List Of Verizon Prepaid Phones At Dollar General

Verizon Prepaid Phones At Dollar General

Verizon prepaid phones are phones that are bought upfront with no deposit involved. These phones offer monthly services that are not based on contract. Their services allow buyers to pay for monthly services such as data, text and voice call expenses earlier. With Verizon prepaid phones, no long-term, deposit, or credit check contract is needed. Besides, Verizon prepaid phones have dominated the market following their incredible benefits. The phones are also easily available as they are sold from Verizon physical stores, online portals and other third-party retailers such as Dollar General. In fact, this is one of lead providers of Verizon prepaid phones.

When you purchase your Verizon prepaid phone from dollar general, you will be able to save money and time. This is because Dollar general products are very affordable. Also, dollar general has thousands of physical stores distributed across the nation. This makes Verizon prepaid phones at dollar general so easy and fast to access. Also, their prepaid phones are convenient to use. This is because there is a wide variety of prepaid phone models at Dollar General with superior features. You can get Verizon prepaid phones at dollar general ranging from Motorola’s Moto G series to Verizon’s ZTE blade vantage. To expound your knowledge on Verizon prepaid phones at dollar general, please read this comprehensive guide to the latter.

Can I Buy A Phone At Dollar General And Activate It At Verizon?

Yes. It is possible to purchase your mobile phone from dollar general and activate it at Verizon. You can activate your dollar general purchased phone with Verizon through Verizon Bring your own phone program. Once you port in your dollar general phone to Verizon, follow the guidelines provided to insert battery and new SIM card. After that, charge the device fully, then turn it on. Activation should start automatically after accepting Customer agreement.

However, make sure that your dollar general phone is unlocked and compatible with the Verizon network before activating it with Verizon. It’s important to mention that dollar general has partnered with several service providers besides Verizon. This insinuates that dollar general covers a wide product range that targets diverse customers with personal preferences. Therefore, it’s prudent to ensure that your phone is compatible with the Verizon network before buying it from dollar general.

List Of Verizon Prepaid Phones At Dollar General

As aforementioned, dollar general sells prepaid phones from different service providers. To ease the struggle you have, we have brought you a list of Verizon prepaid phones at dollar general.

1. Verizon Motorola Moto G Pure 32 GB Prepaid Smartphone

The Motorola Moto G 6.5″ HD+Notch Display screen is such a darling for movie and gaming fans. If you belong to this category, the phone’s huge display and clarity will definitely wow you. Its 4,000mAh battery is also something worth praising. Even with surfing on social media, and news outlets, this battery can last up to two days.

Additionally, the 32GB internal storage is such a huge space for files and photos. This, together with a 13+2d/5MP camera is a good choice for photographers. This smartphone is available in stores with Verizon brand description.


  • 6.5″ HD+Notch Display screen
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 5MP/13+2d MP camera
  • 4,000mAh

2. Verizon ZTE blade vantage 2

ZTE Blade Vantage 2 has 4G LTE network capacity. This means improved audio quality, streaming services, and less buffering. The 5MP rear and 2MP front camera produce high-quality photographs.

Furthermore, this Verizon phone has normal Lithium-Ion MaH battery, which retains power for significant period. This helps customers stay connected to their loved ones and support internet browsing. Fascinatingly, its price includes $40 airtime card which makes it economical for clients to communicate.

You can purchase your Vantage 2 from any Dollar General store. That means it’s easily accessible. Furthermore, its shipping and returns policy resembles those of the Verizon Motorola Moto G Pure 32 GB smartphone.


  • 4G LTE enabled
  • Standard Lithium Ion 2,050maH Battery
  • 3 smart power modes-Power saver, ultra-power saver & Adaptive Battery
  • 2MP / 5MP Camera

3. Verizon TCL Signa 16 GB Prepaid Smartphone 

TCL Signa smartphone is convenient for everyone. In this regard, users can enjoy playing games, watching videos, texting, and surfing on a 5.5-inch display screen. You can also browse the internet, social media, and news using its 4G LTE network. Powered by the revolutionary snapdragon OS, this phone cannot disappoint you.

The 5MP/8MP camera is a huge plus for photo enthusiasts who want to capture quality scenes. That coupled with a 16GB internal memory, this phone is worth a glance. You can also extend the storage further to 256GB through microSD card. 

You may also want to enjoy the $40 pre-loaded minutes. Access it from In-stores and remember to check the Verizon on brand description. And just like the ZTE blade vantage 2, its policies resemble the Verizon Motorola Moto G Pure 32 GB.


  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 5.5” display screen
  • 8MP/5MP Camera
  • $40 Preloaded Verizon minutes

4. Verizon TCL Flip Pro 4 GB Prepaid Phone

Another master of convenience. TCL Flip Pro is a stylish model that provides easy access to desirable messages and contacts with its readable keyboard. This gadget contains 4G LTE connectivity and 4GB internal memory for admirable audio quality.

In terms of performance, Verizon TCL Flip Pro 4 GB Prepaid Phone is a reliable model. With a usable interface of 2.8 inches, you can text and call without difficulties. The 1.44 inches exterior dual color display screens add to the aesthetic design of this phone.

The 1850mAh enduring battery can serve you for at least 24 hours. After which you can recharge it within three hours. The company pre-loads it with $40 free Verizon minutes.


  • 1.44 inches external and 2.8 inches internal screen
  • 2MP Camera
  • 1850 mAh battery
  • $40 Preloaded Verizon Minutes

5. Verizon Orbic Wonder

This Verizon product operates on 4G LTE network. That guarantees higher speed, reduced latency, higher capacity, flexible Bandwidth and efficient. Additionally, 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras produce better images and selfies.

