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In the event you are looking for a way to save more on data while using Qlink Wireless internet, look no further as this carrier now allows you to connect to its hotspots free of charge. As we speak, Qlink has over 10 million hotspots nationwide where users can now enjoy free Wi-Fi internet. Consequently, they will not have to rely on their mobile data to surf the internet, stream online content, work online, learn online, chat on social media, and so forth. When it comes to hotspots, you can readily connect your phone to free internet via Wi-Fi auto-connect or the hotspot on the device. 

Currently, Qlink allows its customers to connect to the Wi-Fi auto-connect method. To get connected via this method, you need to enable the ‘Wi-Fi auto-connect or Wi-Fi offloading option on your My Mobile Account app and be good to go. By doing so, you will be auto-connected to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and save more on your data. On the other hand, the hotspot on a phone feature allows you to tether other devices such as your phone, tablet, and laptop to the phone that you use to access Qlink Wireless internet. As we speak, Q Link Wireless Hotspot doesn’t offer hotspot for devices. However, this feature might be included in Q Link plans in the near future. In this article, we shall take a closer look at Q Link Wireless Hotspot, its features, how to activate it, and so forth.

Q Link Wireless Hotspot Features

By now, you are aware that Qlink Wireless does not offer Hotspots for devices. Instead, it offers ‘Wi-Fi auto-correct’ or Wi-Fi offloading to all its customers. With the latter option, you will be able to connect to free internet in over 10 million hotspots nationwide. Note that when it comes to these access points, there is no specifications that come with them. 

All you need to do is to install the My Mobile Account app on your device, and then your phone will be able to connect to these networks on the go. This will greatly help you reduce your overall mobile data usage. Once your device connects to a Qlink Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be able to perform the following undertakings:

  • Surf the internet
  • Chat on social media platforms
  • Work online
  • Learn online
  • Stream online content
  • Play  online mobile games
  • Make Wi-Fi calls. With this feature, you will be able to text and call any number that is within Puerto Rico, United States, United States Virgin Islands and so forth.

How Do I Activate My Q Link Wireless Hotspot?

The process of setting up a Qlink Wireless hotspot is easy and straightforward. To start with, you need to download the My Mobile Account app and then install it on your device. Thereafter, launch it and then activate or enable the Qlink Wi-Fi auto-correct feature so that you can locate the WiFi hotspot within your vicinity. Besides this method, you can consider the following alternatives:

1. Use the PDANet+ WiFi Direct App

If you choose this method to activate the Qlink hotspot, you should first download the PDANet+ APK file and then install it on your mobile device. Thereafter, download and then install the FoxFi app. Once you download these apps, launch the FoxFi app first and then grant it any necessary requests.

Thereafter, choose Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot. This action will prompt the PDANet+ app to open. Here, you need to enable the Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot. Once you do, some connection information will pop up at the top of your screen.

Go to the device that you want to share your Qlink’s phone’s data and then switch its Wi-Fi feature. Choose the SSID name that appears in blue header on the PDANet+ user interface. Key in the password that appears on the bluebox too.

Thereafter, click on the ‘Advanced options’ below the password field. Tap on the ‘Proxy’ options and then select on the ‘Manual’ option. When prompted to key in the proxy host name, key in Below it, key in 8000 on the field named ‘Proxy port’. Once you are done, tap on the ‘connect’ button. This will allow you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot using your Qlink device and thus be able to connect the other device to the internet on the go.

2. Use the EasyTether app to set up a Windows 10 or 11 mobile hotspot

As the name suggests, this method needs you to have a laptop or a PC that runs on either Windows 10 or 11. Besides this, you will need to have high-quality USB data cable. To get started, you should first download the EasyTether app and the PC client software.

Thereafter, install the app on your Qlink device and then install the PC client software on your laptop or PC. Once you are done, enable USB Debugging feature on your Qlink device. Launch the EasyTether app in your Qlink device and then choose the USB setup wizard. By choosing this option, you will be able to get much-needed step-by-step guidance on how to establish a tethered internet connection. This action also provides links for drivers and plays a key role in troubleshooting anytime you experience hiccups during the setup process.

Once you have established a tethered internet connection, go ahead and set up a Windows Mobile hotspot. For Windows 11, you need to go to the ‘Windows settings’ and then choose Network &Internet.

On the left sidebar, you will see the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ feature. Select it and then switch it on. In the field named ‘Share my internet connection from’ choose your desired tethered connection. Tap on the Edit icon so as to set up both the name of the mobile hotspot and the password.

On the other hand, if your computer uses Windows 11, tap on the Start button and then choose ‘Settings’ and then ‘Network & internet’ option. Thereafter, click on the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option. As for ‘Share my connection from’ option, select your tethered internet connection.

