What is GPU In A Phone


Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), is one of the most crucial parts of any digital computing device. Whether you are using a computer or a laptop for business and personal computing, be sure that you will need to use the GPU every now and then. To start with, this component is responsible for offering much-needed smooth graphics on any electronic device. Although this component is mainly known in the gaming field, it has become very instrumental in both artificial intelligence and creative production. In this article, we shall take a closer look at whether phones need a GPU, the best GPU to invest in, among other related ideas.

Do Mobile Phones Use GPU?

Yes. Every mobile device must have a GPU so that it can generate quality pictures on its screen. Without this component, your smartphone’s user interface would be negatively affected. Also, you would not be able to play high-performance games on your mobile device as desired. Just like the CPU, your phone must have a GPU so that it can function optimally.

What is a Good GPU for a Phone?

As of 2022, some of the best GPUs you can consider for your phone include:

  • Apple M1 7-Core GPU
  • Apple M1 7-Core GPU
  • Apple M1 8-Core GPU
  • Apple A12x Bionic GPU
  • Samsung Xclipse 920
  • Adreno 660
  • Mali-G78 MP22
  • Apple A10X Fusion GPU
  • Adreno 650

Any of these GPUs can work magic for your phone.

What Does GPU Do Besides Mobile Phone Gaming?

Although the GPU plays a critical role in ensuring that you experience a smooth mobile phone gaming experience, it also helps in editing videos. Also, it is used in 3D graphics rendering, among other uses. Unlike a component such as the CPU, the GPU can handle more data at a go. Therefore, the GPU is a lifesaver if you are dealing with complex tasks such as cryptocurrency mining and machine learning.

Key Differences Between CPU And GPU

Since the CPU and the GPU can be integrated into one electronic circuit, computer’s motherboard, or graphics card, these two components differ in a number of ways. First and foremost, the CPU refers to the Central Processing Unit while its counterpart term refers to the Graphics Processing Unit.

In fact, the CPU is referred to the brain of a computing device such as a mobile phone or a laptop. This is because it is mainly used to process any given data. To make this possible the CPU interacts with other computer or laptop components such as input, memory, and output in order to perform any instruction or command.

On the other hand, the GPU is deemed to be the soul of a digital computing device. With this component in place processing graphic data will no longer be an issue. This is because the GPU will be able to create 2D, 3D images, convert data from one graphic format to another, and so forth.

Compared to the CPU, the GPU processes complex tasks such as 3D graphics rendering, video editing, and gaming among other operations. On the other hand, the CPU handles any tasks including the graphics but in a very minimal manner.

When it comes to speed, the CPU does not disappoint as it has high processing speeds of about 3 to 5 GHz. However, it has a few processing cores. On the other hand, the GPU runs at a slower speed but has a myriad of processing cores.

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