How To Switch From Verizon To Straight Talk And Keep My Number


Do you want to switch from Verizon to Straight Talk and keep your number? Well, this is your tutorial. Straight Talk is a virtual mobile network that has teamed up with Verizon Wireless to offer services to its clients. In fact, straight talk uses Verizon network to operate. Just recently, Verizon also bought TracFone wireless which was the parent company of straight talk wireless. Merging of TracFone and Verizon made Straight talk a subsidiary of Verizon Wireless. Because of this partnership, you can now change from Verizon direct to Straight Talk and keep your phone number. All you will need as a customer is a Verizon unlocked phone compatible with Straight Talk. Please note that you must have your Verizon number active to switch from Verizon to Straight Talk while maintaining the number.

After moving from Verizon to Straight Talk, you can maintain your phone number and get new plans and services from them. However, as mentioned above, you must keep your existing Verizon account active and use your current phone number. If you already have Verizon and want to move to Straight Talk while keeping your current phone number, this tutorial is for you. Here, we will explain how to switch between these carriers, switching eligibility, and other interesting and important issues about Straight Talk and Verizon. Be our guest!

How Hard Is It To Switch From Verizon To Straight Talk?

Straight Talk and Verizon have been in partnership for ten years. This partnership has made it so easy for straight talk to consistently offer internet services and phones to customers. This partnership also allows Verizon customers to easily switch to Straight Talk and start enjoying the services they offer. However, there are requirements that you should meet for you to switch to Straight Talk. One, you must ensure the phone that you are using is unlocked. Also, if you want to maintain your number, ensure it is active. Later in this article, we will walk you through the requirements when switching from Verizon to Straight Talk other than those two.

Is It Possible To Switch From Verizon To Straight Talk And Keep My Number?

Are you a Verizon client unhappy with their services and want to shift to Straight Talk services while keeping your number? You can switch to Straight Talk whenever you want as long as you follow the correct channel. Here are the steps to help switch from Verizon to Straight Talk and keep your number.

Verify if your device is unlocked

You now know you cannot use a locked Verizon phone with Straight Talk. The phone you intend to use must be unlocked. To find out if it is unlocked, you only need to install a SIM card from a carrier other than Verizon into the phone. If you get an error message stating “SIM not supported” appearing on your screen, this indicates that your phone is not unlocked. Now is the time for you to unlock your phone. You will not get the message if the phone is unlocked; otherwise, proceed to unlock your phone.

Unlock your phone

To unlock your Verizon phone, you will need to contact customer service at and ask for help unlocking your phone. You can choose to call or chat with them. The agent you get will assist you in unlocking your phone so that you may use it with a different service provider. Please be aware that you may be required to pay any outstanding amount on your subscription and any early termination fees associated with your contract. You cannot switch to another service provider if you have pending bills.

When talking to customer service, they can ask for the IMEI number of your phone, so you need to have it. You may retrieve the IMEI number of your phone by pressing the *#06# on your phone, followed by the ‘call’ button. Copy the IMEI code and store it somewhere, just in case the agent requests it. The agent will give you an unlock code that you will use in the next step; please note it down.

Restart your mobile device

For the unlocking procedure to be effective, you will have to restart your phone. Kindly note that the restarting process of a phone might vary depending on the model. If you are not getting the correct method to restart your phone, try restarting it as recommended in the user manual. In rebooting, you will get a prompt to input the unlock code. Here ensure you enter the code you received from the agent, after which the phone will turn off.

Remove your phone’s battery

Removing your phone’s battery is crucial when unlocking your Verizon phone. At this point, you need to remove the back cover from your phone and then take out the battery and the SIM card currently in the phone. Your phone will be unlocked, and you can transition to Straight Talk and enjoy the services.

Switch to straight talk and maintain your current number

If you want to maintain the same phone number after switching from Verizon to Straight Talk, you will need to move your unlocked Verizon phone over to Straight Talk. The procedure for changing is very simple. Here is how to start:

  • Contact a representative from Straight Talk and inform them that you want to switch from your current service provider to theirs.
  • Tap the “select carrier” option so that they can verify that the device is compatible. In this case, you will have to select Verizon Wireless because it is the one that you want to maintain its number.
  • Choose the type of phone that you want to use between an iPhone or Android smartphone, depending on which one you want to switch to.
  • The customer service representative will request the IMEI of the phone that you want to use. This is necessary for them to facilitate your phone swapping.

Who Are Qualified To Switch From Verizon To Straight Talk?

Are you a Verizon customer interested in the services offered by Straight Talk and wondering if you qualify to join their services? Then do not worry. This is because straight Talk offers a good platform for all Verizon customers to switch to their services. However, there are set requirements that you must meet to be able to switch from Verizon to Straight Talk. Kindly note that it does not matter whether your phone is still under contract or has already been paid for. This is because there are no contracts used by Straight Talk. Here are the requirements you must satisfy to switch to Straight Talk.

  • You will need a valid phone number from Verizon for you to transfer to Straight Talk.
  • You must check whether the current phone number is active on the Verizon network.
  • You must have a Verizon account number and a porting pin.
  • The names on your Verizon and Straight Talk accounts must match.
  • Your account must be at least one month old to transfer from Verizon to Straight Talk.
  • You must have a CDMA or GSM phone compatible with Straight Talk.
  • The history of the account must be erased.
  • You should not have debts with Verizon if you decide to switch to Spring Talk.
  • You must confirm acceptance of Straight Talk’s terms and conditions. This is an agreement that you will not go contrary to the guidelines of operation they have set.

If everything is okay, you will not be prevented from making the transition to your Straight Talk and start enjoying the services.

