How Does Secondary Camera Works In A Mobile


For many years, most phones used to come with a back camera only. Thankfully, this did not last for long as those models with a secondary camera later came into existence. Simply put, a secondary camera refers to the selfie camera or the front-facing camera on your phone. To put this into perspective, you can find it at the top of your phone’s screen. In most cases, it is normally used to take selfies anytime you, please. Besides taking selfies, this camera works hand-in-hand with supplemental technology in order to offer much-needed face-detection services. This goes a long way in optimizing your phone’s security. In the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at the various uses of a secondary camera, and the ideal MP for it, alongside many other related ideas.

What Is The Use Of A Secondary Camera?

As we have mentioned above, this camera is used to take selfies and for face detection. If you activate the latter option, you are the only person who can unlock your device, once it is locked. As for the selfies, you can take them either alone or with a group of people and be good to go. Since some models come with a flash LED at the front, be sure that you will be able to take decent photos even under low light intensities.

Which MP Is Good For The Front Camera?

Since this camera is mostly used for taking selfies, 6 MPs is not badly off. This is because such cameras can capture fairly decent selfies. On the other hand, if you want to take high-quality selfies, consider choosing a phone model that has a selfie camera with high MPs. 

Unlike other models, such phones can allow you to take photos and print them on canvas. Better still, if you are a fan of sky photography at night, consider going for a model with a higher megapixel front camera.

Is The Front Camera Better Than The Back Camera?

Not really. This is because the back camera is almost twice the image quality of the front camera. A good example is where the front camera is 7 MP and the back camera is 12 MP. Since the back camera is involved in more tasks such as content creation, and taking numerous photos and videos, among other purposes, it has to have more Megapixels than its front counterpart. In case you get a model that has a great front and back camera, the better for you as you will take photos, selfies, videos, and so forth with utmost precision.

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