How Do I Get Cricket Free Phone

Cricket Wireless Free Phone

In the US, there are many prepaid wireless service providers that you can opt for. Among many, preferring cricket wireless will be an incredible decision. This is one of the best wireless service provider that exist the US. It is ranked as one of the best due to many impressing services that the company offers. Initiated in the year 1999, cricket wireless is a very experienced wireless service provider that does everything possible to optimize customer’s satisfaction. Besides experience, cricket wireless providers affordable and reliable wireless plans to more than 10 Million customers in America. Their plans are not only affordable but also favorable for families. It also offers unlimited plans that suits bulk data users. This company also assures its customers a very strong and reliable 5G Nationwide network coverage.

In addition, cricket wireless offers high quality selections of mobile phones from simple featured phones to advanced smartphones. This makes it so easy to upgrade your phone anytime you wish to. With this amazing service provider, you will also enjoy a very friendly customer service. Cricket wireless also allows you to bring your own phone to their network alongside other incredible benefits for new customers. More also, cricket is an active lifeline and ACP service provider. Cricket ACP is a federal program that offers a monthly discounted up to $30 for federal qualified households and up to $75 for tribal qualified households towards paying internet bills. Cricket wireless also offers some benefits to lifeline eligible customers and a free phone when you switch to their services through cricket deals for new customers. Here is a detailed guide on cricket wireless free phone.

Does Cricket Wireless Offer Free Government Phone?

As stated above, you can get a fee phone when you switch to their services a as a new customer. Unfortunately, cricket wireless does not offer free phones through the government’s ACP or lifeline programs. Instead of free phones, customers that qualify for lifeline and ACP are given up to $30 per month on monthly internet bills and up to $75 for tribal lands ACP customers.

Options To Get A Free Phone From Cricket Wireless

We have already mentioned that cricket wireless does not offer free phones through government programs like lifeline. However, this carrier has deals for new customers that offer free phones when you join their services and choose a plan. Below are various ways on how to get a free phone at cricket wireless

1. Cricket Wireless New Customer Deals Free Phones

When you join cricket wireless as a new customer, there are current cricket wireless deals that welcomes you with a new phone. However, there are plans that you should choose before receiving your free phone. For instance, when you join cricket wireless as a new customer, bring your number and select a plan that goes for $60 per month, you will get free phones like Samsung Galaxy A03s and TCL 30Z. When you join cricket wireless and enroll to a $55 monthly plan, you will get free phones like cricket Debut and Motorola moto g pure.

Besides free phones, you are also able to enjoy huge discounts on certain phones when you join cricket wireless as a new customer. For instance, you can get phones like Cricket Ovation 2 evergreen at a discounted price of $19.99 and Motorola moto g power and a discounted price of $39.99, Motorola moto g stylus 5 G for $49.99 and moto g 5g for $59.99.

2. Switch To Cricket and Get a new smartphone for free

As seen, when you switch to cricket wireless and bring your number, you will get a new smartphone for free. However, you have to enroll to a $60 monthly plan or $55 monthly plan to get your free smartphone. Once you qualify, you will get these types of smartphones for free:

  • Cricket Dream 5G
  • iPhone SE 64 GB
  • Cricket Icon 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s

What Are The Other Benefits Of Switching To Cricket?

  • When you switch to cricket wireless, you will enjoy a free phone when you select a switching plan
  • Besides free phones, you can also get discounted phones when you switch to cricket wireless.
  • You will access low cost plans when you switch to cricket wireless
  • These plans have no annual contracts
  • Cricket wireless switching plans have no hidden fees
  • You are allowed to keep your number when you switch to cricket wireless
  • You will be able to enjoy nationwide coverage through the famous ATT network

What Phones Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless?

Although cricket wireless offers free phones when you switch, you can also opt to bring your older phone through cricket BYOP program. However, your phone must be compatible. Here is a list of phones that are compatible with cricket wireless:


  • Alcatel QUICKFLIP
  • Alcatel SMARTFLIP
  • Alcatel APPRISE
  • Alcatel INSIGHT
  • Alcatel ONYX
  • Alcatel TETRA
  • Alcatel VERSO


  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 6 plus
  • Apple iPhone 6S
  • Apple iPhone 6S plus
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 7 plus
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Apple iPhone 8 plus
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Apple iPhone X
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone XS
  • Apple iPhone XS Max
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Apple iPhone 11 pro and 11 pro max
  • Apple iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 pro, 12 pro max
  • Apple iPhone 13, 12 mini, 13 pro, 13 pro max


