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Assurance Wireless is a very popular cellphone service provider in America that focus on offering lifeline services to financially strained families. The company offers free data and free minutes under its lifeline plan across several states in the US. Assurance wireless lifeline plan also offers free phones to qualified households. While getting a free phone with this carrier, applicants never get a chance to select their own phone. Instead, they are given any phone subject to availability.

Since Assurance wireless free phones are normally simple and basic phones, this company allows you to upgrade your free phone to a better one at any chosen time. The act of purchasing a better phone to replace your free Assurance phone is what we call upgrading your phone. The most fortunate thing is the company has made it so easy to get Assurance wireless upgrade phone. Our guide aims to equip readers with enough knowledge on how to upgrade their phone with Assurance wireless and other related ideas.

Why And When Do I Need To Upgrade My Assurance Wireless?

There are numerous reasons that prompt customers to upgrade their phones with Assurance Wireless. The most common reason is phone dissatisfaction. This is where the user is dissatisfied with the features and specs of the older phone. Also, you might choose to upgrade Assurance phone when the older phone is lost, damaged or stopped working. Below are other reasons as to why you need to upgrade Assurance wireless phone.

To enhance your phone

As the world advances every passing day, so do technology. Probably, the phone you bought few months ago is not in the same technological level as the recent phones in the market. This might prompt you to upgrade your older phone to a better phone with more enhanced features. For instance, you’ll need to upgrade to a GPS enabled phone to share your location, trace a senior or to increase brand awareness as a marketing strategy.

To access internet connection

In this modern era, internet connection is an essential part of human life. If you got an Assurance wireless free phone few years ago, chances are that the phone lacks internet connection. Also, the phone might be using ancient 2G/3G wireless connectivity which is very slow and inconvenient. If you are a victim, you’ll need to upgrade your Assurance wireless phone to a network efficient phone to survive in this face-paced world. You can upgrade to 4G LTE/5G phones with reliable internet connection for faster browsing, downloading, virtual school work face timing and so forth.


When you apply for a free government phone from Assurance wireless, you’ll probably receive a simple phone with basic entertainment features like FM radios and music player. If you’re a gaming expert, you’ll need to upgrade your Assurance wireless phone to a better smartphone with wider gaming and other entertainment options. For instance, upgrade to a phone that enables YouTube viewing, watching of movies, online games, and music download and so on.

How Do I Upgrade My Assurance Wireless Phone?

The process of upgrading your Assurance wireless phone is so easy and straight forward. Here is a brief guide on how to upgrade your Assurance wireless phone.

  1. To upgrade your device, you should first identify your new phone. Here, visit Assurance wireless online store, select your preferred phone. While selecting your preferred phone, always ensure that it meets your need and budget. 
  2. Once you select your device, a representative from the other size will check to ensure whether the phone is available for purchase. Also, he will check to confirm whether your preferred phone qualifies for upgrade
  3. If Assurance wireless get satisfied with your selection, go ahead and add the phone to cart by tapping add to cart bottom
  4. Checkout your phone and the phone will be shipped to your address within few business days.

Top 5 Best Assurance Wireless Upgrade Phone

When upgrading your Assurance wireless phone, you’ll come across the following models of phones:

1. Motorola E5 Play

From Assurance wireless online shop, you will come across this phone for upgrade. Selecting Motorola E5 Play phone enables you to enjoy the following features:

  • An internal storage capacity of 16GB 2GB RAM. In addition, it has a micro SD card slot for memory expansion. The device runs on android 8.0 and comes with a fingerprint scanner for safety optimization.
  • Users can also enjoy fairly good photos with its 8MP main camera and 5MP selfie camera. Besides, it features a5.2 inch IPS LCD display that is fairly large for gaming and watching of videos.

2. Apple iPhone 6S 

Despite being an older iPhone model, this device packs very vital features. Thus, it remains relevant up to date. It runs on IOS 9 which is upgradeable to IOS 15.5. In addition, this latter has a 4.7 inch display with a strong screen resolution power for clarity.

Besides, Apple iPhone 6s has a powerful 12 MP rear camera and 5MP selfie camera that assures users nothing short of quality pictures and videos. In terms of storage capacity, the latter has a 128GB internal memory capacity plus a 4GB RAM to enhance performance. This device has an inbuilt 1715 MAH Li-Ion battery.

3. Apple iPhone 7

Just like most iPhones, the latter guarantees nothing short of quality features. It comes with an inbuilt 1960mAh Li-Ion battery that Assures several hours of use and talk time. With the iPhone 7, users can also enjoy quality photos with its 12 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. Moreover, this device is available in three different storage capacities. These include 32GB 128GB, 256GB and a 2GB RAM. Its other features include a 4.7 inch display as well as a fingerprint scanner. 

