Mint Mobile Coverage Map 2022: 5G & 4G LTE

Mint Mobile Coverage Map

To start with, Mint Mobile is one of the eminent service providers in the United States. This carrier was founded in 2016 and operated as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Since it is an MVNO, this carrier relies on T-Mobile network towers in order to offer its cell phone services. Thankfully, T-Mobile is one of the reputable carriers that have a 5G network. Therefore, if you are a Mint Mobile customer, chances are that you will enjoy T-Mobile’s 5G network. Apart from having good network coverage, the carrier boasts of offering budget-friendly plans. With as low as $15 per month, you will be able to enjoy 4GB of high-speed mobile data.

Additionally, the carrier allows you to bring your own phone. However, your phone has to be unlocked and compatible with this carrier. When it comes to customer support service, the carrier does not disappoint as it has a good customer service team. Whether you have a service-related or phone-related issue, you will be able to address your issue on the go. With all these benefits at hand, you might want to join this carrier and enjoy its cell phone services. To be on the safe side, there is a need for you to know the Mint Mobile coverage map so that you can get started on this carrier’s network. The good news is that we shall take an in-depth look at this carrier’s coverage map alongside other related ideas.

What Network Does Mint Mobile Use?

Unlike other service providers, Mint Mobile works as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and relies on the T-Mobile network to offer its services to all its customers living in the United States.

How Do I Check Mint Mobile Coverage In My Area?

If you want to check whether Mint Mobile is available in your state or locality, consider visiting and then key in your address or location on the empty field that you will see on top of your screen and then tap the search button. After that, zoom in to check this carrier’s network coverage in your locality.

What Is The Difference Between 5G Nationwide And 4G LTE?

Simply put, the 5G nationwide usually combines the lower spectrum 5G with a well-established 4G LTE network. It is imperative to note that this network relies on new antenna technology commonly known as Dynamic Spectrum Sharing so as to run the 5G and 4G LTE on a similar frequency band. With this technology in place, you will be able to utilize the 5G network whenever you are in an area that is covered by that network.

However, if you are in a locality that is not covered by 5G network, your phone will switch to 4G on the go. On the other hand, 4G LTE refers to the 4th Generation Long-term Evolution network. Compared to 5G nationwide, 4G LTE tends to perform better. The only problem is that you will not enjoy 5G network if at all your device can only work 4G LTE network.

Mint Mobile 4G LTE Coverage

As we speak, Mint Mobile 4G network has a coverage of about 62% nationwide. This coverage makes Mint Mobile to be ranked third after Verizon and AT&T, whose 4G coverage is 70% and 68 % respectively. If you check the coverage map keenly, you will be able to establish that 4G network coverage is usually strong in the Western part than the Eastern part. For instance, if you reside in Nebraska, you might have to consider using the services of a different service provider so that you can remain connected. Here is the 4G network coverage you can expect in different states and cities within the United States.

States4G Network coverage
South Carolina80%
New Jersey98%
Cities4G Network coverage
New York, NY99.9%
Fort Worth, TX99.99%
Atlanta, GA99.9%
Washington D.C100%
Nashville, TN99.8%

Mint Mobile 5G Coverage Map

Besides allowing you to enjoy 4G network, Mint Mobile allows you to enjoy 5G network from the comfort of your home. Since this carrier relies on T-Mobile’s 5G network, be sure that you will enjoy better coverage than other carriers.

To put this into perspective-Mobile has an average of 41.35% 5G coverage in the United States. This characteristic makes the carrier superior than its peer service providers such as Verizon and AT&T. The 5G network coverage for these carriers is 11.08% and 18.11% respectively.

