SafeLink Phone Replacement Guide If Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged

Safelink Phone Replacements 

Phones are so crucial in this modern era and the thought of losing one is unbearable. When you lose or damage your phone, you experience the inconvenience of losing your contacts and other crucial information. However, safelink has a very effective remedy for customers who lost, damaged or misplaced theirs phones. Safelink wireless is one of the leading lifeline service provider that offers free phones to eligible lifeline or ACP members. After getting your safelink free phone, you can accidentally damage or lose it.

 If you are a victim of this ordeal, you should not worry because safelink allows you to replace your lost or damaged phone through a very easy process. Safelink phones come with a one year warranty and upon damage, you will replace your phone for free. It’s important to mention that although safelink phone replacement is free, the process is guided by a number of policies. For instance, it’s not possible to replace your safelink phone for free for more than one time. This is because safelink phone free replacement is limited to one chance per user. Follow this guide to the end and learn more about safelink phone replacement.

If The Safelink Phone Is Not Working Or is Damaged, What Do I Do?

After you notice that your safelink phone is damaged or not working, the first thing to do is call safelink customer service and explain the ordeal. After explaining the situation, Safelink customer representative will guide you on how to replace your damaged phone.

While talking to Safelink customer representative, he or she will inquire the condition of your device. He will ask you to explain why the phone is not working. If the phone is not working due to physical damage or abuse, please note that the process of replacing such a phone is not free. In this case, you will be required to incur the cost of your phone replacement.

If your phone is not working due to mechanical default and there is no physical damage, Safelink will replace your phone for free through their one year warranty.

What Should I Do If I Lost Or Stolen My Safelink Phone?

If you search for your safelink phone and notice it’s missing, you should try to locate it before calling Safelink customer representative. This is because your phone can be misplaced just somewhere within your house. To locate your phone, take your friend’s phone and try calling it. If your phone is within your proximity, its ringtone will help you locate it.

If the search wasn’t successful, you can now call safelink to help with the search. You can also involve the authority and they will help track your phone. When safelink notice that your phone is stolen, they will immediately deactivate your phone account. This is to prevent the thief from using your account for illegal intentions. After deactivating your account, safelink will now initiate your phone replacement process.

How Do I Locate A Lost Or Stolen Phone?

As we have stated above, you can use a friend’s phone to call and locate your lost phone. Besides this method, you can use other alternative ways to locate your device just as explained below:

1. Use Google account or iCloud

This is the best and most effective way of locating a lost or stolen phone. If you lost your android phone, you can log in to your google account or iCloud through your tablet or laptop and do the search. This is through the following process;

  • Open your google account and enter “ find my phone” on the search bar
  • The search will show you the last location of your device.
  • Once you identify the location, you can go and pick it
  • In the event you fail to find the device, you can erase all data through your google account. Through your google account, you can do other activities such as set a password so that no one can access it.

2. Through your phone manufacturer

What If I don’t have a google account or ICloud, worry not because your phone manufacturer can help you track your phone. For instance, if you lost a Samsung phone, you can use ‘FIND MY MOBILE’ settings and track your device.

3. Through your IMEI number

If you are aware of your lost phone IMEI number, you can download third party IMEI tracking apps and use them to track your lost phone. These are apps like IMEI Tracker-Find My Device. Besides, you can download other third party android phone tracking apps like: Where’s My Droid or Lost Android.

Can I Get A Free Safelink Phone Replacement?

Yes, it’s possible to get a free safelink phone replacement. For example, if your phone stopped working due to mechanical damages that are not user-caused, you will get a free phone replacement through safelink one year warranty. However, if your phone stops working due to physical abuse, you will incur the cost of your phone replacement.

What Do I Need To Know For A Safelink Phone Replacement?

