What Network Does Tracfone Use

TracFone Coverage Map

TracFone is an MVNO that prides itself on running on all major network carriers in the United States. This is different from other MVNOs that run on a specific carrier. TracFone customers benefit from both 4G LTE and 5G networks provided by these major networks. For instance, it enjoys the highest 4G LTE network coverage by Verizon and 5G by T-Mobile.

The other networks that TracFone uses its towers are Sprint and AT&T networks which also have good 4G LTE and 5G network coverage countrywide. AT&T is the second after Verizon, with 4G LTE network coverage of 68% of the country’s coverage. This makes TracFone customers to enjoy the most extensive coverage across the country, benefiting from all four leading carriers.

You may be asking; how do I know which network is my TracFone phone using? How do I determine which areas TracFone has its services in my locality? Among the four main carriers, which one has the best TracFone coverage? Those are some of the questions this tutorial is going to tackle. Please keep reading till the end.

Is TracFone CDMA or GSM?

As seen above, TracFone uses the towers of the four main service providers in the United States. These are Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, which use CDMA, and AT&T, which uses GSM technologies to provide customer service. So, you can conclude that TracFone uses both CDMA and GSM technology, making it simple for you to switch between the carriers.

You can check the compatibility of your phone on TracFone’s official website. Additionally, note that if you have the latest phone model, your phone must be compatible with TracFone regardless of which tower they use.

How Do I Check TracFone Coverage In My Area?

As mentioned above, Tracfone runs one of the most reliable networks in the United States. Checking whether its coverage is available in your area is pretty simple. Here is the procedure

  • Visit tracfone.com/about/coverage.
  • After the page loads, enter your state’s ZIP code. Ensure you provide the correct ZIP code
  • Explore if your area has Tracfone services or not.

How Accurate Is The TracFone Coverage Map?

The coverage percentage you find on the map is an approximation of highly computed data. You should also note that the data used to calculate the map coverage can be affected by several factors. These include weather, buildings, terrain, and your phone. Besides, there are areas where a particular carrier can be leasing network towers from affiliated network providers. Once they stop providing the services, the map can continue providing inaccurate information. So, note that the data provided is an approximation, although it does not differ much from the actual data.

How Can TracFone Coverage Compare In 2022?

TracFone 4G LTE Network

TracFone provides one of the most reliable 4G across the country. As mentioned earlier, TracFone is an MVNO that utilizes towers of the four leading carriers in the United States. That means it benefits from the 4G LTE network coverage of the four carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Verizon provides the most reliable 4G LTE coverage in 70% of the country.

AT&T follows it with a 68% 4G LTE of the whole country. This means you can access 4G coverage with TracFone everywhere these carriers are available. Also, if you use T-Mobile towers, you will enjoy 68% 4G LTE coverage of the whole country. Sprint provides the least 4G LTE coverage of 30%, which is also reliable in areas where the other three do not have services. This brings us to the conclusion that TracFone has its coverage available in nearly all parts of the country.

TracFone 5G Network

Regarding 5G coverage, Tracfone, as mentioned earlier, does not have its towers but leases from the four major carriers. TracFone benefits from the network coverage of T-Mobile, which has the most extensive coverage of 53.79% countrywide. This is an advantage to those people who use GSM-powered phones. If tethered in AT&T towers, you will enjoy a 5G coverage of 29.52% of the country.

If your phone is locked to CDMA, you will likely utilize the Verizon 5G network covering 12.77% of the country. However, sprint 5G deployment is minimal, making its coverage have a small contribution to the map. Note that the four carriers are still rolling out the 5G network across the country, so you will likely enjoy more 5G coverage in the future.

What Network Does Tracfone Use?

As mentioned earlier, Tracfone uses Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint network towers across the country. This makes it one of the country’s most reliable network service providers. However, TracFone does not enjoy uniform coverage from the four carriers. Each carrier has its strength in terms of 4G LTE and 5G coverage. Please take a look as we break the best carrier for you as a TracFone customer.