  • Cricket Debut
  • Cricket debut flip
  • Cricket dream 5G
  • Cricket icon 2
  • Cricket icon 3
  • Cricket influence
  • Cricket ovation
  • Cricket ovation 2
  • Cricket wave
  • Cricket vision
  • Cricket vision plus


  • Huawei Elate


  • Motorola Moto G6 FORGE
  • Motorola E5 CRUISE
  • Motorola E5 SUPRA
  • Motorola G7 SUPRA
  • Motorola Moto G Power
  • Motorola Moto G Play
  • Motorola Moto G Pure
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus
  • Motorola Moto One 5G


  • Nokia 3.1 plus
  • Nokia 3.1 c
  • Nokia C5 endi
  • Nokia C2 Tava


  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy Sol 2
  • Samsung Galaxy s8
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure
  • Samsung Galaxy Halo
  • Samsung Galaxy AMP Prime 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Amp prime 2
  • Samsung Galaxy A53
  • Samsung Galaxy A 52
  • Samsung Galaxy A 51
  • Samsung Galaxy A32
  • Samsung Galaxy A6
  • Samsung Galaxy A01


  • ZTE Blade X
  • ZTE Blade X MAX
  • ZTE Fanfare 3
  • ZTE Overture 3

What Is A Cricket Lifeline Discount?

Cricket wireless no longer participates in the government lifeline program. Lifeline is a Government Assistance Program that is managed by the federal communications commission to help low income people afford communication services.

Cricket wireless was once an active lifeline participating company. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer specific lifeline discounts as of now. If you qualify for lifeline program as a cricket wireless, you will be able to enjoy cricket ACP benefits. These benefits are monthly discount on eligible internet plans of up to $30 for no tribal lands and up to $75 for tribal lands.

How To Qualify Cricket ACP And Lifeline

Cricket wireless lifeline and ACP programs are not meant for everybody. To favor struggling families and bridge the digital gap, these programs are exclusively meant for customers that don’t earn at all or those who earn below the federal poverty guideline. Below are different ways to qualify for cricket ACP and lifeline.

1. Qualify through income

You qualify for cricket wireless lifeline if you are from a low income family. Precisely, your family should have a total income that is less than or equal to 135 % of the federal poverty guideline. When it comes to cricket ACP, you qualify if your family has an income that is equal to or less than 200% of the federal poverty guideline.

2. Qualify though program

Alternatively, you can qualify for both cricket ACP and lifeline if you are a participant of the following government assistance programs:

What Documentation Do I Need For Cricket Wireless Lifeline And ACP?

As we have stated above, cricket wireless lifeline and ACP are not meant for everyone. Therefore, there will be a need to prove that you qualify for these two programs before receiving your benefits. Basically, to prove means to attach documentations with prove that you meet the above mentioned eligibility. All these documents should not be original copies but duplicates. Also, they should have your full legal name to prove identity. Here is a list of all the documents required.

Personal documents

These are copies of documents that are meant to prove identity. Some of these documents are:

  • Government issued ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Current mortgage or lease statement
  • Utility bill
  • U.S Driving license
  • A copy of your permanent resident card or Green card

Income eligibility documents

It’s obvious that there are millions of families with low income in America. Therefore, not all low income families qualify. As a result, you should attach any documentation with prove that your total household income is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. These are documents like:

  • A copy of your current income statement from your employer
  • A copy of your prior year’s state, Federal, or Tribal tax return
  • A copy of your divorce decree or child support
  • A copy of your retirement or pension statement of benefits
  • A copy of your unemployment or worker’s compensation statement of benefits
  • A copy of your Veterans Administration statements of benefits
  • A copy of your Social Security statement of benefits
  • Any other official document that shows your current income levels.

Program eligibility documents

If you qualify for cricket ACP through participating in the federal assistance programs, you should attach document to prove your participation. Here is a list of the right eligibility documents to gather:

  • Medicaid membership card
  • Federal Pell grant cover letter
  • SSI approval letter
  • Tribal head start cover letter
  • SNAP verification letter
  • SSI approval letter

How To Apply For Cricket Lifeline And ACP

To apply for cricket wireless ACP, you first need to fill an application form through the lifeline verifier page. This will help to determine whether you are in need eligible for the ACP program. Once approved by the national verifier, you should contact ACP customer support center for guidance on how to enroll to cricket account. Below is a complete guide on how to apply for cricket lifeline and ACP:

1. Check whether you live within network coverage areas

Cricket wireless ACP and lifeline services are not available everywhere. Therefore, the first step before applying for these benefits is to ensure you live within their coverage. To checkout, visit cricket wireless official website and enter your ZID CODE

2. Do you qualify for the programs?

The second step requires you to confirm whether you qualify for cricket ACP and lifeline program. It’s prudent to confirm eligibility because your application will be rejected if you are not eligible. The good news is that we have discussed what you need to qualify for cricket ACP above. Do you meet any of the above requirements? Time is ripe to fill ACP application form.

