Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) – How To Apply

Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program

Do you come from a low-income household and can’t afford internet services? You should consider joining ACP program to get the assistance you need. ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) is a government program that was initiated to offer internet discounts to qualified low-income individuals. This program offers these discounts through Cricket wireless and other eligible service providers.

Therefore, if you are a financially strained Cricket wireless customer, enroll in Cricket wireless connectivity program and get to communicate effortlessly. However, there are several factors to consider before enrolling for Cricket ACP. Here today, we discuss all you need to know about Cricket Wireless connectivity program before joining their services.

How Do I Transfer My Cricket Wireless EBB Benefits To An ACP Program If I Already Have Cricket Wireless EBB Benefits?

Cricket ACP was formerly known as Cricket EBB program. Effective from 12/31/2021, Cricket EBB came to an end and was temporarily replaced by Cricket ACP. At the date of transition, customers that were already receiving Cricket wireless EBB benefits continued to receive their benefits for 60 days. This was called a 60 days transition period where customers were allowed to continue receiving their EBB benefits consistently until 1st of March 2022. In fact, if you were qualified for Cricket EBB, no precise action was to be taken to transfer your EBB benefits to ACP. Therefore, it’s true to say that the transfer of Cricket wireless EBB benefits to ACP benefits was automatic for 60 days until 1/3/2022.

After the 60 days transition period, Cricket EBB customers were required to requalify for ACP. Why was it necessary to requalify to Cricket ACP? This is because income qualification for EBB customers was transitioned from 135% to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. After requalifying for ACP, your broadband discounts were changed from $50 to $30 per month.

How Do I Qualify For Cricket Wireless ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) Benefits?

Cricket Wireless is a very reliable ACP service provider that offers a lot of amazing services. However, these benefits are limited to people that meet the following requirements.

1. You qualify if you participate in government aid programs

There are several government aid programs in the US that were initiated to minimize economic problems among poor families. According to the federal communications commission, anyone who participates in these programs is considered eligible for ACP benefits. Here is an example of these programs:

If you live in tribal lands, you also qualify for ACP benefits in you receive help from any of the following tribal program:

2. You also qualify as low income consumer

Apart from participating in government assistance programs, you are also considered qualified for Cricket wireless ACP if you come from a low-income household. Precisely, your total household income should be below 200% of the federal poverty guideline.

3. You also qualify as lifeline beneficiary

Lifeline a government program that offers free cellphone services to limited-income families. According to the federal government, you are also considered eligible for Cricket wireless ACP if you receive lifeline benefits.

What Documents Are Required To Apply For ACP Cricket Wireless ACP Program?

The process of applying for Cricket wireless is so easy and straightforward. Although easy, this process has steps that you must follow to get approved. One of the most relevant steps is to attach copies of documents with prove that you qualify for ACP benefits. In addition, you should also attach copies of personal documents to prove your identity. Here is an example of all the necessary documents needed:

Personal documents

  • Government issued ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • Permanent resident card
  • Certificate of US citizenship
  • A copy of document with your residential details

Income eligibility documents

  • Current income statement
  • The Federal, state or tribal return of the previous year
  • Social Security statement of benefits
  • Worker’s or unemployment compensation statement of benefits
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefit
  • Child support award
  • Paycheck stub
  • Child support award

Program eligibility documents

  • Medicaid benefit verification letter
  • FPHA approval letter
  • SSI benefit award letter
  • Tribal head start cover letter
  • Federal Pell grant approval document

How Do I Apply For A Cricket Wireless ACP?

To apply for Cricket wireless ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program), you should first enroll for ACP through the lifeline national verifier. Once approved by the lifeline national verifier, you can then contact Cricket wireless or visit their official website and enroll for ACP benefits either as a new or existing customer.

Note that you can apply for ACP online or through mail. To apply online, visit the page and click on APPLY NOW. Afterward, you will be redirected to lifeline national verifier page to start your application. On the FCC page, provide your correct personal information, attach proof documents, submit the form and wait for approval.

Alternatively, you can also apply for ACP through mail. This is where you print out ACP application form, compete the form, attach eligibility documents and submit it to:

ACP support center
PO Box 7081
London, KY 40742

Once you submit the form either through online or by mails, you will receive approval from the lifeline national verifier. If not approved, you will also be noticed. Also, if additional documentation are required, you will be guided on how to send them to the lifeline national verifier for review.

