Verizon Store Vs. Verizon Authorized Retailers: Key Difference

Verizon Store Vs. Verizon Authorized Retailers: Key Difference

Verizon is among the leading telecommunication company in the United States of America, founded in October 1983. Since then, it has experienced tremendous growth gaining almost 143 million customers across the country. This has been mainly contributed by its data services, equipment, cloud services, and security, among others. To ease the accessibility to all these products and services, there are authorized retail and corporate stores where you can get Verizon services. You can visit one of these stores if you want any service from Verizon. 

However, do you know there is a difference in how these stores are created and operated? Are you in a position to differentiate between Verizon stores and Verizon-authorized retailers in your locality? Do you know the kind of services you can get from each of them? Well, this article will dig into and give light on these matters of concern. Additionally, we will tell you the advantages you will likely get from each store. Keep reading!

What are Corporate Verizon Stores

Most telecommunication companies have stores opened and operated by the company itself. This is no different from Verizon, which has corporate stores owned and operated by Verizon staff. Corporate Stores work specifically for Verizon to give you the best shopping experience for their services and products. Verizon has full ownership rights of the stores and oversees the whole operations in these stores. You can locate the corporate stores on the Verizon official website at and enter the ZIP code in the “Find a Verizon Store” section.

All the operators in these stores are Verizon staff employed and paid by the company. Every income from the services or products sold in the corporate store goes direct to Verizon. They have a return policy and warranty claims you can get after purchasing in the corporate store. Verizon strictly determines these policies in all Verizon corporate stores across the country. 

What are Authorized Verizon Retailers

Are you wondering what authorized Verizon retailers are? Well, these are stores that are owned by third parties but offer Verizon services and products. These stores are usually authorized to operate once the owners acquire a partnership license from Verizon. There are many of these stores where you can get several products and services from Verizon. 

Note that you will be responsible if anything goes wrong after getting Verizon service or products from authorized retail stores. This is because the stores are not operated by Verizon staff but by the retailers in charge. Any profits or sales made in the authorized retail store normally go to the shop owner, not Verizon. Consequently, if there is any damage, the retail store pays for them, not Verizon. 

Authorized Verizon stores have return policies that, to some extent, differ from corporate ones. The return policy for retail stores can be 14 days, giving Verizon room to accept exchanges from the retail stores because it is within its 30 days return policy. 

What is the Difference Between Verizon and Verizon Authorized Retailers?

Verizon and authorized retailer stores provide all customers with almost the same services and products. However, there are some distinctions between the two stores, which include;

  1. Verizon stores are owned by Verizon, which controls all the stores’ operations nationwide. This is different from authorized retail stores, which individuals privately own. Such individuals usually get the authorization to sell products and services from Verizon. 
  2. The other distinction is in the return policy and warranty claim.  Verizon has a uniform return policy in all its stores across the country except in Hawaii. If you have purchased a wireless device from any of their stores, you have up to 30 days of purchase to return the gadget. Kindly note that a $50 restocking fee is imposed on the product. 

Authorized Verizon retailers are normally free to set their return policy for the products in their stores. Most authorized stores have a return policy that allows you to return the product after 14 days. However, this is not uniform with all authorized retail stores. Before placing an order, it is good to visit the authorized retail store website and read their return policy.

Do They Look Different?

Do these stores look the same? Before we answer you, note that it is a requirement for all authorized Verizon retailers to have a Verizon banner in front of their stores. This banner shows that the store officially sells Verizon products. As a result, it is difficult for one to differentiate between corporate and retail stores from an outside view. The mode of operation in these two types of stores is similar, and you can also hardly tell the difference. 

The only method to differentiate between the two stores is by using the official store locator available on Verizon’s official website. This way, you will be able to tell which store is corporate and which one is an authorized retail store. 

Who Owns the Stores?

We have previously discussed how the corporate Verizon stores and Authorized retail stores operate. The biggest question is, who owns these stores? A corporate store is owned by Verizon Wireless, which is the parent company. Verizon normally monitors every activity in the corporate stores by giving all directions on how the store should be operated. Besides, all the sales that are made through the stores, together with profits, are usually collected by Verizon. 

Authorized retail store ownership is different compared to corporate stores. Individuals or groups can own them taking full responsibility for all operations. The business owner normally directs all the operations in the retail store, but Verizon has some say in operation.  For example, Verizon requires all authorized retail stores to have its banner to demonstrate their affiliation with Verizon. Generally, corporate Verizon stores are owned by Verizon Wireless, while individuals own authorized retail stores. These individuals only acquire partnerships from Verizon by applying through its official website. 

