Is TracFone And Straight Talk The Same

Is TracFone And Straight Talk The Same

In the current era, connection is becoming a fundamental part of human life. Nearly everything is reliant on connection. This has led to increasing in communication and connection service providers in the industry. Quite a number of these providers operate virtually while the rest operate physically. Virtual service providers are known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). Are you a customer who wishes to join a wireless service provider (either physical or virtual)? Be ready to come across several companies. This can mess up your competence to settle for the best. If you are in such a situation, TracFone and straight talk are two amazing companies to settle for. One of the most FAQ among customers is TracFone and Straight Talk are the same. Although both are mobile virtual network operators, they are not the same. However, they are incredible companies that offer cheap and quality mobile services allowing you to save some dollars every month.

As already mentioned, both carriers are MVNOs. However, there are significant differences between them. First off, Tracfone wireless is an incredible prepaid and non-contract mobile virtual network operator that operates under Verizon communications. This MVNO relies on several brands to offer services including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular. Straight Talk on the other hand, piggybacks on TracFone wireless and uses Walmart as its retail store. This company is equally a great choice as it offers affordable non-contract plans with unlimited data, call and text services. It also relies on the three major service providers to offer quality services and reliable network to its customers. While both are reliable service providers, you will be prompted to settle for one. To help you make an informed decision, we will break down the differences between straight talk and Tracfone.

Is TracFone And Straight Talk The Same

Not exactly. As aforementioned in the paragraph above, these two service providers operate distinctively. The reality is that Tracfone owns straight talk. These carriers also operate under the big-3 wireless service providers. This, however, doesn’t make them the same. What distinguishes them? Their mobile wireless plans. 

Tracfone offers a wide variety of plans which is unlike straight talk. Tracfone also offers family plans among their many plans while Straight Talk doesn’t. Straight talk on the other hand offers unlimited data making it a better choice for large data users unlike TracFone.

Can I Activate A Tracfone With Straight Talk?

Yes, it’s possible to transfer your TracFone to straight talk and activate it. This is because straight talk allows users to port their numbers from another service provider and activate them through a very short process. To activate a TracFone with straight talk, visit straight talk official website and follow the prompt to transfer your TracFone number and activate it with straight talk. 

TracFone vs. Straight Talk

Tracfone and straight talk have a number of significant differences as well as similarities. Discussing these differences and similarities is very prudent as it helps you to have an informed predilection. Its however crucial to state that both of these carriers come with an array of benefits. As a result, it is hectic for us to overlook one over the other. We have however done an exhaustive comparison between them to help you make a better preference. Below are comparisons between TracFone and straight talk

Network Comparison between TracFone and Straight Talk

Tracfone and straight talk network coverage is incomparable. These carriers have paid partnerships with three major service providers to offer reliable network and nationwide coverage to their customers. In other words, TracFone offers services through AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile network towers. Straight talk equally offers services through Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. This gives both carriers access to a faster 4G LTE/5G network. With both carriers, you can enjoy faster browsing and wide coverage. This makes them similar as far as network and coverage is concerned. 

Plan Comparison between TracFone and Straight Talk

Here is where you find a major distinction between these two carriers. Before we highlight on the differences, it’s important to mention that they both offer affordable and non-contract prepaid plans. Below is a highlight of the plan differences between the two.

  • The first difference applies to the quantity of the plans offered by these carriers. As far as data quantity is concerned, TracFone offers a wide variety of plans, while straight talk has three major plans. 
  • Another major difference is data allotment between the two. Although TracFone has many plans available, it offers a relatively lower data allotment as compared to straight talk. Unlike TracFone, which offers limited data plans, straight talk has unlimited data plans at a lower cost. 
  • Lastly, TracFone is a more favorable choice for families. This is because it offers family plans that are not available in straight talk. Below is an example of plans available in TracFone and straight talk.

Tracfone plans

Data plans

  • 1 GB plan for $20/MO
  • 2 GB plan for $25/MO
  • 3 GB plan for $30/MO

Mixed plans

  • $15 plan with 500 minutes, 500 minutes and 500 MB data per month
  • $25 plan with 500 minutes, 1000 texts and 500 MBs data for 2 months
  • $35 plan with 750 minutes, 1000 texts and 1 GB data for 2 months
  • $45 plan with 750 minutes, 1000 texts and 1.5 GB data for 3 months
  • $50 plan with 750 minutes, 1500 texts and 2 GB data for 3 months

Straight talk plans

  • 3 GB plan for $35 per month
  • 25 GB plan for $45 per month
  • Unlimited plan for $55 per month

ACP Comparison between TracFone and Straight Talk

Both TracFone and Straight Talk participate in the recently initiated affordable connectivity program. This is an FCC program that offers monthly discounted broadband services to all customers that have an income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline. It also favors customers that are successfully enrolled in government aid programs like Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, SSI, section 8 and so on. 

