What Types of Battery Use In A Mobile Phone


One of the most important components of any smartphone or basic phone is the battery. With this component in place, you will be at liberty to charge your phone and thus remain connected even when there is a power outage in your locality. In most cases, the battery is usually located at the back of your phone. Depending on your phone’s model the battery can either be removable or in-built. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the various types of rechargeable phone batteries that you can find in the market so that you can know them better.

Popular Mobile Rechargeable Battery

In recent years, most phone batteries are Lithium-based. To put this into perspective, they are either Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) or Lithium-ion (Li-Ion). One of the main differences between these two batteries is the electrolytes used in both of them are totally different. In the subsequent sections, I’ll discuss them in detail so that you can know their properties.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

To start with, this battery relies on Lithium ions as major components of its electrolyte. Besides this, these batteries can be recharged severally and still remain in a pristine, stable condition. When it comes to voltage capacity and density, these batteries carry the day.

Thankfully, their self-discharge rate tends to be lower compared to other conventional rechargeable batteries. This feature makes them more power-efficient than their counterparts. Lastly, these batteries retain their charge for longer periods than other rechargeable batteries.

Lithium Polymer

First and foremost, these batteries tend to be smaller than their counterparts as they are thin in size. Besides this, they are lightweight and can retain charge for longer even as they age. These batteries are also environmentally friendly and are more versatile. Finally, these batteries possess stable discharge properties, thanks to their colloidal electrolytes. Consequently, they tend to be more effective than other batteries.

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