Advantages of Buying Products from a Verizon Store

In the above sections, we have seen what Verizon stores are, who owns them, and the services you can get from them. You now have a better choice of where to get your Verizon services and products. If you choose the Verizon store, there are many merits you will likely get, which include;

1. Easy customer complaints redressal

Customers raise several complaints through the Verizon website and Verizon stores that are usually directed to the company to solve. Verizon has set up a complaint department that is well-versed in all its services and products.  As a result, your problems are appropriately handled by the experienced Verizon team to give you a better experience in your next shopping. For instance, if you encounter a problem with the Verizon Cloud App, the company has support tickets developed to help you solve the problem in depth. 

2. Provision of many discounted products and services

Verizon normally discounts many products and services that you can only get from their stores. So, if you buy products from Verizon corporate stores, you will likely encounter cheaper products unavailable in other stores. So, you can take advantage of buying Verizon services and products from their official stores to enjoy these discounts. 

3. There are numerous bonuses available at the stores

Verizon offers numerous bonuses on many of its products and services purchased from the stores. You will be eligible for many bonuses when you buy products and services from Verizon stores and service centers. You are also eligible for other benefits, including gift points and vouchers, which ensure customers use less money in their purchases. 

Verizon usually offers bonuses on its products during festive seasons, mostly available in its stores countrywide. So, when you buy products from the stores, you will be highly exposed to these bonuses.

4. Extended warranty service

Verizon offers extended warrants to various products and services at stores across the whole country. This guarantees you to use the product, for example, a phone, with much confidence, knowing that it can be replaced in case something bad happens. This is not common in retail shops that depend on Verizon if something goes wrong. So, when you buy a product or service from any Verizon store, you will likely enjoy this extended warranty service.

5. Less time is taken in problem-solving

Verizon stores have a faster way of responding to problems encountered by their customers than retail stores. This brings the difference in service delivery between them and authorized retailers. If you get a service or product from the Verizon store, you will be in a better position to get good results than those from approved retailers. However, you may find that the cost of some products is higher in Verizon stores than in approved retailers.

6. Wide coverage

To ease the accessibility of services and products to customers, Verizon has ensured that they have many stores nationwide. So, you can easily locate a Verizon store in your immediate vicinity by using the tracker on their website. You can open your favorite browser on your phone or tablet and search Once it loads, enter your ZIP code, and you will be able to locate a store near you. 

Advantages of Buying Products from an Authorized Verizon Retailer

Are you able to locate an authorized Verizon retailer in your locality? If yes, you can proceed to get the service or product you want from them. There are the advantages that you are likely to enjoy, which are;

1. Being exposed to many businesses’ contacts

Buying Verizon products from authorized Verizon retailers exposes you to more options for getting better services. This is because people locally own these businesses, some of whom you may know personally.  Your interaction with the retailers will expose you to more offers from the store as they arise. Additionally, with the stores that allow membership, you will likely get a wide range of privileges like pre-order services and early updates on new products. This way, you will be updated earlier than other customers who must walk into the stores.

2. Provision for financing

Their Financing assistance is only available at pre-approved merchant locations by the corporations. This mostly happens at the store before the customer completes the purchase of their products. So, you will likely enjoy this financing from lending institutions buying from Verizon-approved retail stores. 

3. A large number of stores are available countrywide

Some sources have it that there is a massive increase in the number of authorized merchant stores by Verizon countrywide. Many people and groups seem to be applying for the vendor program available at Verizon to sell its products and services. So, if you are looking for the most excellent services from Verizon-approved retailers, you can now visit one of the many available stores in your vicinity. This will cut the cost and time you travel to Verizon stores to get a service or product. 

4. You will have a touch of the physical shopping experience.

In most cases, when ordering products online, you rarely get the opportunity to experience the product that you are buying in person. However, when buying these products from a Verizon retail store, you have the chance to see what you are buying. Besides, there is always room to change to a better product if the one you want to buy cannot serve your intended purpose.

Most retail shops usually have experienced personnel who assists in telling you the pro and cons of any product they have. This helps you choose a product or service that will ensure you attain the intended goal and serve you in the long run. 

5. You are eligible for a commission if you are the store owner.

The Approved Verizon retail store is advantageous not only to the customers but also to the owners of the stores. Verizon normally pays a commission to the store owners for every new account activated tied to their stores. This is an additional commission to the owner apart from the profit they get from selling its products and services. This helps Verizon to grow and expand its services to more people through agreements with retail stores. 