Through TracFone ACP, qualified customers are able to get free wireless service plans that differ according to where they live. Precisely, you will get free unlimited texts, free unlimited minutes and free data that may be limited or unlimited depending on your area of residence. 

On the other hand, straight talk ACP offers free unlimited talk, data, text, and other additional benefits that vary with your location of residence. These additional benefits are a $30 monthly discount on straight talk data plans and a one-time discount of up to $100 to buy devices like tablets, laptops and desktops. 

Lifeline Comparison between TracFone and Straight Talk

This is another difference between these two carriers. Straight talk is an incredible ACP service provider but doesn’t offer lifeline benefits as of now. This is contrary to TracFone, which is a primary lifeline service provider. Lifeline is a federal communications commission program that helps lowly paid customers to afford mobile wireless services. Through TracFone lifeline plan, you can get a free phone, free text, and calls. To qualify for TracFone lifeline, you must have an income below 135% of the federal poverty guideline or participate in SNAP, Medicaid. 

Free Phones

Another difference between these two carriers is that one provides free phones to qualified customers while the other doesn’t. Tracfone provides free phones to eligible families through lifeline program. Since straight talk doesn’t offer lifeline program, it doesn’t offer free phones whatsoever. 

Customer Service Comparison between TracFone and Straight Talk 

Friendly and responsive customer service is every client’s wish. These two companies are both known to offer reliable customer services. Although their customer services are both okay, TracFone has a better rating and more positive customer reviews compared to Straight Talk. 

Why Does My Straight Talk Phone Say TFW? 

When you buy a straight talk phone and come across TFW anywhere, it’s just an indication of straight talk wireless parent company which is TracFone wireless. 

Is Tracfone Compatible With Straight Talk?

As mentioned earlier, TracFone is the parent company of straight talk wireless. Nevertheless, TracFone is an independent company with its services different from those of straight talk. However, both TracFone and straight talk share AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile network towers which makes these two carriers compatible. 

Can I Transfer From Tracfone To Straight Talk? 

Yes, it’s possible to transfer from TracFone to Straight Talk. This is because straight talk allows users to port their numbers from another service provider. All you need to do is ensure you have an active 10-digit number from TracFone and provide your TracFone account full name and account number. Once you meet these requirements, visit this page and follow the prompt to transfer and activate your number from TracFone with straight talk. 

Can I Transfer From Straight Talk To TracFone? 

You can also port your number from straight talk to TracFone online. However, your straight talk number must be active before the transfer. In addition, you must purchase a TracFone SIM activation KIT with a SIM card in the package for the transfer to be successful. Below is a process on how to transfer your straight talk to TracFone: 

  • To transfer number to TracFone, you just need to bring your Straight Talk phone to TracFone through bring your own phone program. As long as your straight talk phone is unlocked, you are set to go.
  • After bringing your Straight Talk phone to TracFone, the next step requires you to purchase a TracFone activation Kit. To purchase a TracFone activation kit, visit this page on TracFone official website 
  • From the page, you will come across two options. One of these options requires you to mention whether you have already purchased a TracFone SIM card and other options require you to mention that you haven’t purchased one. Select the latter option, which gives you the option to purchase a SIM card. 
  • Afterward, enter your ZIP code and tap on “ continue”
  • You will get your TracFone activation kit so that you can activate it with straight talk.
  • Unpack the activation kit, which comes with your TracFone SIM card together with an activation card. The activation card has a very well-explained guide on how to activate your TracFone SIM
  • Once you get your TracFone SIM, install it in our straight talk phone and open this TracFone page on your phone’s browser 
  • On the page, scroll down until you come across “activate now”
  • Here, you will be questioned on whether you already have a TracFone SIM card. 
  • Select yes and provide your SIM card number as indicated in your activation kit.
  • Tap on “continue” and select whether you wish to activate TracFone with your new number or wish to transfer your straight talk number to TracFone. 
  • If you select the latter, select the option “transfer my phone number from another company” and submit the request. 
  • Here, provide your straight talk account number, PIN, and contact information. 
  • Read and agree to the carrier’s transfer terms and conditions, select your phone type as wireless, enter your ZIP code and tap “ continue”
  • Select a TracFone plan and follow the prompts to finish your TracFone activation with straight talk. 

Which Tracfones Phones Will Stop Working?

As part of their efforts to offer quality, reliable, and fast wireless services, TracFone and its partners decided to sway from 3G and shift focus on LTE/5G. This simply means that Tracfone 3G network is coming to an end. As a result, TracFone 3G devices will stop working and won’t be able to make calls. These are devices like TracFone 3G flip phones, jitterbugs, and other older models of smartphones.

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