Best TracFone Flip Phones For Seniors In 2022

TracFone Flip Phones For Seniors

Before we dig deep on our topic, TracFone flip phones for seniors, let’s mention a few facts about TracFone. Tracfone is a very famous mobile virtual network operator in the US that offers an array of amazing services. This company has a very wide, strong and reliable network coverage. In addition, TracFone offers affordable and flexible non-contract plans and a wide range of quality phones. There are several types of phones for seniors from TracFone, but flip phones are the most reliable. You already know that flip phones are just simple and basic phones that don’t include a touchscreen. Although flip phones have now upgraded to touchscreen phones, early-days flip phones are designed with just a keypad, small-no-touch screen, and simple-to-use features. These basic flip phones are very favorable for seniors.

Unfortunately, basic flip phones for seniors are slowly exiting the market as modern flip phones take over. In fact, TracFone closed down all 3G flip phones. If you are a TracFone consumer who is in need of a flip phone, worry not because the company still offers 4G LTE flip phones for seniors. Most of these phones avail with emergency buttons, large keys, easy-to-dial buttons, easy to use interfaces among other senior-friendly features. Tracfone also offers 5G enabled flip phones that are equally favorable for seniors. Are you a TracFone senior consumer that is in need of a flip phone? We are here to help you. We have done thorough research read several customer reviews and brought you a list of the best flip phones for seniors among other related topics.

Will Tracfone Flip Phones Work In 2022?

It’s quite unfortunate that MOST TracFone flip phones won’t work in 2022. In fact, TracFone has been sending notification messages to customers to upgrade their flip phones to newer phones because most of these phones won’t work in 2022. This explains why it’s quite hard to get a TracFone flip phone for senior from TracFone virtual stores at the moment. However, if you are an old fork who doesn’t want a smartphone, don’t despair. Although TracFone phased out 3G flip phones, 4G LTE phones are still working with TracFone in 2022. That means 4G LTE flip phones like TracFone ZTE Z233 4G LTE will still work with TracFone in 2022.

As aforementioned, there are modern flip phones that are slowly phasing out the older and basic flip phones. In fact, these flip phones are designed to work similarly to a smartphone. They are designed with modern fordable design, compact design, and 5G compatibility. These types of flip phones will also work with TracFone in 2022.

Does TracFone Offer Free Flip Phones For Seniors

Tracfone is an incredible MVNO that has been selling cheap and affordable phones for the last 25 years. However, TracFone doesn’t offer any free-phone deals that are exclusively made for seniors. The company doesn’t have any discounted phone deal specially made for seniors either. Instead of free flip phones for seniors, TracFone offers affordable flip phones for everyone regardless of your age. That way, seniors will be able to acquire a TracFone flip phone without straining their pockets. For instance, you can find TracFone flip phones for seniors from stores like Walmart and Amazon from as low as $19.88.

Best TracFone Flip Phones For Seniors

As stated, TracFone discontinued most of their flip phones that were operating under 3G network. This makes it hectic for customers to find TracFone flip phones for seniors at the moment. To make things easier for you, we scrolled through the internet and came up with a list of 7 best TracFone flip phones with senior-friendly features. Here is a brief review of these phones:

1. Samsung galaxy Z flip3 5G

This is a modern flip phone that is designed with an informative cover screen and foldable display. Although this phone is modern, it’s also suitable for seniors who prefer smartphones over basic phones. Unlike basic flip phones, Samsung galaxy Z flip3 5G flip phone is 5G enabled, a feature that makes it easily available. In addition, this phone has a wide touch-screen display of 6.7 inches.

It also has a strong 12 MP rear camera and 10 MP front camera to capture clear and quality moments. These intuitive cameras assure you not only sharp but super steady videos and pictures. We won’t forget its powerful 3300 mAh battery with a very fast charging capability.

This phone also features a large 8GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 128 GB which is so effective in content storage. Last but not least, this phone prides itself on Android 11 and other special features like IPX8 water resistance.