For ‘Share over’ option, select the protocol you intend to share your tethered connection with. This can be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth option. If you are interested in speed, choose the ‘Wi-Fi’ option. Thereafter, select ‘Edit’ in order to name your mobile hotspot network and then set up the network’s password.

Once you are done, choose the network bandwidth and save your preference. The bandwidth here can be 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Switch on the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ feature and you will be able to share internet with a number of mobile devices at a go.

Where Can I Get Q Link Wireless Hotspot?

From the discussion above, it is evident that Qlink Wireless boasts of having over 10 million hotspots spread all over the United States. To locate or get a Qlink Wireless hotspot, you just need to install the My Mobile Account app on your mobile phone and then enable the App permissions so that the Wi-Fi auto-connect feature can readily connect your device to the nearest hotspot. Chances are that you will not miss one or two Qlink Wireless Wi-Fi hotspot close to you that you can connect to and save on your mobile data.

Are There Any Differences Between Wi-Fi And A Hotspot?

Yes. Besides using mobile data, you can now access internet on your device via a Wi-Fi connection or a hotspot. Although the latter methods allow you to access internet on your device, there are several differences between them.

To start with, Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. Simply put, Wi-Fi refers to a wireless technology that provides individuals in a Local Area Network (LAN) with internet access. With this technology in place, users can now access the internet free of charge. Thankfully, most devices come with Wi-Fi capabilities. These include laptops, smartphones, tablets, computers and so forth.

On the other hand, a hotspot is a physical location where one can visit and access internet on his or her device. In most cases, a hotspot uses Wi-Fi as the protocol and a router as the central device for the much-needed internet access to a myriad of devices located in a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Sometimes, you can also turn your own smartphone to a hotspot. However, you must turn on its mobile data and allow the mobile tethering feature on the Setting section.

Besides the above-mentioned difference, Wi-Fi is usually provided by an internet service provider. A hotspot on the other hand can be provided by a corporation. As far as its location is concerned, be sure that you can find a hotspot in public libraries, hotels, coffee shops and so forth.

When it comes to security, Wi-Fi connections are deemed to be safer than a hotpot. This is the reason why you should be more careful as you try to connect to a hotspot out there. Finally, Wi-Fi connection needs you to pay a certain fee in order to access the internet. However, a hotspot is less expensive as most companies offer it free of charge.

Does Q Link Wireless Have Unlimited Data?

Yes. If you qualify for its Affordable Connectivity program, be sure that you will enjoy free monthly unlimited data. This will greatly help you reduce on your monthly cell phone plan bills. To qualify for this carrier’s ACP program, you must ensure that your income stands at or is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or are a participant of a government assistance program such as Medicaid, SNAP, SSI and so forth.

If you had qualified for the EBB program in the past, be sure that you will continue to enjoy free unlimited data for a period of 60 days after December 30th 2021. From March 1st 2022, the Affordable Connectivity Program will be rolled out and might need you to re-verify with the National Verifier before you can continue to enjoy the benefits that you used to enjoy with the EBB program. Once you meet the much-needed requirements, you can now go ahead and apply for the ACP facility offered by this carrier and enjoy unlimited data alongside other incredible offers.

How Do I Get Free Data From Q Link Wireless?

To enjoy free data from Qlink Wireless, you need to qualify and apply for Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Once approved for the program, Qlink gives you access to free data plan. As we speak, you can now qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program if at all your income stands at or is below 200%. Better still, if you are a participant of a government assistance program such as Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI be certain that you can qualify for this program and save more on your monthly data expenses.   

Does Q Link Wireless Have Hotspot Devices?

No. This carrier does not offer Hotspots for devices featured in its plans. However, in the future, this feature might be incorporated in its plans as it is constantly improving its network and other options.

Why Is My Q Link Wireless Hotspot Not Working?

There are many reasons why your Qlink Wireless might fail to work. Some of those reasons include:

1. Your device has bugs

Any device is prone to bugs. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, be sure that it can get bugs and thus fail to connect to the Qlink Wireless hotspot near you. In most cases, this problem is caused by malware-related issues. If this happens, you might have to restart your device and then try to connect to the hotspot again.

2. You are not close to a Qlink Wireless hotspot

Although Qlink Wireless has more than 10 million hotspots nationwide, one needs to be close to one of them so that he or she can access internet via them. In this case, you have to turn on your Wi-Fi auto-connect feature on the My Mobile Account App so that you can locate a hotspot near you.

3. Qlink Wireless services are down temporarily

Besides the above-mentioned issues, your Qlink hotspot might fail to work if all Q Link services are down. In this case, you might have to contact them so that you can know when their servers will be working optimally again.

4. You have not switched on the Wi-Fi feature on your mobile device

For you to connect to the Qlink hotspot, you need to switch on the Wi-Fi feature on your phone and then search for the Qlink hotspot close to you. If the Wi-Fi feature is not switched on, you might not get the much-needed gains from the Qlink hotspot.

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