List Of Best Cricket Compatible Phone

Which Phones Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless

Cricket wireless is a very reliable service provider that offers a bunch of amazing services to its customers. The company has a plethora of benefits like responsive customer care services, quality phones, reliable network, and affordable plans among others. Besides, Cricket allows you to bring your own phone to their service. To bring your phone to cricket wireless, it must be compatible. What puzzles many customers is how to find out whether their phones are compatible with cricket wireless. To find out whether your phone is compatible:

  • Visit cricket wireless official website
  • Tap on the icon ‘shop” on the main menu
  • Tap on “ bring your own phone”
  • Afterwards, you will come across an option “ check your device’s compatibility”
  • Enter your phone’s IMEI number and tap on “check”
  • You will therefore be notified whether your phone is compatible or not.

Top 7 Best Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones

If you want to bring your own phone to cricket wireless, you should be aware of the best phones to consider. Here is 7 best cricket compatible phones to consider:

1. Apple iPhone 12

It’s without doubt that Apple provides some of the best smartphones currently. Apple iPhone 12 is therefore not left out. It features a full touchscreen display of 6.1 inches with a screen resolution power of 1170 X 2532 pixels. As if not enough, its outer part boasts of a scratch resistant ceramic glass with an oleophobic coating. This tough exterior makes it very versatile to harsh environmental conditions. As such, it has an IP68 rating which makes it resistant to dust and water.

This smartphone operates on iOS 14.4 that is upgradable to IOS 15.6. With this device, users get a large storage space to store all their data. It comes with an internal storage capacity of 256GB and 4GB RAM.

Quality photos are also assured by a robust 12 MP rear camera and 12 MP front camera. It also boasts of a fast charging 2815mAh battery that allows users to enjoy continuous use with a single charge.


  • It comes with super tough exterior
  • Its IP68 rated. 
  • Boasts of a very large internal storage capacity. 
  • Comes with very sharp cameras. 
  • Has a crystal clear screen


  • This device is a bit costly. 
  • It lacks a micro SD card for storage expansion. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 another reliable phone that is compatible with cricket wireless. This phone comes with a large 8GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage which ensures it runs smoothly all through. Besides that, it exhibits an IP68 rating Therefore, it is very versatile to harsh environmental conditions.

Once you get one of this device, you will enjoy an immersive viewing with its large 6.7inch display. To add on that, it has a large 4300mAh Li-Ion battery that assures extensive usage time. With this phone, you can also capture quality moments with its sharp 12 MP rear camera and 10 MP Selfie camera.


  • Boasts of a large internal storage space.
  • Runs on an upgradable android system. 
  • Boasts of a very powerful rear camera. 
  • Has an impressive display size.
  • It’s resistant to both dust and water.


  • Lacks a micro SD card slot, hence its storage size is non-expandable. 

3. Motorola G Sylus

Endowed with an expansive 6.4inch display, this gadget is very ideal for both gamers and movie lovers. Additionally, Motorola G Sylus has a very sharp screen resolution power of 1080 X 2300 pixels that allows it to project very clear images. Apart from that, it boasts of a very acute 48 MP + 16 MP + 2 MP rear camera and a 16 MP front camera is also pretty stable. Therefore, it guarantees users of quality photos wherever they go.

When it comes to storage size, this model comes with a 128GB internal storage capacity and a 4GB RAM. With its inbuilt 4000mAh Li-Po battery, be sure to enjoy extensive usage periods without running out of charge. More also, the above model operates on android 10 platform. It also comes with a rear mounted fingerprint scanner for advanced security.


  • It comes with an expansive display size. 
  • Has a micro SD card slot for extra storage. 
  • Exhibits a very reliable battery life. 
  • Boasts of an excellent rear and front camera. 


  • It’s not IP68 rated. 
  • Its operating system is not upgradable.
  • It’s available in only one color. 

4. Samsung Galaxy S20

This is another high performance handset that is very compatible with Cricket wireless. Firstly, Samsung Galaxy S20 features an ultra-flagship camera with cinematic effects and natural color calibration. At the back it has up-to three lenses of 12 MP + 64 MP + 12 MP, and a single 10 MP lens at the front.

Besides that, it comes with an impressive 4000mAh Li-Ion battery that allows fast and wireless charging. In case you want to buy this handset, it’s available in up to five different colors. These are cosmic grey, cloud blue, cloud pink, cloud white and aurora red.

Its storage space is also pretty reliable as it comes with a 128GB storage capacity and 8GB RAM. Although it runs on android 10, users can upgrade this to android 11. You can still use your phone despite the prevailing weather as its IP68 rated. Additionally, it comes with an expansive display size of 6.2inches and an in-built fingerprint sensor present for better security on your device. 