2. Tracfone Alcatel My Flip 2 4G LTE locked prepaid Flip Phone

This is a basic TracFone Alcatel My Flip 2 4G LTE flip phone that is designed with simple-to-use features. The phone is very effective for seniors who find smartphones so cumbersome. The phone features:

It has two displays for easier use. It has an internal 2.8 inches screen and an external smaller preview display screen of 1.44 inches. This external screen makes it easy to view important notifications like missed calls, received messages, alarm alerts and so on.

This device is also preloaded with Google assistance feature that makes it easy for seniors to use Voice commands. This wipes out the struggles of typing or dialing calls using their shaky hands.

This phone also prides itself on big senior-friendly buttons, large fonts, and a huge keyboard that makes typing so effortless. Not to forget its powerful speakers that ensure loud and clear voice calls and ringtones. It also features hearing aid compatibility that helps seniors to connect without strain.

3. Tracfone LG Classic Flip 4G LTE Prepaid Flip Phone

This is another basic flip phone that is loaded with senior-friendly features. This device is so easy to use and comes with a hand-free speaker for clear and audible calls. Besides, this device gives seniors the privilege of entertainment thanks to its MP3 player and FM radio.

Moreover, this TracFone LG Classic Flip 4G LTE Prepaid locked flip phone has a wide 2.8 inches main screen display. You can also take pictures with this phone as it has a 2 MP camera and a large 8GB storage memory. The latter also prides of a lasting 1470 mAh battery that gives you a talk time of 6 hours. This is so convenient for seniors who forget to charge their devices now and then. Lastly, this phone features a hearing aid-compatible HAC rating.

4. NUU F4L

Take advantage of NUU F4L flip phone and enjoy a very remarkable phone experience. This is a 4 G LTE flip phone that is easily found on TracFone. The phone is suitable for seniors as it features a wide screen and clear display for easy viewing.

NUU flip phone also features a large keyboard, clarity, and large fonts for easy use. It also has a lasting battery that gives seniors several hours of use without the need to recharge it every other hour.

5. Nokia 2760 flip

Nokia 2760 flip phone is another incredible TracFone flip phone that is built with several senior-friendly features. This phone has a large internal display of 2.8 inches which makes it so easy for seniors to read content. Additionally, it has a powerful battery that gives users up to 6.8 hours of use.

It features other incredible features like T4/M4 hearing aid, big buttons, and large keyboard. Not to forget its loud speakers that make it easy for seniors to hear incoming calls without struggle.

6. Tracfone ZTE Z233 4G LTE prepaid phone

We close our list with this lightweight flip phone that is also inscribed with several senior-friendly features. This phone boasts a lasting battery that allows up to 8 hours of use. It also features a large display and large and clear fonts for easy dialing.

What To Look For When Buying Tracfone Flip Phones For Seniors

Although seniors need a phone just like anybody else, it’s always a challenge when buying them one. This challenge is brought by the fact that seniors are not well-tech-oriented. When buying TracFone flip phones for seniors therefore, you should be very cautious. Do you need to get your grandma a TracFone flip phone but find it difficult? Considering the following factors will help you make the right choice.

Look at the phone’s keyboard

When buying a TracFone flip phone for seniors, always make sure that it has a ginormous and easy-to-press keyboard button. When buying any type of phone for seniors, it’s recommended to consider a keyboard four times larger than the standard keyboard. Such keyboards help seniors easily view the letters on the keyboard while dialing or texting. Selecting a phone with a back-lit keyboard is also so important. This feature is so effective in countering visual problems.

Ensure the phone has an easy-to-read font

Besides large keyboard, it’s also important to consider your phone’s font. As expected, most seniors develop special needs as they age. Visual impairment is one of the most experienced defect among seniors. As a result, your phone selection for senior should have large fonts that are easy to read.

