How To Cancel Q Link Wireless Service

How To Cancel Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is a very famous telecommunication company in the US that offers incredible services to all enrolled customers. First of all, Q link’s main mission is to offer free phone services to needy families via lifeline. The company also offers cheap internet services through the ACP program along with other incredible services like nationwide coverage with 4G LTE/5G network through T-Mobile and customer-friendly services.

Although the company offers amazing services, existing customers still cancel their enrollment with Q Link wireless. Q Link lifeline customers also have the right to cancel Q Link wireless and switch to other lifeline service providers. Besides, Q Link reserves the right to cancel or de-enroll some customers from their services. If you want to termite your Q Link services and looking for solutions on how to go through it, we have compiled this comprehensive guide for you.

Possible Reason For Cancel Q Link Service

The first obvious reason for wanting to cancel Q Link service is after your mobile device got stolen or lost. As per Q link directives, you should call customer care services to cancel Q Link services immediately after you lose or replace your phone. This prevents any third-party user from using your account and inflicting extra charges on it.

You might also need to cancel Q Link services if you are out of range. You are probably aware that Q Link relies on T-Mobile nationwide network coverage. This makes Q Link wireless a very reliable carrier as far as wide network coverage is concerned. Unfortunately, although Q Link has nationwide coverage, its services are not available in every location. If you live in locations without Q Link services, you might be prompted to cancel Q Link and join another promising carrier.

Besides, you must cancel Q Link services after improving your income. If you were jobless or a low-income consumer, you were probably enjoying amazing Q Link lifeline services. However, if you get a job or improve your income, you should cancel Q Link free services. Otherwise, your Q Link lifeline application will be rejected.

Another common reason as to why people cancel Q Link service is to get better deals. I mean, if you are not content with Q Link plans, you might be prompted to cancel their services and join another service provider that offers amazing deals for new customers.

What Do I Do Before I Cancel Q Link Wireless Service?

As seen above, there are several reasons as to why you might need to cancel Q Link wireless. Regardless of your reasons, there are a few precautions that you need to take before canceling Q Link wireless. Below are important things to do before canceling Q Link.

1. You should backup your data

Before canceling your Q Link account, you should back up all the data on your device and store it elsewhere. This is because after canceling Q Link, chances are that the carrier will collect their device from you. This will leave you safe even after handing back your phone. If you were fortunate enough to bring your own phone to Q Link, skip this step because Q Link can’t collect your own device.

2. Decide what you want with your number

When canceling Q Link, you will be asked to decide whether you will ditch or keep your Q Link number. This requires you to decide what you want with your number before starting the process. If you decide to keep your number and transfer it to another carrier, however, Q Link has the right to deny your request.

3. Finish all pending businesses with Q Link

If you have any pending bills with Q Link, it’s prudent to mention that your cancellation request will be declined. Therefore, ensure you have no unfinished business with Q link before canceling their services.

4. Collect any necessary document

While canceling Q Link wireless services, you’ll be required to provide a number of documents. Therefore, ensure you prepare all necessary documents before starting the cancellation process. This is to ensure a smooth and fast process.

5. Get a new service provider

Before canceling Q Link account, you should research to know the best company to transfer to. This is regardless of whether you want to transfer Q Link lifeline services or other general services. Before settling on which service provider to transfer to, ensure the carrier has coverage in your area. Also, ensure it has affordable plans and devices. If you want to keep your Q Link number, ensure your new service provider is compatible with Q Link.

Are There Any Terms Of Conditions For Cancelling Q Link Service?

Q Link allows anyone to cancel or de-enroll from their services anytime. All you need to do is ensure you have no pending bills or unfinished businesses with them. Although Q Link gives you the right to terminate their services, there are terms and conditions. While canceling your services, you should never use abusive language or threaten the representative helping you either in messaging, calling or emailing. Before canceling Q link services, ensure you have not used their services in any way that adversely affects their network or service available to other customers. Also, you should never give away or offer to resell Q Link devices or services. These offenses will not only get your Q Link services terminated but will also get you reported to legal authorities for appropriate prosecution.

