What Is Summit IMS Service On Android Phones?


IMS Service is a common acronym for android mobile users. If you’ve used Android OS for a while, you may have come across the three letters and wondered what they mean. IMS stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem. A powerful application that comes preinstalled in android smartphones. IMS is an open-source application that facilitates communication via IP network infrastructure. Because of it, people can send SMS and make calls via VoIP. The same is applied in other technologies such as Push to talk (PTT), video sharing, and push to view among others.

Is IMS Service A Safe Application Or A Virus

Occasionally, you may have encountered an IMS error. “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” is the most common one. It more rampant with Samsung mobiles such as Samsung 6, 7 and 8 models. Most users who encounter these errors think IMS is the problem and maybe it’s a virus. Some go as far as uninstalling it. But is IMS malware or does it pose any danger to your device?

Not at all. IMS is a harmless application with zero negative effects on your gadget. The errors that you may encounter are due to system clashes with certain apps. Therefore, to fix them, you may need to uninstall any new applications on your device. Clearing the cache memory has also proved to be a reliable solution to the IMS error.

What Does Summit IMS Service Do?

Whereas it may not be a must to have the Summit IMS service, we cannot overlook its array of benefits. No wonder some analysts front it as a compulsory mobile technology. Being a critical standard for telecommunication, IMS plays a key role in providing streamlined communication. As an all IP-network, it bridges any gaps between mobile and fixed-line networks. Therefore, offering a stable multimedia platform for all services. Additionally, its cross-provider standard makes creation of new products and services easy. That guarantees faster and quality services among the subscribers.

How Do I Enable IMS Status?

IMS status is very important as it is what informs the registration status. Depending on the type of phone you are using, there are number of reasons why your IMS may show as “Not registered”. To turn it on, try the following fixes;

If you are using an activated Boost mobile, Virgin, Sprint and other common models ##72786# followed by yes. This process will revert your device setting to default mode. In addition, it initiates fresh IMS and carrier registration. In case the above procedure doesn’t enable the status, try any the following additional methods.

  • Force restart your phone: Filled cache and excessive junk are top causes of IMS failure. Force restarting your device will clear all temporary files forcing fresh network registration.
  • Switch airplane mode: Toggling ON/OFF the Airplane mode will force the device to re-register its network status. Swipe down the notification panel to see the airplane button. Turn it on and off then proceed to see whether there are changes.
  •  Check on your SIM card: Improper SIM card mount can lead to a network error. This mostly happens when there is a sudden drop of the gadget. Removing and reinserting the SIM card should fix the problem.
  • Troubleshoot your network: You shouldn’t expect correct network status while on the wrong network type. Check whether you are connected to the correct network as per your device specifications.

How Do I Check My IMS Status?

To know your IMS status, do the following:

  • Navigate to your device settings
  • Tap on about
  • Locate the SIM card status
  • Check whether is registered or not registered 

How Do I Change My IMS Settings?

To change your device’s IMS settings, go to IMS Settings>Activities>IMS settings menu. Run the first activity in the list provided. By this point, your IMS settings should be different from what it was.

What Does It Mean IMS Service Has Stopped?

This IMS error occurs due to a number of reasons including preinstalled or downloaded applications. Outdated software also can cause IMS stoppage. Below are some of the common causes of this error:

  • Corrupted cache: A cache is local storage for application’s temporary files. This helps to reduce processing time due to reduced data fetch time. If this cache is corrupted, it causes stoppage of critical android messaging applications. When that happens, the system will throw the IMS has stopped error.
  • Third party messaging apps: Some third-party messaging apps try to take over the role of the default ones. Others will try to deactivate them. And this will lead to IMS error message.
  • Outdated applications: Some updated android applications are not compatible with old ones. Or there may be unfixed bugs in the old versions not acceptable in the updated versions.
  • Outdated Android OS: Sometimes, an operating system version may have a bug that developers correct with an update. The same can also happen with the UI. Unless you update your OS to the updated version, you may constantly experience this error.

How To Fix IMS Service Has Stopped” Error Message

Check for software updates

If you are experiencing this error because of outdated software, updating your system can fix it. To check for updates:

  • Go to your device settings
  • At the bottom, locate the “about phone” tab and tap it
  • Look for “software update” and click “check for update”
  • If you notice there is an update, download it right away by selecting “download now”.
  • When prompted to install, click “Yes”
  • After installing the update, revert to the normal mode and check whether the error is gone. If not, try the next solution.

Change message configuration

Your network configurations might be interfering with certain messaging modules hindering their functionality. The only remedy will be disabling the carrier existing network settings.

Launch in safe mode

Safe mode will deactivate any third-party applications that might be the problem. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to interact with only the default apps. Then, you can use this time to identify where the problem is.

Delete cache

As mentioned earlier, corrupted cache can cause the IMS service has stopped working error. You can use the power and volume buttons to wipe out the cache.

How Do I Turn Off IMS?

You can turn off IMS function statistically by following the steps outlined below:

  • Run the UPDATE IMSFUNC command with a specified set enabled
  • If you use a local function, go ahead and define it as disabled in the DFSDFxxx.

Can I Force Stop IMS Service?

Yes. It is possible to force stop this application. However, as a system app, it is not advisable to do it. This is because the app is so critical that its removal may corrupt the smooth functionality of your device. 

How Do I Get Rid Of IMS Service Notifications?

To avoid constant IMS notifications, the best thing is to deactivate them. To do this, head to the Android notification section and toggle don’t show notification.

What Is IMS In APN Settings?

IMS doesn’t only deal with voice services. That’s where APN comes in to help with those s that there is harmonious inter carrier package transfer. 

Is Summit IMS Service Draining Battery?

Perhaps battery draining is the biggest drawback associated with IMS. Most people have had to completely force-stop the app so as to minimize its battery draining ability. 

What Is The Difference Between LTE And IMS?

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a wireless technology developed to counter the challenges faced by UMTS 3G. It provides increased data rates for both upstream and downstream. Other merits include reduced latency, scalability and backward compatibility.

On the other hand, IMS was specifically designed for mobile applications. However, with time, it has become an integral platform finding its way in the fixed line network providers. This is due to its ability to work with the two infrastructures.

Even though both remain critical in the communication sector, these two technologies have glaring differences. These include:

  • IMS in conjunction with other technologies such as 4G core network to support VoIP. It is a critical technology in creation of the voice calls. In contrast, LTE doesn’t support circuit switching. Therefore, it cannot work with external voice networks such as public switched telephone network.
  • Comparing their data cost, LTE offers cheaper plans per megabyte. This is made possible by its simple IP architecture which is easy to manage. Also, its speeds are higher than those offered by IMS due to its reduced congestion.


The communication spectrum has been on an upward trajectory for a while now. As we speak, technology has literally converted the world to a global village. IMS is one of those breakthroughs that greatly transformed how we communicate. It managed to unify all networks by bridging the gap between their independent technologies.

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