Return and Warranty Policies for Verizon Stores and Verizon retailers

The return policy and warranty extension service usually differ for Verizon stores and authorized retailers’ stores. Verizon has given all authorized retailers authority to set their own policies, which in most cases, tend to differ from the corporate stores. The freedom given helps the store to operate freely and enjoy the authority of the individual owner. 

Verizon allows you to return the product purchased from the corporate store within 30 days of purchase. This differs from the authorized retail stores, which offer 14 days return policy. The 14 days return policy is not uniform for all approved retail stores. Verizon allows you to have an extension in the warrant, something many authorized retail stores may not offer. 

Generally, it is more appropriate to enjoy the warranty services and return policy at corporate stores because they are directly connected to Verizon. All stores offer the same products, but it is wise to know what you are looking for in a store before you choose between the two stores. 

How Much Does It Cost To Open a Verizon Store?

According to some sources, the cost to open a Verizon store in the United States ranges between $160,000 and $395,000. You will be required to pay a brand license for the store. You will also be entitled to a royalty fee of 22% if your monthly profits are $5,000 or less. If you have a monthly gross profit above $100,000, you will be entitled to a 9% royalty fee. Kindly note that the higher the profit, the lower the royalty fee. 

How Much Money Does a Verizon Store Owner Make?

Owning a Verizon store in the United States can give you extra income if you do not entirely depend on the retail store’s income. The average salary for a Verizon store owner is $123,953 per annum, which is 54% lower than a Verizon employee’s salary. A Verizon employee for this job has an annual average salary of $274,996. 

How to Become an Authorized Retailer for Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is one of the trusted carriers in the United States. You can get their services online on their website and corporate stores, which they own. Besides, individuals have an opportunity to open a retail shop and start selling Verizon products and services. Here is a step-by-step process to guide you in becoming an authorized Verizon retailer;

  1. You must be familiar with Verizon Wireless and know its services and products. To gather more information, head to the company’s official website at
  2. After the website loads, click on the “About US” page and proceed to the “Vendor Programs” section. Besides, you can access the “Frequent Asked Questions” and get more information about how you can become a wholesale distribution channel or reseller. 
  3. You must get a minimum of 5,000 contracts in the first nine months of the contract to get wholesale prices. If that is not achievable, you must buy and resell the Verizon services through the retail channel’s corporate account. Kindly note that you must have the following for you to increase your chances of qualifying;
    • IT support
    • Internet access
    • Email access
    • Vendor for processing billing records.
  4. If you have all the qualifications, click the “Reseller Application” option on the FAQ page, which will direct you to the application page. On the Verizon Wireless Wholesale Program page, you will be required to provide contact information which the manager will use to contact you for further discussion. If you convince the manager, you will be allowed to continue with the application process.
  5. Ensure you provide the correct information for faster processing of your application once authorized. As you continue with the process, Verizon will check for any business you have ownership of at 5%. 
  6. Provide financial statements for the last two years, which includes balance sheets and income statements. If the company’s age is below two years, they will review the time it has existed.
  7. It will take 4 to 6 weeks for your application to be processed and a background check to be conducted. Note that you must pay a $500 non-refundable processing fee. 
  8. You will now provide a Letter of Credit to Verizon. Notice Verizon will require you to present a financial protection proof of a letter from your bank to guarantee them you can pay.
  9. Get an attorney to review your contract before you sign it. After the review, sign. 

Can You Upgrade To a Verizon-Authorized Retailer?

Yes, Verizon allows you to upgrade at any authorized retailer outlet in your vicinity. Upgrading at the authorized retailer does not affect you if you later decide to upgrade at the corporate store.  However, kindly note that you will have to pay for the upgrade. 

Is It Cheaper To Buy a Verizon Phone Online or In-Store?

Buying your Verizon phone online is cheaper than in stores. Verizon has made this possible by reducing its activation fee to $20. If you cumulate the charges you incur and the time spent going to a physical store, then buying the phone online will be much cheaper. When you buy the phone online, it will be delivered to your doorstep at a small fee. 

Does the Verizon store fix screens?

 Yes, Verizon stores have technicians who can fix your phone screens, but you will have to pay for the service. However, if you do not want to pay for the services, you can always enroll in their device protection plan. This way, you will be entitled to a free phone screen repair from the stores without paying any penny. 

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