  • Boasts of a super large and clear display type. 
  • Has a micro SD card slot for memory expansion. 
  • It is an IP68 rated device. 
  • Provides an extensive battery life. 
  • Exhibits quite a powerful rear camera. 


  • It’s a bit costly. 

5. LG Stylo 6

Are you the type of person that loves big screens for your viewing? If so, then LG Stylo 6 will obviously blow your mind with its huge 6.8 inch display size. This device also features 3 GB RAM size with a large internal memory of 64 GB.

Users can still capture quality features with its sharp 13 MP + 5MP + 5 MP rear camera and a strong 13 MP front camera. Additionally, this phone comes with a fingerprint scanner and a lasting inbuilt 4000mAh Li-Po battery that allows several hours of use with just a single charge


  • Has a powerful inbuilt battery. 
  • Boasts of an enormous display size. 
  • Has a fingerprint scanner. 
  • Comes with a micro SD card for storage expansion. 


  • Available in only one color. 
  • Has a small RAM size. 

6. Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 comes with an inbuilt 1960mAh Li-Ion battery that allows 14 hours of talk time. Apart from that, it has quite an impressive storage capacity of up to three different sizes. These are 32GB 2GB RAM, 128GB 2GB RAM and 256GB 2GB RAM. Despite being simple, this handset comes with a very tough exterior that makes it very versatile. As a matter of fact, it is IP67 rated thus resistant to both dust and water.

Another impressive feature about this model, is its robust 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera. Currently, it runs on iOS 10.0.1 platform which is upgradable to iOS 15.6. This model comes in six different colors giving a wide selection.


  • It runs on an upgradable iOS platform 
  • Comes with a large Storage capacity 
  • Has a fingerprint scanner for extra security. 


  • Exhibits a very small RAM size. 
  • Lacks a micro SD card slot for memory expansion.

7. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G boasts of one of the best cameras available in modern smartphones. It features 108 MP + 10 MP + 10 MP + 12 MP rear camera, and a powerful 40 MP front camera. It also features a powerful 5000mAh battery, 256GB internal storage capacity and up to 16GB RAM. In addition, this modern smartphone has a large 6.8inch display with a screen resolution power of 1440 X3200 pixels. This model runs on android 11 that is upgradable to android 12.


  • Has a very powerful front and back cameras.
  • It is IP68 rated. 
  •  Comes with a large internal storage capacity 
  • Boasts of a very large display size
  •  Runs on an upgradable android system. 
  • Comes with a reliable RAM size. 


  • Lacks a micro SD card slot. 
  • It’s quite costly to acquire. 
  • It’s quite heavy (weighs 227g). 

List Of Other Phones That Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless

  1. Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus
  2. Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus
  3. Apple iPhone X
  4. Apple iPhone XR
  5. Apple iPhone 6 Series
  6. Motorola moto G Power
  7. Motorola moto G play
  8. Motorola moto e5 SUPRA
  9. Motorola moto G6 FORGE
  10. Nokia 3.1 plus
  11. Nokia 3.1 c
  12. Samsung Galaxy A6
  13. Samsung Galaxy A11
  14. Samsung galaxy S8
  15. Samsung galaxy S9
  16. Cricket Wave
  17. Cricket influence
  18. Cricket Icon 2
  19. ZTE Sonata 3

Which Carriers Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless?

Cricket wireless is a GSM network service provider that is owned by the famous AT&T service provider. Therefore, cricket is compatible with AT&T and any other company that uses GSM network. This company is compatible with carriers like T-Mobile, Mint mobile, consumer cellular, Net10, and straight talk, TracFone, FreeUP mobile, Red Pocket and FreedomPop.

How To Activate A Cricket Compatible Phone

When you buy a cricket wireless phone, the next step is activating it. You can either activate it through the help of an agent from cricket physical stores or activate them online as follows:

  • Turn off your phone and insert your SIM card
  • Switch your phone back on and open
  • Choose the type of phone that you want to activate
  • Select the location at which you bought your phone. Is it from a retailer or cricket wireless stores?
  • Next, choose whether you are an existing or new customer
  • Login to your cricket account by providing your password ad username
  • Tap on “ activate” to complete your activation process

How Do I Replace Cricket Wireless Phone?

Cricket wireless has made it easy to replace a lost, damaged or stolen phone through cricket protect. This is a protection policy that helps you to replace your lost, damaged, or stolen cricket phone for only $8 per month. With this policy, you can replace your cricket wireless to a new or refurbished phone from the same brand, same color and model.

If your cricket wireless phone malfunctions, you can also replace it through a 12 months warranty. Here, you will receive a new or refurbished phone from the original manufacture. All you need to do is call the number 1-800-274-2538 every Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM ET or every Sundays 10 AM TO 9 PM ET.

Is Cricket Compatible With CDMA or GSM?

