MetroPCS Cannot Connect To The Mobile Network: Ways To Fixing

MetroPCS Cannot Connect To The Mobile Network

MetroPCS is ranked as one of the biggest wireless service providers with a wide network coverage across 49 states of America. Apart from nationwide coverage, MetroPCS customers can also get high-speed mobile network on their cellphones through their 4G LTE/5G network.

Although MetroPCS offers reliable mobile network connection, subscribers can also experience poor or no mobile network connection every so often. . This problem can be brought about by several factors. Some of these causes are intense while others are just minor hiccups. In a nutshell, poor or no connection to MetroPCS mobile network can be caused by exhausted mobile days or some signal glitch. If your MetroPCS cannot connect to the mobile network, panic not. This is because our guide is here to help you navigate through this problem.

Why Is My MetroPCS Mobile Network Not Connecting?

As aforementioned, MetroPCS mobile network not connecting can be caused by minor glitches such as weak signals. This can be brought along by exhausted mobile data or external signal interference. Here is a broad discussion on possible reasons why MetroPCS network is not connected: 

  • Signal interference: Your MetroPCS mobile network connection problems can be caused by signal interference from factors such as poor weather condition or natural calamities. Signal interference can also be caused by close proximity to objects like buildings, trees or mountains. These objects block your signal reception leading to mobile data connection problems.
  • Congestion: If MetroPCS towers within your area are congested or overloaded, they will diminish the quality of your mobile network connection. Other times, network tower congestion alters your connection completely.
  • Outage: As you probably know, MetroPCS is a mobile virtual network operator that relies on T-Mobile network towers to offer services. Just like any other network provider, T-Mobile runs some network maintenance once in a while as a remedy to boost their connection. This maintenance causes an outage which can cause MetroPCS mobile network disconnection.
  • Outdated device: Another possible reason why your smartphone is not connecting to MetroPCS network is that its firmware version is outdated. On a nutshell, your phone’s firmware is a very crucial software that plays a very vital role in helping your phone connect to the internet. If you are using outdated firmware, your phone won’t connect to MetroPCS network efficiently.
  • Exhausted mobile data: If you are unable to connect to MetroPCS mobile network, it is possibly because your mobile data bandwidth has been exhausted.

What Is Causing MetroPCS Mobile Network Interference?

Apart from your MetroPCS mobile network not connecting, you can also experience slow or interfered connection with your mobile network. If you experience slow or interfered connection with MetroPCS mobile network, here are the causes and solutions:

  1. Check whether there are other devices within your close proximity that are connected to WIFI
  2. Check whether there are other devices within your close proximity that are connected to Bluetooth
  3. Check whether your phone is close to any metallic surface that is likely to be withdrawing your signal and extend your phone away from that surface.

How Do I Fix My MetroPCS Mobile Network Not Connecting?

By now, you are aware of possible reasons why your MetroPCS mobile network is not connecting. However, before trying other ways of fixing your MetroPCS mobile zero connection, it’s advisable to first restart or soft-reboot your device and check whether the problem is fixed. To do this, switch off your device, give it few seconds and press the power button to switch it on. Power your phone’s mobile data on and try connecting.

 If the phone fails to connect, you can open your phone settings and check whether airplane mode is ON. If ON, switch it OFF. If the problem still persists, try the following ways of fixing your MetroPCS mobile network not connecting:

1. Move to a MetroPCS coverage area

If your MetroPCS mobile network is not connecting, the reason could be you are out of metro Coverage areas. To fix this, visit metro coverage map, identify and move to areas that are covered by MetroPCS network.

2. Reduce your Phone’s usage

If your device is busy downloading or uploading any file, or if there is any application that is updating, disabling these usages will fix your mobile network connection problem.

3. Update your device firmware

As previously mentioned, using outdated firmware will disconnect your MetroPCS mobile network connection. To fix this, you need to update to a newer version of firmware. Note that the process of updating your device firmware varies depending on your type of device. Some phones are even designed with automatic firmware updates. Here is the general process of updating device firmware in most phones:

  • Turn on your phone’s wireless network
  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Navigate through and open “ about phone
  • If your phone firmware needs an updated, select the “update now” option
  • Select “ install system update
  • Wait for the software to download and install.

4. Clear your device’s Cache

After updating your phone’s firmware and your mobile data connection problem still persists, this could be caused by corrupted cache data. This is irrelevant data stored in your device unintentionally while surfing the internet. To solve this problem, you should clear all unwanted date in your phone. Here’s how you clear your phone’s Cache:

  • On your phone’s menu, open settings
  • Under settings, open storage and find “memory tab
  • Under “memory tab”, locate “ memory cache” or “cache
  • Click on “cache” and it will delete all unwanted data to free some space
  • Turn off your mobile cellular network and turn it on again for perfect connection.
  • Renew your plan.

After all these remedies and there’s still no mobile network connection, it’s probably because your mobile data bandwidth has exhausted. To avert this, contact MetroPCS or visit their website and renew your data plan.

5. Re-insert your SIM card

If you still experience MetroPCS mobile network connection after renewing data plan, remove your SIM card from the phone and re-insert it. This is through the following process:

  • Take your phone eject Pin and Take out your SIM card tray
  • After a short while, return your SIM card tray to its right position with the SIM card still embedded on the tray
  • Switch your device on and try reconnecting.

6. Reset APN settings

If you return your SIM Card but still spot connection interference, try resetting your device’s APN settings. Resetting your metro Access Point Name or APN settings means deleting the former and creating a new setting. Once you are done with the reset process, you will be able to connect to MetroPCS mobile network without problems. Here is how you reset your metro APN settings for your android and IPhone:

Reset android APN

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Navigate through to “ wireless network” then select “ mobile networks
  • Tap the “APN option”, tap the add icon and enter new APN settings as shown below
  • Name: metroPCS
  • APN:
  • Proxy: blank
  • Port: blanks
  • Username: blank
  • Password: blank
  • Server: blank
  • MMSC:
  • APN type: default, mms, supl
  • APN protocol: IPv4/ IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4

Reset IPhone APN

  • Open your iPhone’s settings
  • Navigate through to “cellular data option”
  • Select “ cellular data network” and enter the following settings:
  • APN:
  • Username: blank
  • Password: blank
  • MMSC: http://metrpcs,
  • MMS Proxy: blank
  • MMS Max message size: 1048576
  • MMS UA Prof URL:

How Do I Reset My MetroPCS Network?

When you experience MetroPCS mobile network connection problems, you can reset your network through a very easy process. All you need to do is open your phone’s settings and then navigate to “general management” under settings. After, click “system” then select “reset”. After that, locate “network reset “button and single- click it to reset your metro network.

How Should I Connect To MetroPCS Network? 

The process of connecting to MetroPCS network is so easy and straightforward. All you need to do is activate your device with metro and select a plan. After selecting a plan, turn your mobile data on and get connected to MetroPCS mobile network

How Can I Get A Better Mobile Network Connection With MetroPCS?

Several tricks can be applied to speed up MetroPCS mobile network connection. These are ways like restarting your device, clearing cache, re-inserting your SIM card, and closing all apps that are using background data.

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