Mint Mobile Recovery Fee

Mint Mobile Recovery Fee

Mint Mobile will send you a bill with a consumption charges breakdown after purchasing its services. In the breakdown, you will notice one distinct cost highlighted in your bill called recovery fee. It is also called a regulatory fee. So, what is this recovery fee by Mint Mobile? Mint Mobile has described the recovery fee as the cost it pays to cover the cost of complying with government regulations.

You are here because you want a clear picture of Mint’s Mobile recovery fee. To understand how much recovery fee you pay as a Mint Mobile user, we urge you to continue reading through this article. I will also give you the ways through which you can pay your recovery fee to Mint Mobile. Kindly be our guest!

Is it legal for Mint Mobile to charge a Recovery Fee

Yes. The recovery fee you pay when paying your Mint plan fee is legal because it caters to the extra cost paid by Mint to meet government regulations. According to the Federal Communications Commission, all network carriers in the United States can include recovery fees on their service bill. The primary purpose of the recovery fee, as seen above, is to cover the administration and other costs for the carrier to comply with FCC programs.

Can Mint Mobile Waive My Recovery Fee

No. The recovery fee is not standalone but is included on your service bill from Mint Mobile. This means that Mint Mobile cannot waive the fee for you because it is an essential cost typically included in your bills. However, you may question in case your recovery fee is higher than usual. So, if you notice the recovery fee has gone up, you can contact Mint Mobile customer service for the bill adjustment. You can contact customer service via Chatbot on their website or call them at 800-683-7392 and talk to a representative.

How Much is Mint Mobile Recovery Fee

Mint Mobile charges the recovery fee on a flat rate which is different from many network carriers who charge on a percentage basis. The recovery fee is based on your chosen Mint plan, ranging from one month to one year. The reason you get charged the recovery fee by Mint Mobile is for them to recover the exercise and taxes they pay to the government.

There are several costs Mint Mobile recovers from its customers, which include;

  • The Federal Universal Service Fund
  • International, State, Local Telecommunication, Federal, and Municipal taxes.
  • The cost Mint Mobile incurs when complying with the regulations by the government.
  • State relay services programs.

Kindly note that the recovery fee does not include your taxes and fees to the local, federal, and state government. Let us look at the breakdown of the flat recovery fee you pay per month.

Here is a breakdown of the Mint Mobile recovery fee per plan;

Mint Mobile PlanRecovery Fee in $
4 GB Monthly1.50
10 GB Monthly2.0
4 GB for 3 Months4.50
10 GB for 3 Months4.75
15 GB for 3 Months5.00
Unlimited plan for three months5.50
6 Months 4 GB plan7.50
6 Months 10 GB plan7.75
6 Months 15 GB plan8.00
6 Months unlimited plan8.75
12 months 4 GB plan14.00
12 Months 10 GB plan14.50
12 Months 15 GB plan14.75
12 Months unlimited plan16.25

How to Pay the Mint Mobile Recovery Fee

As mentioned earlier, the recovery fee is usually included on the bill Mint Mobile sends its customers once you buy your service plan. So, you can only pay the recovery fee by paying your service plan bill. There are three ways through which you can pay your Mint Mobile bill which include;

  1. Through the Mint Mobile app.
  2. Through the Mint Mobile website.
  3. By use of the auto-renewal method

Let us go through the three methods in-depth and show you the procedure you should use to clear your bill. Kindly note that Mint is a no-contract network carrier, meaning you are not technically paying your bill but paying your service plan. This allows you to choose a different service plan each time you renew or to continue with your current service. Besides, you can also decide to stop using Mint Mobile services because you are not tied to contracts.

Let us jump directly into the guidelines for paying your Mint recovery fee.

1. Paying via the Mint Mobile app

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to pay your bill if you have an Android or iPhone phone. The application is available for Android and iPhone Mint users on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. You can download and install it on your phone before following these steps.

  • Go to your home screen and tap on the Mint Mobile app icon to launch it.
    • A new screen will open, requesting you to enter your login credentials. So, key in the login details you used when activating your Mint service plan. Kindly remember to use the correct login details, or it will be impossible to access your Mint account.
    • You will be taken to your account dashboard after successfully logging in. Your account balance will be automatically displayed, and the due date until you renew. You can click on the “My Plan” tab at the bottom to see more details on your current plan.
    • You will see a notification on the app in case your account is ready for renewal. Tap on the button and follow the instructions to renew your expired plan. Additionally, you can buy the additional data even when your plan has not expired, but the data is depleted. Kindly click the “Add Data” button on your dashboard to do so.

2. Paying via the Mint website

You can pay your Mint bill quickly via their web browser if you do not want to use the app. Here is the step-by-step process of paying your Mint bill via the website.

  • Open your favorite browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla and search the URL Kindly do not just google “pay Mint Bill” because you will most likely get “Mint Bills,” a different company. Kindly click the link to ensure you do not get misleading information after searching.
    • After the page loads, click the “Sign In” button in the web page’s upper right corner.
    • Enter the credentials that you used when activating your account. Just like with Mint’s app, ensure you use the correct credentials to access your account dashboard.
    • You will be taken to your Mint account dashboard once you use the correct account details. We have provided a shot of how your dashboard will look below.
    • Click on the “My Plan” tab to see the amount of data on your account. If your data plan has expired, you will see a notification telling you that you are supposed to add more data to continue enjoying Mint services. Kindly note that, as mentioned above, you automatically pay your recovery fee when you buy a data plan. This is now the moment you will pay the Mint Mobile recovery fee.
    • Click on the “Renew Now” button if you want to renew your existing plan and follow the instructions prompted on your screen.
    • Click on the “Manage Plan” tab if you want to buy a different plan than the one you used. There are several cheap Mint Mobile plans, so get a plan that best suits your lifestyle or budget.

3. Set up Auto Renewal

The last and not least method is auto-renewal. The auto-renewal option is one of the best payment methods that you can use if you are always busy or rarely find time to check balances. Mint Mobile allows you to set up auto-renewal the first time you sign up for their services. You will see a checkbox to check or skip in case you do not want your service plan to be automatically renewed.

How do I activate auto-renewal if I skipped when signing up? If you did not activate the auto-renewal method when signing up, Mint Mobile allows you to activate it later. To do so, kindly log into your account and click the “Set Up Auto Renew” button on the website. If you are using the Mint Mobile app, click on the “Auto Renewal” tab when making your payment once you log in. By doing so, you will have automatically authorized Mint to be charging you when your plan ends.

However, only some recommend this method because Mint keeps changing its prices and promotions. For instance, if you had signed up for the Mint unlimited package at $30 a month after the plan period elapses, you may end up paying $40. So, looking at the fine print on Mint’s website is good before you set up the auto-renewal feature. This will give you imagery of how the prices may look in the future.

Does Mint Mobile have a monthly Fee

After buying the Mobile Mint plan, for instance, the unlimited plan, you will get four lines which cost $30 per month per line if you are playing an advance of 12 months. Good news to all new subscribers: you will get an unlimited plan for $30 for the first three months. After three months, you will start paying the $30 rate each month. Kindly note that you can also pay for the unlimited plan for three or six months; it is not limited to a year. Generally, apart from paying the service plan, there is no other hidden fee since Mint is a no-contract network carrier.

Does Mint Mobile have a cancellation Fee

There is no cancellation fee if you have decided to cancel your services with Mint Mobile. Fortunately, if you cancel your phone services after seven days of activation, Mint Mobile will refund you 100% purchase price. The refund includes any extra fees and taxes that you might have paid. Kindly note that Mint Mobile will not refund you the shipping fee.

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