Before, cricket wireless relied on sprint which was a CDMA service provider. Later on, sprint merged with AT&T. As we speak, Cricket relies on ATT which is a GSM provider. This makes cricket wireless compatible with both GSM and CDMA.

Can I Upgrade My Cricket Wireless Compatible Phone Without Paying?

Sometimes, it’s possible to possible to upgrade your cricket wireless phone without paying while other times it’s not possible. When upgrading your cricket phone, you are required to cater for the price of the upgraded phone. However, you can be lucky to upgrade your cricket wireless phone for free or at a very cheap price depending with the company’s available phone offers. For instance upgrading your cricket phone to Dream 5G and IPhone SE 2nd generation is free as of now.

Where Can I Buy A Cricket Wireless Compatible Phone?

There are several places to buy a cricket wireless compatible phone. You can either purchase a cricket wireless original phone from their website or in any cricket physical stores across the nation. Besides, you can buy a cricket compatible phone from other retailers lie Walmart, Target or Amazon and bring them to the company through cricket BYOP.

Are All Unlocked Phones Compatible With Cricket Wireless?

Not really. All unlocked phones are not compatible with cricket wireless. This is because your unlocked phone can be using other service provider that don’t use the same network with cricket wireless. Therefore, cricket can’t assure that all unlocked phones that work with other service provides are compatible with their network.

Things To Know Before You Sign Up For Cricket Wireless

Cricket wireless is a very reputable wireless service provider that offers several benefits to its customers. Although the company has many pros, it also has a number of downsides. Therefore, it’s important to weigh out everything before signing up for cricket wireless. To makes a concrete decision, consider the following factors:

Cricket available plans

Before signing up for cricket wireless, you should know that their plans are not so cheap. Cricket wireless plans start from $30 per month per line. Although their plans are not very cheap, they are worth every penny.

Cricket coverage

This is another vital factor to consider before joining cricket wireless. The good news is that cricket wireless depends on AT&T network towers which extend across several states in America. This means that cricket network coverage is so wide and reliable. Although wide, some areas are not covered by cricket wireless network. Therefore, ensure your area is not excluded before signing up for this company.

Cricket phones

Before signing up for cricket wireless, you should be aware of the types of phones available when you upgrade. Also, you should research and be aware of available phone offers from cricket wireless. When buying a phone from cricket stores, you will come across free, cheap and expensive models. Therefore, make sure you can access and afford your favorite model of phone before signing up for their services.

Customer services

Reliable customer services is what all customers look for when joining any service provider. This is to ensure that you get any type of help you might need with their services. For cricket wireless, be assured to get the value for your money. This is because the company offers a very responsive and friendly customer care service.

Is Cricket Wireless Compatible With AT&T?

As we have mentioned above, cricket wireless operates under AT&T network. The fact that AT&T and cricket wireless use the same network makes these two carriers compatible.

Is Cricket Prepaid Or Postpaid?

Cricket wireless offers prepaid monthly services. This means that cricket plans are billed on the upfront of every month of service. This makes Cricket wireless services flexible and contract free.

Is Cricket Coverage The Same As AT&T?

Since Cricket wireless is owned by AT&T, this makes cricket coverage the same as AT&T. This means that cricket wireless customers are privileged to enjoy AT&T nationwide coverage at a cheaper cost.

Are Cricket Phones Already Unlocked?

No. All cricket phones are programmed with a lock that hinders them from working with other service providers. Therefore, cricket phones are locked but can be unlocked upon request. All you need to do is request for unlock code from cricket wireless and unlock your device. However, your device must have been active with cricket for at least 6 months and should not be reported stolen or lost.

Does Cricket Wireless Have Flip Phones?

Yes. If you love simplicity, cricket wireless got your back. The company offers cricket debut flip phone to all qualified new and existing customers. 

Can I Put My Cricket SIM Card In An Unlocked Phone?

Yes. It’s possible to put your cricket SIM card in unlocked phone. However, your cricket SIM card size should be compatible with your unlocked phone. The unlocked phone should also be compatible with cricket wireless.

Can You Buy A Phone At Walmart And Use It With Cricket?

Yes. You can buy a phone at Walmart and use it with cricket. As long as the phone is unlocked and compatible with cricket wireless, everything will be good to go.

Can I Put A Straight Talk SIM Card In A Cricket Phone?

You can’t put straight talk SIM card in a cricket phone. This is because cricket phones are locked to its own network. However, you can unlock your cricket phone and put a straight talk SIM card in it.

What Network Does Cricket Use?

Cricket wireless is one of the best wireless service provider that uses AT&T network to provide services to its customers.

Does Cricket Wireless Offer Switching Free Phone?

Currently, cricket is offering free phone offers when you switch to their service. For instance, you can get a free IPhone SE 64 GB for free when you switch to cricket wireless, bring your number and activate to a monthly plan of $60.

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