TracFone Coverage for Verizon Network

TracFone utilizes towers of the four major carriers in the country, Verizon being one of them. Verizon is ranked the best in 4G LTE network coverage, with 70% of the country using its services. This means it offers the largest 4G LTE services to customers in the country, making it the best carrier as far as 4G services are concerned.

Verizon also provides a 5G network with a coverage of 12.77% of the country. Although Verizon has limited 5G services, the carrier is still rolling out the 5G network, meaning you will likely enjoy more coverage in the future.

Here is a tabulated analysis of the 4G LTE and 5G network coverage

 Verizon Percentage coverage
4G LTE70%

TracFone Coverage for AT&T Network

AT&T is ranked second in terms of 4G coverage after Verizon in the United States. It uses GSM technology to offer service to its customers across the country. TracFone users tethered to the AT&T network enjoy 68% coverage countrywide. Do you want to know whether the AT&T network is available in your area? If so, open the coverage map and enter your state’s ZIP code; zoom in to know if your area is covered.

AT%T also offers 5G network coverage to its users and all the MVNO service providers affiliated with it. It covers 29.52% of the whole country. Besides, they are still rolling out 5G coverage, guaranteeing users of more coverage in the future. Here is the tabulated coverage of the two networks.

 Verizon Percentage coverage
4G LTE68%

TracFone Coverage for T-Mobile Network

TracFone also depends on the T-Mobile towers to offer services to its users. In terms of 4G coverage, T-Mobile is ranked third with coverage of 62% after Verizon and AT&T, which take first and second position, respectively. However, T-Mobile has the largest 5G network coverage compared to the other carriers. This means that TracFone users are at liberty to enjoy wide and faster 5G services under T-Mobile. As far as 5G services are concerned, we can therefore conclude that T-Mobile is the best carrier for Tracfone.

Kindly note that T-Mobile is GSM enabled, so you must use a GSM phone to access the TracFone services on the T-Mobile network. Additionally, you can check your phone’s compatibility on their website before you buy it. Here is the network tabulation analysis for the T-Mobile coverage

 Verizon Percentage coverage
4G LTE62%

TracFone Coverage for Sprint Network

As mentioned, TracFone also utilizes network coverage from Sprint towers. Although the Sprint network is not highly covered across the country, customers still benefit from the 30% coverage available. This is an advantage to TracFone users who have CDMA phones in such areas. Sprint coverage is minimal across the country; however, that does not mean it has a weak signal. It can be strong in the area where you reside.

How Do I Know Which Network My TracFone Uses?

Despite being that popular, TracFone does not have its own towers but leases towers from other carriers. TracFone is an MVNO that uses Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint towers as earlier on seen. So, knowing which network you are using among the four is very crucial. Here are some methods to know which network you are using.

Send a message to your email

This applies to you if you already have a phone. You can discover which network your phone is using by texting a message to your email. The cellular carrier typically directs the message to your inbox. Once you view the message, you can tell which carrier network your TracFone has. Sometimes it will show you the network from the address in your message.

Use the online tool used to check

You can use an online tool that requires you to enter the phone carrier by number. Most people look for their carriers online through online look-up tools. The lookup tool will tell you which carrier network your TracFone is using or any other MVNO available.

Navigating the TracFone network

TracFone contracts other carriers to offer the network to them. The bandwidth leased depends on the technology available on your phone, that is, GSM and CDMA. Your phone type determines which network you will be tethered to. All GSM technology phones can only use either AT&T or T-Mobile networks. You can utilize only Sprint and Verizon networks if you have a CDMA phone. So, depending on your phone, you use the compatibility checker on the TracFone website to know which network your phone will use.

Look at your SIM number

You can determine which TracFone network you are using by studying which number you are using. For example, for the T-Mobile network, your SIM card number arrangement is 890126. If you are using AT&T, your first six digits will be 890141, while the Verizon SIM card’s first six numbers are 891480. So, study the first six digits of your SIM card using the above guideline to tell which network you are using.

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