What To Do Before Switching Verizon To Straight Talk

Before you decide to switch from Verizon to Straight Take, there are requirements that you must meet. Below is a list of them:

  1. It is mandatory to have a valid number to transfer your current phone number to Straight Talk.
  2. The number you intend to switch to Straight Talk must be currently active with the Verizon service provider.
  3. You need a Verizon wireless account number and a porting PIN.
  4. You must have an active Straight Talk account for at least one month, or you will lose your number.
  5. You will be required to accept the terms and conditions of Straight Talk.

How Do I Keep My Verizon Phone Number When Switching To Straight Talk?

After you switch to a new phone, Straight Talk allows its customers to keep using the same phone number. You only need to call customer service and tell them you want to keep your previous number. Afterward, they will help you to transfer it. You can follow the steps below and keep your number by activating the Verizon number to Straight Talk online.

  1. Open your preferred browser and search
  2. After opening, select the option “activate my phone with a number transferred from another company.”
  3. In this case, you are switching from Verizon to Straight Talk. So, you will give the Verizon number you want to transfer to Straight Talk.
  4. You will then follow the remaining steps to the latter for the prompts that will appear.
  5. When you finish the process, you will have successfully activated your number and then transferred it to Straight Talk from Verizon.

Is It Worth Switching To Straight Talk From Verizon?

Yes, changing from Verizon to Straight Talk is definitely worth it. Here, we have explained a number of reasons why switching between this carrier is worth it. Straight Talk offers several benefits to their clients, which include;

1. Cheap plans

It is worth switching to Straight Talk from Verizon if you need quality plans at a cheaper price. When comparing the plans Straight Talk offer to their customers to those offered by Straight talk postpaid plans are cheaper than Verizon. Since straight talk relies on Verizon, switching to straight talk allows you to access good coverage at a cheaper price. A plan from Straight Talk costs $35, $45, and $55 per month, with taxes ranging from $3 to $6, depending on your state. Here is a breakdown of how much data you get as it corresponds to the cost:

  1. For $35, you will get 2GB.
  2. For $45, you will get 10 GB
  3. For $55, you will get unlimited data drops to 2 GB after reaching 22 GB.

2. Customer service

Good customer service is always a key consideration for every customer looking forward to joining a wireless service provider. Switching to straight talk is therefore worth it because Customers from this company enjoy good customer support. The carrier has an always-available customer care team with very friendly and quick responses. You can contact customer service online and chat with them or by calling. In case you want to call, you can do so through 866-667-6437, while the residents of California can call 1-888-899-8789. Straight Talk has rich FAQ content for those who do not want to call or chat. You can use the set FAQ developed by Straight Talk to find the solution to your problem. This section of the FAQ bears solutions to many problems you can encounter as a customer.

3. Coverage

Straight Talk is an MVNO that uses towers from other established carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. The customers who use the CDMA will be able to use the AT &T and T-Mobile tower, while those who use the GSM technology will use the Verizon and Sprint towers. Straight Talk coverage is good because you can easily use the towers of the carriers available in your area.

What Towers Does Straight Talk Use?

Straight Talk is an MVNO carrier. This means that it does not run on its own wireless network. It uses network towers for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint to provide services to its customers. If you are unsure of the network your Straight Talk phone is using, you can call customer service, give them your number, ZIP code and then they will tell you the network.

Also, if you have the original box with the phone, you will see it indicated in the box. The other method is through studying the arrangement of the phone number characters. If your number has zeros from the 6th to 10th characters, then you are using Verizon. You will know you are using the T-Mobile network if it has 19 characters instead of 20, and the 20th number is X. If it is not, then you will have to call customer service and give them the IMEI of your phone, and they will tell you.

How Good Is The Data Speed Of Straight Talk Compared To Verizon?

Straight Talk and Verizon customers enjoy 4G LTE speeds with Verizon rolling out 5G. If you use the Straight Talk that runs on the Verizon network, you will have access to faster speeds courtesy of Verizon towers.

Straight Talk has data speeds of 31.1 Mbps for downloads and 15.6 Mbps for uploads compared to Verizon. Verizon has download speeds of 53.3 Mbps and upload of 17.5 Mbps. Therefore, Verizon’s data speeds are higher than those of Straight Talk.

Can I Use A Locked Verizon Phone On Straight Talk Plans?

We have said you can switch from Verizon to Straight Talk and maintain your number. However, you cannot use a locked Verizon phone on Straight Talk plans. Straight Talk requires you to use an unlocked phone to access their services. If your phone is locked, kindly consider getting an unlocked phone so that you can it with Straight Talk. You can also contact Verizon for guidance on how to unlock your phone.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Phone Number From Verizon To Straight Talk?

The process of transferring a phone number from Verizon to Straight Talk varies because of some reasons. In most cases, the transfer can take a few hours, with others taking up to 2 days. In other scenarios, you can apply and the process will take seven days before the transfer is done successfully. The only unique situation is when you are transferring the Landline number to Straight Talk from Verizon. In most cases, this will take you 30 days before the transfer is completely done.

Can I Switch From AT&T To Straight Talk?

Yes, you can switch from AT&T to Straight Talk. You will need your prepaid account number and pin to port your number. If you do not have the prepaid account number, you will have to call customer service to give you one. Switching to Straight Talk while your plan is active is good because it may not work if it expires.

Is It Possible To Switch From AT&T To Straight Talk?

Yes, it is possible to switch from AT&T to Straight Talk. Since Straight Talk has bring your own phone program, switching to this carrier from AT&T is so easy. Besides, straight talk and AT&T are two compatible carriers which makes it possible and easy. As long as your AT&T phone is unlocked, you will be good to go. Also, ensure that your AT&T plan is active before you switch to Straight Talk. When you meet that, proceed to, activate your number, and start using the services.

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