After FCC approves your ACP application, you can now talk to Cricket wireless team to help you sign up for ACP benefits. Alternatively, you can visit Cricket ACP enrollment page and enter your phone number. Tap on submit and wait to receive your ACP benefits from cricket wireless.

What Are The Benefits Of Qualify For Cricket Wireless ACP?

When you qualify for cricket wireless ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program), you receive up to $30 discount per month towards your internet bills. With this discount, you will access benefits from the following plans:

  • 5GB data plan : Normally, this plan costs $30 per month. After applying your ACP monthly discount on this plan, you with be able to access this plan for free. The plan offers 5 GB of high speed monthly data, unlimited text, talk and picture messages.
  • 10 GB data plan : This plan has an initial price of $40 per month to non-ACP customers. As an ACP customers, you are allowed to access this plan for only $10 per month. The plan provides 10 GB of monthly data, free unlimited talk, and text and picture messages.
  • Unlimited data plan : This plan offers everything unlimited. This includes unlimited text, unlimited calls and unlimited high speed data for $55 per month to non-ACP customers. As an ACP customer, you will access this plan at a discounted price of $25. This is after deducting your ACP discount.
  • Unlimited data with mobile hotspot : This plan offers unlimited high speed data, unlimited talk, text and 15 GB of mobile hotspot data for $30 per month to ACP customers instead of $60.
  • 100 GB data only plan : This plan offers mobile data services only with no text and call minutes. The plan offers 100GB of high speed data for a monthly price of $25 per month to ACP qualified customers.

Besides these plans, qualifying for Cricket wireless also allows you to enjoy nationwide network coverage and quality services that are free from credit check, hidden fees and annual contracts.

How Does The Cricket Wireless ACP Protect Consumers?

Cricket wireless ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) protects customers by offering full-day monitoring of potential fraud. They also encourage consumers to set a security PIN when creating a new account. This protects you from potential fraudulent activities. It also helps to block unwanted calls, text and robot-calls

Is There Any Limitations To Getting The Cricket Wireless ACP?

Cricket wireless ACP benefits are limited to low income households or individuals. To get these benefits, you must have an income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline or participate in government assistance programs.

Cricket wireless ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) benefits are also restricted to one member of a household. These benefits are also limited to one time per month and can’t be transferred to another member of your household.

How Long Will It Take To Get Response From The National Verifier?

The estimated time taken to receive a response from the national verifier typically depends with your method of enrolling for ACP. If you enrolled online through the national verifier’s official website, the response is either instant or could take few minutes. If you applied vein mail, it might take a few days to receive a response. 

Why Was My ACP Application Denied?

ACP application is subject to approval or rejection. There are few incidences at which ACP application gets denied. This mostly happens if you no longer qualify for ACP. In addition, your application can be denied if your attached documentation are blurred or hold invalid information.

Can I Get More Than One ACP Benefits From Cricket Wireless?

It’s not possible to get more than one ACP benefit from Cricket wireless. This is because the federal communications commission restricts one benefit per household irrespective of your service provider.

Can I Lose My ACP Benefits From Cricket?

There are instances that can might make you lose your ACP benefits. This happens mostly when you stop qualifying for ACP benefits. You can also lose your Cricket ACP benefits if your Cricket wireless account has been dormant for a whole calendar month.

Besides, you are most likely to lose your ACP benefits from Cricket if you apply for ACP benefits with another carrier. Finally, you will lose your Cricket ACP benefits if your name on the national verifier application form differs from your Cricket account name.

What Should I Do If The Cricket Enrollment Form Has Errors Or Can’t Be Submitted?

If your Cricket enrolment form has errors and can’t be submitted, contact customer care for help. You can contact through visiting a nearby Cricket store or calling number 844-246-8364 for assistance.

Can I Have ACP And Lifeline At The Same Time?

ACP and lifeline are two independent programs that operate separately. This means that it’s possible to receive ACP and lifeline benefits at the same time.

In Which States Does Cricket Wireless ACP Facility Available?

Cricket Wireless is a large wireless service provider with network coverage across several US states. Their services are available in the following states: Maine. Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Alaska, Arkansas, Alabama, California, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia. 

How Do I Get National Verifier Information?

When you get approval, rejection or need to attach additional documentation when applying for ACP, the national verifier uses distinct ways to communicate to you. They can call the number provided in the application form or send an email on the address provided in the application form. If you need to get any other relevant national verifier information, you can call them on 833-511-0311 for inquiry.

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