

One of the main advantages of Assurance Wireless network towers is that it operates on T-Mobile’s network. Compared to other networks, this one is has a wide coverage nationwide, thus more reliable. Besides this, it allows you to connect to 5G internet, which is faster than the 4G LTE network.

On the other hand, the Assurance Wireless network towers has its own share of drawbacks. To start with, this carrier is an MVNO. Since it is an MVNO on T-Mobile’s network, sometimes you might experience challenge whenever you want to access the internet and the network is busy.

Such is usually the case whenever there are many users that are connected to the same tower. However, on other days, you might not experience this problem at all. Therefore, you should brace yourself to encounter this challenge from time to time.

Can You Use Any Phone With Assurance Wireless?

Not really. Your device of choice has to be unlocked and be compatible with Assurance Wireless for you to use it on this carrier’s network. Thankfully, this carrier now allows you to bring your device and use it on its network. Therefore, you can check your device’s compatibility with this carrier before you get started.

How Does Assurance Wireless Coverage Compare To Other Carriers Coverage?

Compared to other carriers, Assurance Wireless coverage is better, thanks to the fact that it relies on T-Mobile network. Therefore, you are likely to enjoy its network regardless of your current location. Unless you live in a remote area, chances of loss of network is next to nought.

For more details about the coverage of this carrier’s network, consider visiting its coverage map first before you can join this network. Once you notice that this carrier’s network is available in your locality, you can join its network and get started.

What Other Carriers Use Assurance Wireless Network Towers?

Earlier on, we stated that this carrier relies on T-Mobile towers. As we speak, this carrier is not the only MVNO that relies on T-Mobile network. There other are others that rely on the same towers in order to offer cell phone services to their customers. Some of these carriers include:

  • Net10
  • Metro by T-Mobile
  • Consumer Cellular
  • Red Rocket
  • Simple Mobile
  • Straight Talk
  • Republic Wireless
  • Ting
  • Google Fi
  • Mint Mobile
  • Straight Talk
  • Wing
  • Gen Mobile
  • US Mobile
  • Ultra Mobile
  • TracFone
  • TextNow

Who Is Eligible For Assurance Wireless?

To be eligible for this carrier, you must have a low income that stands at or is below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or be a participant of a government assistance program such as Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, WIC, LIHEAP and so forth. After all, this carrier is one of the main participants of the Lifeline program offered by the Federal government of the United States.

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