How To Get Free Sky Devices Government Phone

How to Get Free Sky Devices Government Phones

Sky Devices has collaborated with various service providers to offer free government phones. These phones are offered through lifeline or ACP program and usually come with 12 months warranty. Read this guide to the end to know more about free Sky Devices government phones. 

Which Providers Offer Free Sky Devices On Government Phones? 

Sky Devices is not a wireless service provider. It is instead a manufacturing company that manufactures phones and other electronics. Although Sky Devices offers free government phones, it can’t work independently because it is not a wireless service provider. To work efficiently, it has to collaborate with eligible lifeline/ACP providers to offer free phones to qualified users.

Unfortunately, few providers have worked with Sky Devices to offer free government phones so far. Since sky devices is doing incredible work, we hope that more lifeline/ACP providers will partner with it in the future. Some of the service providers that have partnered with sky devices currently are Cavery Communication, enTouch wireless, and Assist wireless.

What Type Of Free Government Phones Do I Get From Sky Device? 

As we have already mentioned, Sky Devices offers free government phones through assist wireless, enTouch wireless, and Cavery communications. One key thing to know is that you, as an applicant, won’t know the exact type and model of sky devices free phone to receive. Your lifeline service provider will pick a phone for you based on availability. Here are the types of phones to expect:

1. Sky Devices Elite A55 Smartphones 

You can get Sky Devices Elite A55 smartphone through Cavery communications lifeline program. But you must qualify for lifeline before receiving this phone. Most free government phones are basic devices with very few features. Unlike other free government phones, this specific phone is so unique because it has a lot of incredible features. Below are its features:

  • Sky devices is publicly known to offer modern design phones. This is however not on the left out. The phone features a very modern and stylish design
  • It has a 5.5 inches screen that displays content with a large dimension. This makes it so perfect for studying, online meetings, playing games, watching videos and games. 
  • This device runs on an up-to-date Android 7.0 Nougat operating system with an empowerment of 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor
  • It has a relatively large internal storage capacity of 16 GB and a 2GB RAM to store your content without jeopardizing the overall performance of a phone.
  • On the back side of this phone, there is a 13 MP rear camera and a 8 MP front camera that allows you to shoot clear and quality pictures and videos 
  • Its battery is so convenient and allows several hours of use without frequent recharging. This is a 2800 mAh capacity battery. 

2. Sky Devices Elite B55 Smartphones

Through Assist wireless or enTouch wireless lifeline program, you can get Sky Devices Elite B55 Smartphone for free from sky devices. This device features the following:

  • It has a 55 inches FWVGA screen with immense clarity thanks to is 480X960 pixels
  • It has an Android 10 go edition operating system
  • It has a 16 GB internal storage capacity that is backed up by a 1GB RAM
  • It has a 2 MP selfie camera and a 5MP back camera with a flashlight
  • It has a 2000 mAH battery capacity with 3 hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time

What Other Types Of Phones Do Sky Devices Have

  • Sky Devices Elite A5
  • Sky Devices Elite A6
  • Sky Devices Elite A65
  • Sky Devices Elite B5
  • Sky Devices Elite B55
  • Sky Devices Elite H5
  • Sky Devices Elite T6
  • Sky Devices Elite H55
  • Sky Devices Elite P5
  • Sky Devices Elite P55
  • Sky Devices Elite C5
  • Sky Devices Elite C55
  • Sky Devices Elite D5
  • Sky Devices Elite E55
  • Sky Devices Prestige X
  • Sky Devices Elite E55
  • Sky Devices Elite E55 Max
  • Sky Devices Elite L55
  • Sky Devices Elite N55
  • Sky Devices Sky Prestige
  • Sky Devices Elite J55
  • Sky Devices Elite BlackMax
  • Sky Devices Platinum H5
  • Sky Devices Platinum J5
  • Sky Devices Platinum K55
  • Sky Devices Platinum K5
  • Sky Devices Platinum P4
  • Sky Devices Platinum B4

How To Get Sky Devices Free Government Phone?

To get sky devices free government phone, you have to qualify for lifeline program. This is a government assistance program that was initiated to assist in lowering the price of communication services to make them more affordable for low-income users. 

You can also receive a free sky devices phone through ACP program. ACP is also a federal assistance program that offers discounted internet services to low-income customers for easy connection. This means that you must qualify for lifeline or ACP to get a Sky Devices free government phone.

After qualifying for the programs, visit any service provider that offers sky devices free government phone and fill an application form. These are providers like enTouch wireless, Assist wireless and Cavery communications. After filling out an application form, your selected provider will send your application to the lifeline verifier for approval. Once approved, you will get your sky device free government phone shipped to your address. 

Who Qualifies Sky Device Government Phone

Sky Devices free government phones are given through lifeline or ACP program. The Carvery communications offer you a free sky devices phone through lifeline program. On the other hand, assist wireless and enTouch wireless offers free phones through the ACP program. This means that you should qualify for either lifeline or ACP in order to qualify for sky devices government phone. Here we highlight qualification requirements for either the programs:

You qualify if you come from a low-income household

Both lifeline and ACP programs have an income threshold to meet before receiving their benefits. To receive lifeline benefits, you must have an income that is beneath 135% of the federal poverty guideline. 

To receive Affordable connectivity program benefits, your total household income should be beneath 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. These poverty guidelines vary based on your state and household size. Visit the lifeline support’s official website and determine your exact income limits.

