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Q Link wireless is one of the most reliable wireless service providers in the US that offers ACP and lifeline services to low-income customers. The company also provides cheap prepaid wireless services to its customers. These services are delivered through a very fast nationwide coverage. Although Qlink connections are fast and reliable, you might experience slow connections once in a while. This is a result of factors like terrain, buildings, weather, and so on.

If you are a victim of a slow internet connection with Qlink, fret not because Q LINK APN settings are there to help you halt this drawback. Well known as Access Point Name, APN is a setting that permits devices to connect seamlessly to the internet. With APN, your phone receives the much-needed information or in other words ‘keys’ to successfully connect to a wireless service, browse or even use MMS services with ease. 

For APNs to work, the heavy lifting is always on the carrier’s side. This is because your carrier needs to read its correct settings to successfully generate an IP address. After, the carrier will connect you to a private network similar to VPN. It’s important to note that APN settings are unique and differ from one service provider to another.

When it comes to Qlink service providers, there are unique keys required to configure your device’s APN settings and successfully connect to their 4G LTE/5G network. These settings are, however unique to each phone, whether Android, Windows, or iOS. On this page, we have discussed all you need to know about Qlink APN settings for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices in 2022.

Why is My APN Not Working?

Once in a while, you can setup your APN but still won’t work. This is a puzzle to many customers as they are left wondering what they did wrong. Are you a victim? This might happen due to the following reason:

  • Suppose you are out of range. To troubleshoot, make sure you are within Qlink network coverage.
  • If you provided the wrong Q LINK APN keys. Since these keys consist of several characters, crosscheck to ensure everything is correct before tapping the save button. 
  • Your APN might also fail to work if your phone is not compatible with the Q Link network. 

Can I Create My Own APN? 

Yes. You can create your own APN on android devices. However, this can be successful on condition that your device is unlocked and compatible with your respective carrier. In this case, Qlink network. Note that while creating your own APN with QLink, you should know the correct format and all the information needed

How Do I Set My APN For Data Services?

The process of setting up APN for data services depends on your type of phone. However, you generally need to tap the menu button on your phone’s home screen. Next, open settings and select connections or mobile networks depending on your device model. Next, tap on access point names and follow prompts to set up APN for data services. Here is a detailed guide on how to set APN for Android, iPhone, and windows

Q Link Wireless APN Setting for Android Phone

QLink Wireless APN internet settings for Android devices like- Samsung, LG, Motorolla, Nokia, OnePlus, and others-

  1. To set up Qlink APN settings for android phones, open your device’s settings.
  2. Locate your device’s WIFI& mobile data and turn them on
  3. On the settings, tap mobile networks
  4. Followed by access point names or APN
  5. On the screen, select on New APN or the plus sign +
  6. After, enter the following keys carefully
    • APN: Qlink
    • MMSC: 
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 240
    • APN type: default, supl, mms
    • APN protocol: select>IPv4/IPv6 
  7. After, tap menu followed by more options icon
  8. After this, tap on save and select Qlink wireless under APN
  9. Restart your device 
  10. Open your browser and start accessing your data. 

Q Link Wireless APN Settings for iPhone 

  1. To set up your Qlink APN settings for iPhone, visit your phone’s settings and select the option cellular
  2. Next, select cellular data network
  3. Add a new Qlink APN setting by providing the following information:
    • APN: Qlink
    • Username: N/A
    • Password: N/A
    • MMS proxy: blank
    • MMSC: blank
    • MMS max text size:1048576
    • MMA UA prof URL: 
  4. Save the new QLINK APN settings
  5. Restart your IPhone
  6. Switch on your phone’s data to activate these settings. 

Q Link Wireless APN Settings for Windows Phone

To set up your QLink APN settings for windows phone: 

  1. Open your phone’s settings
  2. Tap on network and wireless 
  3. On the options provided, tap on cellular and SIM 
  4. Next, tap on add internet APN
  5. On your phone’s screen, key the following details:
    • APN: Qlink
    • Username: N/A
    • Password: N/A
    • Type of sign in info: blank
    • IP: IPv4
    • Proxy server: blank 
    • Proxy port: blank 
  6. After providing these details, enable use of this APN for LTE
  7. Next, open on properties and tap add MMS settings as shown below:
    • MMSC: –
    • MMS port: –
    • Maximum MMS size: 2048
  8. Save these new settings
  9. Restart your device and switch on data to activate. 

QLink Wireless APN Settings for Blackberry 

  1. To setup Qlink APN settings for blackberry, visit your phone’s settings
  2. Navigate through and select network connections
  3. Next, tap on mobile network followed by APN 
  4. Enter the values below:
    • APN: Qlink 
    • Username: N/A
    • Password: N/A
  5. Save the new settings and restart your device. 
  6. Switch on your device’s data to activate these configurations

What is APN in WI-FI?

APN is the name of the setting that permits your device to access the public or private internet. Therefore, to access the WIFI using your phone, you must configure APN settings in it using the above-explained procedure.

What Happens if I Change APN?

Changing your phone’s APN creates an interface with a network service provider. When you change these settings, your phone will first lose data connection for a short time to allow connection using the new network settings once the data connection is restored. 

Can APNs Increase Internet Speed? 

No. Changing your APN will not necessarily increase your internet speed. However, it makes your phone or device connected to the already available internet with ease.

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