Before replacing your safelink phone, there are few things that you need to know. For example:

  • If you are replacing a safelink malfunctioned phone that stopped working but is not your fault, you will get a free replacement phone. This is through Safelink replacement warranty.
  • If your safelink phone arrived with default, you should return it for replacement within 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • Once you notice that your phone was malfunctioned during delivery, you should send a damage claim to safelink wireless within 48 hours from the time of delivery otherwise, your claim will be denied.
  • If you return your safelink free phone for replacement, you will get an equivalent phone or same-value phone during replacement.
  • When returning your safelink phone for replacement, it should be in a “like-new’ condition. Also, no documentation or accessories should miss in your package as you ship back your phone for replacement.
  • When replacing a lost or stolen phone from safelink wireless, you will be given a refurbished phone of similar value.

Safelink Phone Replacement Policy

When you are replacing a malfunctioning safelink phone through warranty, you should meet the following policies:

  • Your device must not be misused and must be used properly to carry its intended purpose
  • Your phone should never be a subject of neglect, abuse, accident, improper use, and improper storage, or exposure to moisture or alteration.
  • Your phone should not be affected by viruses or any other unwanted software.
  • To replace your safelink phone, you must be the original buyer because safelink restricts transfer of warranty
  • To replace your safelink phone, it must be less than one year old from the date of purchase. 
  • To replace your safelink phone, it must be purchased from Safelink official website or safelink authorized retailer and should have a verified IMEI number.
  • To get a safelink phone replacement, it must not be damaged by accidental factors like flood, accidents, fire, battery leak or natural calamities like earthquakes.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Safelink Replacement Phone?

The process of getting a safelink replacement phone is so short and precise. After submitting your replacement request, your replacement process starts immediately. Once the process is over, your new phone shipment will start within 3 business days. Once the shipment commences, you can get your device within 10 business days depending with your shipment address.

How Do I Activate My Replacement Safelink Phone?

Once you get your safelink replacement phone, you should activate it and get connected to safelink network. The good news is that safelink has a self-activation service that allows you to activate your device without the need to call customer care representative. If you lost your safelink phone along with your SIM card, the good news is that safelink will ship a new SIM card for free. To activate your device, insert your new safelink SIM card and send a text “ACTIVATE NOW” to 611611.

Top 10 Best Safelink Replacement Phones List

When replacing your lost or damaged safelink phone, you will be given a refurbished phone. However, you are not given a chance to select your phone of choice. This is because safelink will send you a refurbished phone subject to availability. Below are models of phones that you are likely to get:

  1. Google Pixel 4
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  3. Motorola G power
  4. Apple iPhone 11
  5. Motorola E5 Plus
  6. Samsung Galaxy A 12
  7. Samsung Galaxy 11
  8. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  9. Nokia XR20
  10. Samsung Galaxy S10

FAQs on SafeLink Phone Replacement

Can I replace a safelink phone via online?

Yes, besides self-activation, you can also activate your safelink phone online through Safelink official website. To replace your device, visit Safelink official website through your browser and tap the activation button.

Can I replace a safelink SIM card?

Yes, after you misplace your safelink SIM card, you can also get a free SIM replacement. This is through calling Safelink official website and asking the representative to replace the SIM card for you. When you call safelink, the representative will ask you to explain what happened with your former SIM card. After, he will deactivate your former SIM card and initiate the process of sending you a new SIM card.

Does safelink replace lost phones?

Yes. Safelink replaces your lost phone through a very easy process. However, the process of replacing your lost phone with safelink is not free. This is because you will be required to cater for the cost of your replacement phone.

How often can I do phone replacement at safelink?

Just as mentioned, safelink allows a one-time phone replacement per user. Once you replace your safelink phone, you won’t be allowed to replace it for the second time for free. To replace your safelink phone for the second time, you will have to incur the replacement cost.

What kind of phone will safelink give me?

When you replace a safelink phone, you are not allowed to select your phone of choice. However, you will get a refurbished phone from reputable brands like Motorola, LG, Nokia, and Samsung.

What phones does safelink offer for free?

As mentioned, safelink offers free phones from reputable brands like Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola. The exact type and model of phone to get will however vary based on availability or state of residence.

Will safelink replace a broken phone?

 Yes, safelink allows you to replace a broken phone. However, replacing a Safelink broken phone is not free. This is because Safelink doesn’t replace broken phones through warranty.

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