Ensure your TracFone phone for seniors has a built-in voice command

Built-in voice command is another crucial feature to consider when buying a flip phone for seniors. This command is so essential for seniors that struggle to dial, type a message or send any other command. With voice-command, seniors can control their phone through their voice and the phone will respond just as commanded. This saves your grandma the struggles of writing a text or navigating through menus.

Look at the phone’s display

When buying a TracFone flip phone for seniors, it’s also important to look at its phone’s display. To be precise, your phone of choice should have a large and bright screen that displays clear content. This way, the senior user won’t strain while reading a text or dialing a number.

Ensure your TracFone phone for seniors has an SOS button

Seniors are so prone to illnesses, injuries, and any other type of emergency. Consequently, you should always ensure that your TracFone for seniors is dedicated to an easy-to-use and easy-to-respond emergency button. In the event that your grandma falls, gets unconscious, or falls sick unexpectedly, an easy-to-dial SOS button will save a life.

Ensure your TracFone for seniors has a location identifier

As you probably know, seniors are also prone to memory loss. With a location identifier in your grandparents’ phone, you will easily monitor and track their whereabouts. Considering this feature when buying a TracFone for seniors is so effective in keeping your grandparents safe.

Looks at the phone’s charging system

A TracFone flip phone with effortless charging is the best gift you can hand over to your grandparents. Besides easy charging, your TracFone flip phone for seniors should have a lasting battery. This is because seniors forget to keep charging their phones now and then.

Consider your phone’s audio

Besides visual impairment, seniors are also prone to hearing impairment. This defect makes seniors struggle when receiving calls. As a result, it’s important to consider a phone with loud speakers and audible voices when buying a TracFone flip phone for seniors. This hearing assistive feature ensures that the voice of the caller is so loud and clear. A phone with audible speakers also makes sure that seniors will never miss any important call

Does TracFone Support Unlocked Flip Phones

Yes, fortunately, TracFone supports unlocked flip phones. This is through the company’s bring your own phone program that allows customers to transfer a phone to their services. All you need to do is ensure is that your flip phone is unlocked and compatible with TracFone network.

As you already know, TracFone is a mobile virtual network operator. This company does not rely on its own network but instead relies on other network carriers to operate. Tracfone relies on Verizon (CDMA), T-Mobile (GSM), and AT&T (GSM) network towers to operate. This makes both CDMA and GSM phones compatible with TracFone BYOP.

Best TracFone Phone Plans And Pricing

Although TracFone has no special phone plans for seniors, their plans are generally so cheap and affordable. Besides flexible pricing, TracFone also offers prepaid, non-contract phone plans with no credit check on its consumers. Tracfone phone plans are normally split between two types: these are basic and smartphone plans. The good thing about these plans is that some last for an entire year. Below is a breakdown on the company’s phone plans and pricing:

  • Tracfone basic plans: Tracfone basic plans are best suitable for flip phone users. These plans are available from as low as $9.99 that is renewable after every 30 days. If you need a yearly basic plan with TracFone, you will also get one with a pricing of $99.99.

Please note that TracFone basic phone plans doesn’t offer unlimited text and talk services. This makes these plans suitable for seniors or low-phone users. Tracfone basic phone plan has the following pricing are:

  • $9.99 monthly basic phone plan: For 30 days, this tracfone basic phone plan offers 30 minutes of talk time, web and text services. The plan has a pricing of $9.99. With this plan, you will experience no overages, no contracts, no credit check and no hidden fees.
  • $19.99 3-months basic phone plan: This is another basic plan that cost $19.99 after every 90 days or $17.99 with auto-refill. The plan gives you 60 minutes of talk minutes, web or text.
  • $29.99 3 months basic phone plan: Get this tracfone basic plan with only $29.99 or $26.99 with auto-refill for 90 days. The plan offers 120 minutes of minute, web and text with no hidden fees, no contracts or credit check.
  • $39,99 3 months basic phone plan: This tracfone basic phone is also available for 90 days with a cost of $39.99 or $35.99 with auto-refill. After subscribing to this plan, you will get 200 talk time minutes, text and web.
  • $79.99 3 months basic phone plan: For just $79.99 or $71.99 with auto-refill, you can get 400 call minutes, text and web. Besides, this plan assures you countrywide coverage, international call services, no contracts, no hidden fee or early termination fee.
  • $99.99 yearly basic phone plan: This is another incredible phone plan from tracfone. This plan is so convenient for users who love prolonged services. With $99.99, this plan gives you 400 call minutes, texts and web for a period of 365 days.
  • $159.99 yearly basic phone plan: This is another yearly basic phone plan from tracfone that offers 1000 of call minutes, texts and web for a yearly price of $ 159.99. Similar to other basic phone plans, this plan doesn’t tie you to any contract.
  • $199.99 yearly basic phone plan: This is another tracfone basic phone plan that gives customers 1500 minutes, text and web for a period of 365 days. Besides these benefits, this plan allows international calling, nationwide coverage with no hidden fee.
  • Tracnoe smartphones plans: Besides basic phone plans, tracgfone also offers smartphone plans for users who refer smartphones over basic phones. Below are types of tracfone smartphone plans:
  • 500 MB smartphone plan: This plan offers 200 minutes of call minutes, 500 texts ad 500 MB of data for a span of 30 days. The plan has a monthly cost of $15 or $14.25 with auto refill.
  • 1 GB smartphone plan: This is another tracfone smartphone plan that offers 300 minutes, 1000 texts and 1 GB of data. The plan costs $20 for a span of 30 days.
  • 500 MB smartphone plan: This plan offers services for 60 days with a cost of $25 or $23.75 with auto refill. The plan offers 500 of talk minutes, 1000 texts and 500 MB of data.
  • 1 GB smartphone plan: This is another incredible tracfone smartphone plan that cost $35 or $33.25 with auto refill for a span of 60 days. This plan has 750 talk minutes, 1000 texts and 1 GB of data.
  • 1.5 GB smartphone plan: This is another tracfone smartphone plan that costs $45. The plan is renewable after every 90 days and within these days, you will get to enjoy 1.5 GB of data, 1000 texts and 750 call minutes after every three months.
  • 2 GB smartphone plan: For $50 after three months, you can also enjoy 2 GB of data, 1500 text messages and 750 call minutes from this tracfone smartphone plan.
  • 1.5 GB smartphone plan: This is a yearly tracfone smartphone plan that cost $125 or $118.75 with auto refill. The plan offers 1.5 GB of yearly data, 1500 texts and 1500 call minutes.

Will My Old TracFone Still Work?

No or yes. Some old TracFone phones will still work while others won’t. Old 3G TracFone phones won’t work because they were discontinued. However, old 4G LTE TracFone phones will still work until further notice.

What Network Does TracFone Flip Phone Use?

We mentioned earlier that TracFone is a MVNO service provider that doesn’t rely in its own network. This carrier relies on network from other service providers. In fact, this carrier taps network from many service providers, which makes its network coverage so reliable. Tracfone uses network from T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

Does Tracfone Support 4G and 5G Flip Phones?

Yes, TracFone currently supports both 4G and 5G flip phones. The fact that TracFone fetches network from big service providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T makes it possible to support both 4G and 5G modern flip phones.

Can I Upgrade the 4G Phone To 5G?

There is no straightforward way of upgrading a 4G phone to 5G phone. This is because 5G phones are built with special hardware that is not compatible with 4G phones. If you need to enjoy faster 5G speed, the most effective way of upgrading your 4G phone to 5G is through replacing it. It’s also not possible to upgrade your 3G phone to 5G because these two technologies use different airwaves.

Can I Use Jitterbug Phone With TracFone Wireless?

It’s not really possible to use jitterbug phones with TracFone Wireless. Although jitterbug phones are unlocked, these phones are exclusively designed to work with lively or greatcall and not any other carrier. Therefore, jitterbug phones are not compatible with TracFone wireless.

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