4. Samsung Galaxy A10e 

Samsung Galaxy A10e gadget represents a perfect combination of quality performance and simplicity. So, if you are looking for a reliable phone to use, your answer is here. Its features 32GB internal storage and 2GB RAM. It also has a dedicated micro SD slot for memory expansion. 

At the back, it has an 8MP rear camera while at the front it has a 5MP selfie camera. This model also comes with an impressive 5.8 inch display size.

5. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Although the latter is slightly expensive to upgrade, its quality features are definitely worth it.

Below are some of its specifications

iPhone 7 Plus runs on IOS 10.0.1 that is upgradable to IOS 15.5. It also comes with an in-built 2900mAh Li-ion long lasting battery. With the phone, you can enjoy quality movie streaming with its large 5.5 inch display. The screen has a screen resolution power of 1080(1920) pixels.

List Of Other Assurance Wireless Upgrade Phones

What Does One Need To Do After Upgrading?

After upgrading your phone, you should activate it immediately. Activating your phone allows you to check whether it’s working or not. Also, it enables you to detect any possible defects and return it to Walmart for replacement within 14 days.

How To Switch Your Assurance Wireless Service From Your Old Phone To A New Upgrade Phone

When you upgrade your Assurance wireless phone, you should switch services from your old phone to the new upgraded phone. To do so:

  • Visit to assurance wireless official page using your computer
  • On the page, select account login
  • Provide your assurance wireless account PIN and phone number.
  • On the account page that opens, visit account overview.
  • You will see an option indicated ‘I want to’
  • Under the that option, select Swap phones
  • Follow prompt to enter and verify your device’s MEID/ ESN number.

How Do I Activate Assurance Wireless Upgrade Phone?

After switching your Assurance wireless service from your older phone to the new upgraded phone, you should now activate your device for use. To activate:

  • Press your phone’s power button to turn it on
  • Allow your device to undergo hands-free activation and connect to Assurance network
  • Your phone will check for updates and switch off
  • Your phone will turn back on and ask you to customize it
  • Skip the set up screens and finalize step 3
  • On your phone, dial 611 and follow prompts
  • Enter Assurance wireless account PIN that is normally found on your company’s approval letter.

How To Get Assurance Wireless Government Free Phone?

Assurance Wireless is a very reliable lifeline service provider that offers free unlimited texting, free data and call minutes to low income customers every month. Besides these services, Assurance wireless also offers free government phones.

To get Assurance wireless free government phones, you should apply through the lifeline national verifier page. However, before application, there are requirements to meet. First of all, you should have a total income that is at or below 135 % of the federal poverty guideline. Besides, you can also get a free phone assurance wireless phone if you participate in programs like temporary assistance for needy families, supplemental security income, Medicaid and supplemental nutrition assistance program.

Do you meet the above requirements, you can now enroll in Assurance wireless lifeline program. To enroll for lifeline, visit the federal communications commission page and fill lifeline application form. Note that while completing the form, you will be required to attach eligibility proof documents. Submit the form, get approval from the national verifier and contact Assurance wireless to receive your lifeline free phone.

Can I Put My Assurance Wireless Sim Card In Another Phone?

No. It is not possible to put Assurance wireless SIM card in another phone, because they do not offer BYOP.

Can I Upgrade My Government Phone?

Yes. If you receive a basic free government phone, you can upgrade to a better phone with Assurance Wireless. This will enable you to enjoy more quality and enhanced features. Although government phones are free, upgrading it is not free. In fact, you are required to cater for the price of the new upgraded phone. The good news is that Assurance Wireless sells a number of cheap phones that makes it so easy to upgrade to a better phone.

Can I Use Any Android Or iPhone With My Assurance Wireless Account?

No. You can’t use just any android or iPhone with an Assurance wireless account. This is because Assurance doesn’t offer BYOP program for now. Therefore, you can only use android or iPhones that are only available in Assurance wireless stores.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade An Assurance Wireless Phone?

The cost of upgrading Assurance wireless phone depends with the brand and model of phones that you want to upgrade to. However, upgrading an Assurance wireless phone can generally be free or cost few dollars.

Are Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade And Phone Replacement The Same Thing?

Assurance wireless phone upgrade and phone replacement are two distinct acts. To upgrade your assurance phone means purchasing a new phone with better features than the older phone. On the contrary, phone replacement means purchasing a new phone to replace your lost, stolen or damaged old phone.

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