Although this carrier is still rolling out its 5G network coverage, you can trust that you will enjoy this network in several parts of the United States in the coming days. Therefore, you can consider investing in a 5G capable Android or iPhone device and getting connected on this carrier’s network. Here is how different 5G network coverage is spread across different cities and states of the U.S:

States5G network coverage
South Carolina98%
New Jersey79%
North Carolina72%
Cities5G network coverage
Houston, TX98.8%
Indianapolis, IN99.4%
Washington, D.C100%
Charlotte, NC99.3%
Cincinnati, OH99.7%

Benefits Of Using Mint Mobile

Once you choose Mint Mobile to be your preferred carrier, there is a myriad of benefits that you are likely to reap. Some of these benefits include:

  • The carrier boasts of having affordable cell phone plans. Here, you will be able to enjoy unlimited talk and text with as little as $15 per month. Besides this, there is an array of plans to choose from. Depending on your budget, you will not miss a cell phone plan that suits your needs. For more details, visit
  • Besides enjoying budget-friendly cell phone plans, be certain that you will enjoy a good 4G LTE and 5G network coverage across the United States. All you need to do is to visit the coverage map of this carrier and then key in your current location. Thereafter, zoom in to establish of you will be able to enjoy any of these network in your state or locality.
  • Unlike other carriers, you will not be subjected to any form of contracts, once you choose your preferred prepaid cell phone plan. This means that you will be at liberty to swap plans the way you please and enjoy unmatched convenience.
  • The carrier allows you to get a decent phone as an upgrade. This can be attributed to the fact the carrier has an array of high quality phones that will meet your phone needs. Thankfully, these models come at a pocket-friendly price. As a result, you will not miss a model that suits your budget.
  • The service provider allows you to bring your own phone. Therefore, you do not have to purchase a decent model from this carrier so that you can enjoy its services. As long as your phone is unlocked and is compatible with this carrier, you will be good to go. Additionally, once you bring your phone, you will not miss a cell phone plan that will suit your budget-needs.
  • The carrier allows you to purchase your Mint Mobile SIM starter kit seamlessly. This is because you can order for this kit online and will be delivered to you via mail. Once the SIM starter kit arrives at your current address or location, you will have an easy time setting it up. After that, you will be connected on this carrier’s network shortly.
  • Mint Mobile allows you to purchase multiple lines and get connected with your loved ones. This option works magic for those with families. The good news is that this carrier now allows you to choose a family plan that suits your budget-needs. In fact, the more lines you purchase from this carrier, the higher the discount that you will enjoy. Consequently, you will be able to save more dollars in the long run.
  • The carrier allows you offers hotspot plans that allows you to remain connected even when you are away from your home. Here, you will have the luxury to tether your other phone, tablet or laptop and work online, learn online and so forth.
  • This service provider offers a good customer support service to all its clients. Here, you can choose to contact this carrier’s customer support team on the phone or via live chat. For more details, visit
  • Mint Mobile offers a number of deals and promo codes to all its customers at different times of the year. To be on the safe side, you should keep an eye on these deals so that you can save more on your overall budget.

Mint Mobile Features

Some of the best features that you will enjoy from this carrier include:

  • 4G LTE and 5G network
  • Contract-free cell phone plans
  • Bring Your Own Phone feature
  •  Ability to keep your existing number
  • You will not be subjected to any credit check
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Visual Voicemail service
  • International calls to Canada and Mexico
  • International roaming
  • Mobile hotspot
  • T-Mobile network coverage
  • GSM technology

How Do I Know Mint Mobile 5G Coverage Will Be Available In My Area? 

You just need to utilize this carrier’s coverage map, where you will be needed to key in the address of your locality. This is because 5G network coverage is not available everywhere in the United States. However, if your area is covered by this network, you will be able to know on the go. More importantly, just know that certain factors such as weather, buildings, terrain and other conditions can interfere with this service.

Is Mint Mobile CDMA or GSM?

Unlike other service providers, Mint Mobile works with GSM technology. Therefore, if you want to bring your own phone to this carrier, there is a need for you to ensure that it is GSM-enabled.

What phones are compatible with Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is compatible with a number of Android and iPhone models. Some of the Android models that can work well with this carrier include:

Some of the iPhone models that are compatible with this carrier include:

Mint Mobile Contact info

If you have a service-related or phone-related issue, feel free to contact the customer support team on 1(800) 683-7392. Better still, you can use the Mint Mobile app or the ChatBot on to reach out to this carrier’s customer support team. Finally, you can visit and address your issue from that end.

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