You qualify if you receive benefits from the government’s federal assistance programs

Perhaps you are a low-income user, but your income is not below the set standards, you can try this qualification as an alternative. This is where you qualify if you are approved to receive benefits from the following federal assistance programs:

You qualify if you receive help from any tribal assistance program.

If you reside in tribal lands as a low-income citizen, you are also at liberty to enjoy ACP or lifeline benefits. But, you must be a participant in the following tribal programs:

What Documents Do I Need When Applying for Sky Devices Government Phone?

The process of applying for Sky Devices free government phone is so concise. There is one clear rule during the application. You must attach copies of documents to prove that you meet any of the above-discussed requirements. These documents can prove that your income is below 134% of the federal poverty guideline, 200% of the federal poverty guideline, or you participate in any government assistance programs. You will also be asked to submit documents with proof of your identity. Types of required documents are

Identity documents

  • Government-issued ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license 
  • Permanent resident card
  • Certificate of US citizenship
  • Mortgage or lease statement with your official name of street address 

Low-income documents

  • Current income statement
  • The Federal, state, or tribal return of the previous year
  • Social Security statement of benefits 
  • Worker’s or unemployment compensation statement of benefits
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefit
  • Child support award
  • Paycheck stub
  • Child support award

Program documents

  • Medicaid verification letter
  • Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations approval letter
  • Supplemental Nutritional Assistance award letter
  • Tribal head start cover letter
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance document of participation

How Do I Apply For Free Sky Devices Government Phone?

Select a service provider

To apply for a free sky devices government phone, you must select your preferred service provider. This is because your application should be conducted through your service provider’s official website. You can select assist wireless, enTouch or Cavery communications.

Start the application

With your provider at hand, visit its official website and initiate your application. You must meet at least one of the requirements discussed above before initializing your application. Once you determine that you qualify for lifeline, visit Assist Wireless, enTouch Wireless or Cavery communications official websites and tap the APPLY button. This will provide you with an application form to fill. 

For a successful application, always provide valid information as asked in the application form. Attach eligibility documents. Submit your form. Get approval. Your selected provider will inform you whether the national verifier approved or rejected your application. If approved, they will ship you a free sky device phone based on availability.

How Do I Activate Sky Devices Government Phone

Once you get your free sky devices phone, get a new sky devices SIM and activate it online through this page the page, select whether you want to activate first SIM, activate additional SIM or it’s a replacement SIM. Follow the provided instructions and finalize your activation. The activation should take few minutes to complete. 

How Long Does To Get Approval For Sky Devices Government Phone

Sky Devices free government phone application does not take long to get approval. After submitting the form, it is usually sent to the national verifier immediately. The national verifier team will cross-check your application and approve it within a few days. It can even take 3 to 4 business days. But it all depends on the status of your application. Sometimes, it can take a long or up to 7 days if your application form is not clear or additional eligibility documents are required. 

What Other Benefits Do I Get If I Qualify For Sky Devices Government Phone?

When you get your free sky devices government phone, you will get free unlimited data, free unlimited texts, free unlimited data through assist wireless, free 3GB of monthly data through Cavery communications, and access to AT&T nationwide network. 

Can I Replace Sky Devices Government Phones

Sky devices come with a one-year warranty that helps you to replace your phone for free. To get a free phone replacement, however, your phone must have a manufacturer’s default. If your phone is physically damaged, cracked, liquid damaged, or accidentally damaged, it will not be covered by the warranty. In this case, you will be charged to replace your phone 

How Do I Update My Sky Device To The Latest Version Of The Android OS?

Most sky devices phone are automated to receive a software update after a certain period of time. Others are programmed to bring you a notification to update your device if need arises. If there is an available update, just press the update button for your phone to update to the latest version of Android OS. 

Is It Possible To Bring My Sky Devices Phone To A Lifeline Provider?

It’s possible to bring your sky devices phone to a lifeline provider. Sky Devices are unlocked and compatible with a number of carriers. If that certain lifeline provider allows bring your own phone to its program and its network is compatible with sky devices phone, you can easily bring in your sky devices device. 

Is It Possible To Get A Sky Devices Free Tablet If I Qualify For A Free Sky Devices Government Phone?

If you qualify for free sky devices government phone, that simply means that you qualify for either ACP or lifeline program. It is thus possible to get a sky device free tablet through ACP program from providers that offer free tablets. It is not possible to get a Sky Device free tablet and Sky Devices free phone at the same time. Therefore, you should select whether you need a free tablet or free phone. If you opt for a free tablet, research on ACP providers that offer sky devices free government tablets and apply through the ACP program. 

Can I Get Sky Devices Government Phone Cases With Free Phone? 

It’s not possible to get Sky Devices government phone cases for free. It is because lifeline does not provide phone accessories in its benefits. When receiving your free phone, it only comes with an earphone and charger in the package. 

However, you can be lucky to get a free phone case for your sky devices either from a friend. You can also visit various showrooms or accessories shops and be lucky to get your sky devices phone case on offer. You can also be lucky to receive a free phone case from various survey platforms like branded surveys, Mypoints, Vindale research, or Swagbucks

How Do I Contact Sky Devices

You can contact sky devices through calling their support team on 305-531-5218 or visit their official contact website, enter your name, email, country, phone number, type your request/ complain and tap on SEND. 

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