3. Complete ACP application

Visit the affordable connectivity program online page and tap APPLY NOW. Here, you will be redirected to the national verifier application page Fill the form by providing information like your full name, date of birth, identity verification and home address. Click on NEXT and follow prompt to finalize the application. Attach eligibility documentation and when you ensure everything is filled out, submit the form.

4. Get approval

After submitting your ACP application form, you will get approved or rejected for ACP benefits. FCC will communicate to you on your approval status. If you were lucky enough to be approved. contact cricket wireless for further guidance. Here, you should contact cricket wireless on the number 833-511-0311.

5. Complete cricket ACP enrollment form

Once approved by the national verifier, visit cricket ACP enrollment page enter your phone number and click SUBMIT. Thereafter, you will get an SMS with a link to your lifeline or ACP benefit form.

What Are Lifeline And ACP Program Restrictions?

Lifeline and ACP programs have some restrictions as discussed below:

  • To receive lifeline ACP benefits, you must have an income below 135% or 200% of the federal poverty guideline.
  • Lifeline or ACP benefits are restricted to one member per household
  • Lifeline/ACP benefits are not transferrable among household members
  • Lifeline/ACP discounts are limited to one time in a month

What Is A Cricket Wireless Discount?

Cricket wireless discount or group save discount is a discount given to new or existing customers when they add more lines to their account. For instance, when you add more than 5 lines to your account on a $40/MO + smartphones plans, you are able to get a discount of up to $70 per month.

Does Cricket Wireless Have Discount For Low Income?

Cricket wireless have wireless discounts for low income through ACP program. When you qualify for this program, you are given a monthly discount of up $30 for non-tribal lands and up to $75 for tribal lands households towards monthly internet service bills

Is It Worth Switching To Cricket?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth to switch to Cricket wireless. This is because once you switch to this network, you are given a free phone. You are also able to access low cost plans, friendly customer care services, and good network coverage among other benefits.

Can I Transfer Another Phone Service To Cricket Phone?

Yes, you can transfer cricket to wireless and chose to keep your current number. In fact, you are at a liberty of using your current number until you feel ready to activate to cricket services. To transfer another phone number to cricket wireless, cricket will work with your current service provider to initiate the transfer.

Can I Put My Cricket SIM Card In Another Phone?

You can put your Cricket wireless SIM card in another phone since cricket don’t lock their SIM cards. All you need to do is ensure the phone is unlocked, compatible with cricket network and has a SIM card slot size that is compatible with cricket SIM card size.

How Good Is Cricket Wireless Coverage?

Cricket wireless coverage is excellent and reliable. This is attributed to the fact that cricket wireless is a mobile virtual network operator that depends on AT&T network. Working with AT&T assures cricket wireless customers an incredible coverage of 99% of the US.

What Network Does Cricket Wireless Use?

Cricket wireless uses AT&T network. This gives their customers the same coverage with ATT but at a lower cost. Besides wide AT&T coverage, cricket also offers customer’s access to a very reliable and fast 4 G LTE/ 5 G AT&T network.

Does Cricket Wireless Offer Free Phones When Upgrade or Replacement?

Cricket wireless does not offer free upgrade or replacement phones. When upgrading or replacing your phone with this company, you will have to incur the price of your new phone. However, it’s possible to replace your cricket phone for free only if you insured it with CRICKET PROTECT at the time of purchase.

Does Cricket Wireless Offer Free 5G Phones?

Cricket wireless is now providing 5G services through AT&T network. This has prompted this carrier to offer 5G phones. In fact, cricket wireless offers 5G phones like Cricket dream 5G for free when you switch, bring your current number and enroll to a $60 monthly plan. Other 5G phones available are moto G 5G, Samsung galaxy A13 5G and Motorola moto g stylus 5G.

What Cell Phone Companies Are Offering Free Phones Right Now?

Are you a low income customer who need a free government phone? You can reach out to the following cell phone companies and apply for your free lifeline or ACP phone:

  • Assurance wireless
  • Cintex wireless
  • Easy wireless
  • Qlink wireless
  • Safelink wireless
  • Life wireless
  • Newphone wireless
  • Tru wireless
  • Truconnect
  • Standup wireless
  • Easy wireless
  • Entouch wireless
  • Tag mobile
  • Tempo wireless
  • Safetynet wireless
  • Infiniti mobile
Cricket Wireless
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