Also, its in-built 3000 mAh lithium battery retains charge for significant period. Thus, you’ll have time to check social media, internet and calls. Its SKU number is 22181001, and has a Verizon brand description. Users can access Verizon Orbic wonder from Dollar general stores. Verizon Orbic wonder phone has similar shipping and returns policies as those discussed above. Fascinatingly, its price contains a pre-loaded $40 airtime card.


  • Inbuilt 3000 mAH Lithium battery
  • 4G LTE Network
  • 5MP Front /8 MP Rear Camera
  • $40 Preloaded Verizon Minutes

6. Verizon Kazumi Etalk Myflix

Verizon Kazumi Etalk operates on 4G LTE technology. For high efficiency, greater capacity, and decreased latency, consider this phone. Its 5MP rear camera has Light Emitting Diode flash camera which indicates the camera capture.

The battery usage time stands at 18 hours maximally. Furthermore, Verizon Kazumi Etalk Myflix has 26860201 SKU number alongside Verizon brand description. With $40 preloaded airtime, you have an opportunity to save on your usage. The previous Verizon phones have same shipping and return policies as Verizon Kazumi Etalk Myflix.


7. Verizon Etalk Flip

Verizon Etalk Flip is a flip phone with 2MP back camera and normal lithium polymer 1500 battery. Its SKU number is 23768401, has Verizon brand description, and mostly accessed from In-stores. It has shipping and returns policy resembling its predecessors discussed above.

For a simple non-contract phone, Etalk Flip got you covered. Simplicity is its greatest strength. It is lightweight and easy to fold and carry around in your pocket.


  • 2MP rear camera
  • Flip phone
  • Uses Standard Lithium Polymer battery

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Verizon Prepaid Phones At Dollar General?

There are numerous advantages experienced by consumers who buy their prepaid phones from Dollar general. First and foremost, when you buy a Verizon prepaid phone at dollar general, you will be able to get a $40 preload airtime card. Through this card, you will access free Verizon minutes through your acquired phone. Besides this benefit, you will enjoy the following other benefits after buying a prepaid phone at dollar general:

Appropriate for parents

Nowadays, children and teens spend a lot of time with their phones. They are all over talking, browsing social media, chatting with their peers, and researching the newest trends. In fact, some prefer downloading the newest movies or videos and streaming their prioritized shows.

In such instances, parents can hardly restrict the time their children spend on phones. This leads to increased costs for texts, data, and minutes that burden the parents or guardians. Purchasing Verizon prepaid phones at Dollar general reduces such expenses.

These phones are affordable and have all fundamental applications required for interaction. Also, parents can select a proper plan for their kids. For instance, once all the texts, minutes, and data are exhausted under the scheduled plan, the user cannot utilize the phone. Thus, lowering costs and controlling phone usage. Since the kid cannot spend significant time on the gadget, it becomes easily accessible especially during emergency times. Still, they can call 911 when experiencing imminent distress or danger.

Favors individuals who require phones for certain purposes

People who conduct online business and leave their contacts on these websites should purchase prepaid phones from dollar general. Leaving your contact online might attract undesirable calls from wrong people in odd hours. Having another phone enables you to make calls at your convenient time. The good thing with prepaid phones at dollar general is that their prices are so low. This makes it easy to purchase different phones for certain purposes

Another good thing with prepaid phones from dollar general is that they prevent users from incurring huge monthly phone costs. Individuals can choose an appropriate prepaid plan for their gadgets that authorize them to pay for calls and texts perused. This ensures they receive services paid for rather than incurring costs for unoffered ones.

No credit confirmation when purchasing

Prepaid phones at dollar general requires no credit check. Whether you are rated poorly on your credit history or not, you can get a prepaid phone from dollar general with no hindrance. When purchasing a prepaid phone from dollar general, you won’t sign any contract form or disclose details concerning your credit history.

No deposit payment is required

Paying deposits to access phone services is common among many phone sellers. Fortunately, this is not the issue when purchasing a prepaid phone from dollar general. The good thing is that dollar general sells prepaid phones at an affordable price, making it easy to pay upfront.

Does Dollar General Sell Verizon SIM And Airtime Cards?

An excellent mechanism to remain connected with your peers and loved ones on essential events is utilizing prepaid phone SIM and airtime cards. Legitimate customers inquire whether Dollar General provides airtime cards and Verizon SIM. The answer to this question is yes. You can now buy a Verizon prepaid SIM and airtime card from dollar general and put in your Verizon phone

Can I Return Verizon Prepaid Phones To Dollar General?

Yes. Buyers can exchange or return their Verizon prepaid phone at Dollar General within 30 days of purchase. These days are counted from the date you purchased your phone from dollar general physical stores or online portal. However, there are several conditions to meet before qualifying to return your dollar general phone. First and foremost, our phone must be in good working condition.

Secondly, you must properly package your phone in its original packing before returning it to dollar general. While returning the phone, ensure to remove any extra or unwanted labels on the packaging. Also, ensure that you properly indicate your address, order number and billing address on the packaging.

While returning your Verizon prepaid phone at dollar general, also ensure that you include all your phone’s original accessories and paper works in the packaging. Once you send your packaging to dollar general, it’s important to keep a copy of your shipping label so that you can easily track your return. Note that you should cater for your shipping charges as prepaid. This is because Dollar General is so much against cash on delivery. Once you successfully return your dollar general Verizon prepaid phone, you will get a refund within 30 days.

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