Can I Pay My Boost Mobile Bill with PayPal

Can I Pay My Boost Mobile with PayPal

The introduction of paperless payment methods has seen many companies leave hardcopy payments worldwide and shift to softcopy payments. So, does Boost Mobile accept payment via PayPal? If you have been using Boost Mobile services, you have probably asked yourself if you can make payments using PayPal. Congrats, because you have landed in the right place.

Boost Mobile is among the few wireless providers that allow its customers to settle their bills using PayPal, though it is indirect. As you are going to see in the sections below, you need to have a PayPal card. Paying your Boost Mobile bills using PayPal saves you the expense of walking to a store to make your payments. Besides, you will not be charged using this payment mode. You only need to load your card with money and use it to fix the Boost Mobile bills.

So, do you want to pay your Boost Mobile bill or pay for your friend using PayPal? Kindly continue scrolling down as we unearth hidden secrets around the Boost bills settling using PayPal. We will tell you how possible it is to pay your Boost Mobile bills using PayPal. Additionally, we will give you the procedure for paying with PayPal plus other forms to pay your bills. Please stick with us!

How to Pay Boost Mobile Bill with PayPal

Do you have a balance in your PayPal account, and would you like to pay your Boost bill directly using the balance? Unfortunately, that may not be possible with PayPal. Boost Mobile does not allow its customers to pay their bills using their PayPal balance.

However, the good news is that if you have a PayPal debit or credit card, you can settle your Boost bills with them. The same applies to the customers who have the PayPal Mastercard are usually allowed to pay their bills or buy Boost items with the card. So, how do I pay the Boost Mobile bill using PayPal?

Here is a step-by-step process guiding you on settling your Boost Mobile bills using PayPal cards, Debit, or Credit.

  • To start, you must have the “My Boost” app installed on your phone. You can download “My Boost” from Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone.
  • When the “My Boost” app is installed, tap to open. Kindly ensure that you have access to the internet.
  • You must enter your Boost phone number and PIN to log into the account. There is an option to restore your PIN if you cannot remember it. If you have forgotten, click on the “Forgot PIN” option, enter your Boost phone number, and tap on send. Boost Mobile will send you the PIN to your phone.
  • Once you have entered the login credentials, tap the “Sign In” button. A new screen will show your plan and the amount you should pay.

If you want to make changes, kindly click on the “Account” tab next to the “Home” tab. If you wish to change your plan, click on the “Manage plans and add-ons” tab, and you will see your current plan. Go to the bottom of the screen and change the plan by clicking the “CHANGE PLAN” button. You can change it instantly or schedule it later, like when you subscribed to your current plan.

  • Click the “Make Payment” button after making the changes.
  • Boost Mobile allows you to pay your bill using a Credit or Debit card and a Re-Boost card. In our case, we want to pay using a PayPal credit or debit card.
  • Click on the Credit or Debit card option. You would be required to add the card if you had not previously added it.
  • Click on the “Add Credit or Debit Card” option to add the PayPal card.
  • Provide all the requested details like the card number, card expiry date, and CVV number, among other information, and click the “Continue” button once you finish.
  • Review your payment summary and click the “Authorize” button when you are ready.
  • Click the “Ok” button to close. You will receive a notification confirming your payment and the next date for paying your bills.

Congratulations, you have now paid your bill using your PayPal card. What do you do if you do not have a card to pay your Boost bill? In the next section, we will tell you other forms through which you can settle your Boost Mobile bill with. Kindly continue reading!

What Other Forms of Payment Does Boost Mobile Accept?

Other than PayPal form of payment, there are other ways through which you can pay your Boost bill. These include;

1. Using a Re-Boost card

You can pay your Boost bill using a Re-Boost card which costs $25 per month. To pay your bill, open the “My Boost” app and click on the “Make Payment” button. Choose the “Re-Boost card” option, enter the PIN, and click the “Apply” button. The money will be loaded into your account and used to settle your Boost bills.

2. You can pay in person

Boost Mobile allows users to walk into one of its stores and pay their bills in cash. If you want to use this form of payment, kindly search the URL to enter your ZIP code to find a store near you. Go and request the store’s operator to help settle your Boost bill. Make sure you have carried the money in cash before you go to the store.

How do I Set Up Auto-pay with Boost Mobile?

The auto-pay is one of the best features for people who do not want to keep checking on their services’ expiry dates. Sometimes you may get busy and forget the date you were supposed to settle your bill and end up disconnected from Boost services. Fortunately, Boost Mobile has an auto-pay feature that most people call “set it, forget it.” Boost Mobile automatically recharges your phone before the due date and allows you to continue enjoying the services without disconnection. You only need to link your card to your Boost account.

Here are the steps to guide you set up auto-pay with Boost Mobile.

  • Open and log into the “My Boost” app using your Boost ID and PIN.
  • Locate the Recharge tab and click on your active plan, already recharged.
  • Choose the “Auto recharge” option and select the recharge amount you would like to be paying.
  • Select the payment method Boost will be using and confirm the process.
  • Congratulations, you have now set up your auto-pay method with Boost Mobile. Kindly note that you can contact customer service to assist you if you face challenges.

How can I Pay My Boost Mobile Bill for Free?

Boost allows you to pay bills without extra charge. You can pay your Boost Mobile bill freely using a Debit card, Credit card, or Re-Boost card. Also, you can dial #ADD (#233) on your phone and add money to pay your bills without paying an extra fee. Finally, you can contact customer service to add money to your account and use it to pay your bills for free.

What does Re-boost Mean for Boost Mobile?

Re-boost is a card that can be used in making payments by existing Boost customers in the United States. You can get the card at $25 per month and load it to your Boost Mobile account. The card can pay for all Boost services like text, data, and talk plans by Boost Mobile.

Can You Transfer Money From One Boost Mobile Account To Another?

No, transferring money from one Boost account to another is not possible. Boost Mobile requires you to load your account using a credit or debit card. You can also load money using a re-boost card or pay at their nearby store.

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