List of MVNO Carriers In 2022

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)

MVNO means Mobile Virtual Network Operator. MVNO is a carrier that does not have its own wireless network. It hires the signal, coverage, and network of a larger carrier. In the US, the main three big carriers that have a strong network and coverage through the maximum parts of the US are AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Another famous carrier, Sprint merged with T-Mobile.

MVNOs are very popular for their cheap, flexible Data plans. They also offer mobile sets at affordable prices. But the main disadvantage is that, at the peak hour, they slowed down. It is because, during peak hours, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon prioritize their main customers to give high-speed data.

But the good thing is that most of the customers can go with this slow speed and can do all net-related work comfortably. So, MVNOs are tremendously popular with US citizens.

MVNOs That Use AT&T Network

  1. Consumer Cellular
  2. Cricket
  3. Freedom Pop
  4. Free up Mobile
  5. Good 2 Go Mobile
  6. H2O Wireless
  7. Net 10
  8. Red Pocket
  9. Straight Talk
  10. Trac Fone

Among them, best are: Consumer Cellular, Cricket

MVNOs That Use T-Mobile Network

  1. Metro by T-Mobile
  2. Mint Mobile
  3. Simple Mobile
  4. Ultra Mobile
  5. Boost Mobile
  6. Tello
  7. Text Now
  8. Consumer Cellular
  9. Net 10
  10. Google Fi
  11. Pocket
  12. Republic Wireless
  13. Straight Talk
  14. TracFone
  15. US Mobile
  16. Gen Mobile
  17. Wing

The best T-Mobile MVNOs are Mint Mobile, Tello, and Metro by T-Mobile.

MVNOs That Use Verizon Network

  1. Xfinity Mobile
  2. Visible
  3. Spectrum Mobile
  4. Page Plus
  5. Pix Wireless
  6. Credo Mobile
  7. Reach Mobile
  8. Total Wireless
  9. Net 10
  10. Red Pocket
  11. Straight Talk
  12. TracFone
  13. Ting
  14. Twing by
  15. US Mobile

Among them the best are: Visible, Xfinity Mobile, Tello and Ting.

MVNOs are good solutions for Todays US. The most citizen can afford their (MVNO’s) service. 99% population of the US are linked with these MVNOs. The Data, Text, and Talk are simplified and made cheap for their client. So, MVNOs have a bright future and prospects for the US and its citizen.

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