Do I Need To Pay Any Charge For Cancelling Q Link Service?

No. Q link does not charge you anything for canceling their services. All you need to do is ensure you do not violate the terms and conditions above. Therefore, in case you are asked for charges to cancel Q link services, you should contact Q Link representative for confirmation because that might be a fraud.

What Happens If I Cancel Q Link Service?

If you cancel Q Link services, your account will be deactivated immediately, and you won’t be able to make calls, use data or send text messages. However, note that whatever happens after canceling Q Link depends on the reasons behind the cancellation.

For instance, if your account was canceled as a result of abusive language to Q Link representative or violating any other Q Link policies, you can’t re-activate your Q Link account at all. In addition, if your account was canceled because you no longer qualify for lifeline, you can reactivate it once you qualify for the program.

If you cancel your Q Link due to inactivity, you can always activate it back and continue enjoying your free calls, texts, and data. It’s important to note that when you cancel Q Link, your old number might also be canceled, and not possible to get it back even after reactivating your account. Canceling your old number means that all your voicemail messages have been deleted and are not transferrable to the new number.

Ways To Cancel Q Link Service

When it comes to Q link service cancellation, this company has made the process so easy and straightforward. In fact, the process does not need any cancellation charges. Below are the three simplest ways to cancel Q link services.

1. Cancel Q Link Service By Phone

Cancelling Q link services through phone is probably the easiest and fastest way to follow. To do so, you simply need to make a call to Q link customer service through the number 1-855-754-6543 and request the representative to cancel your service. While talking to a representative, he or she will ask you few questions and later guide you on how to cancel your account. You can call Q Link representatives any Monday to Friday 8 AM to 12 AM EST or Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.

2. Cancel Q Link service online

Besides the above way, you can also cancel Q Link service online through Q Link official website. From the website, login to your Q Link account and select my ‘account’. Navigate through and select ‘cancel service’.

3. Cancel Q Link service in store

Although canceling Q Link service in-store can be tedious, it’s another effective method of doing so. This method requires you to visit the Q link store and request the available tenant to help you cancel Q Link. You can visit:

Q Link Wireless, LLC,
DANIA, FL 33004

How Long Does It Take To Cancel Q Link Service? 

The amount of time needed to cancel Q Link services largely depends on the reason behind the cancellation. Also, your cancellation method will determine how long it will take to cancel Q Link. For instance, if you are canceling the service via phone call, it will take a few minutes for the representative to complete the process for you.

Can I Keep My Q Link Phone After Cancelling The Service?

As of now, we have no conclusive answer on whether you are allowed to keep your Q Link phone after canceling their services. However, it is most likely that Q link will collect back their phone. To be on the safe side, you should back up important information from your phone.

How Do I Transfer Q Link Wireless Lifeline Benefit?

The process of transferring your Q link lifeline benefits to another lifeline company is so easy. Although lifeline doesn’t allow transfer of benefits to another person, it allows transfer to another carrier. To transfer, you should identify your new lifeline provider and visit or call them. After, ask them to transfer lifeline benefits from Q link wireless to them. The new company will require your name, address, social security number, date of birth, and you’re written or verbal consent, accepting that you will lose lifeline benefits with Q Link wireless.

Can I Cancel My Q Link Service On Live Chat?

Yes. To cancel Q Link service on live chat, visit the page and complete the provided application form. In the form, you will be required to provide your name, telephone number, email, and enter your request topic and the question on what help you need. Once you ask the question, tap on ‘send your request’ and a representative will get back to you within a short time to answer your request via chat.

Can I Cancel My Q Link Service Via Donotpay?

Yes. DoNotPay is an effective third-party way of canceling Q link services. To avert the hassle, visit donotpay website in your web browser, provide your Q Link account details and submit your request to cancel Q link services. DoNotPay will handle Q Link cancellation process and inform you immediately your service is canceled. 

Can Q Link Terminate My Service Without Warning?

When you sign up for Q link services, you must agree to their terms and conditions. The company has a plethora of terms and conditions, but one of them states that Q Link wireless can whatsoever terminate your services anytime for any reason without warning or notice.

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