Cox Router Blinking Orange Light: Fix in Seconds

Cox Router Blinking Orange

When it comes to internet connectivity Cox is one of the eminent service providers in the United States. Once you choose the services of this carrier, you will be provided with a Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi router. With this router in place, you will be able to enjoy fast internet speeds either in your office or back at home. Just like any other conventional Wi-Fi router, the Cox router uses a set of different colored LED lights in order to pass a certain message about its status to its user.

One of the common lights that you might see on your Cox router is an orange blinking light. Typically, the Cox router usually turns orange for 20 seconds only once you reboot it. However, if the orange light blinks for more than 60 seconds, something might be wrong somewhere. In this article, we shall take a closer look at why your Cox router is blinking orange, and how to solve that problem, alongside other related ideas.

What Does It Mean When My Cox Router Starts Blinking Orange?

To start with, the orange light that blinks on your Cox router should not make you panic. This is because this device is designed to have a color-coded system that helps you establish the status of your device. If your Cox router blinks orange, chances are that it is trying to connect to the network.

Typically, this light always blinks when you reboot your router or when the connection drops. However, if this device’s connection drops, be sure that it will reconnect itself to the network automatically. This means that the light will disappear after 60 seconds.

Once the device establishes a network connection, the LED light turns solid white. Here, you will be able to enjoy a good internet connection. However, if the orange light keeps on blinking after 60 seconds, be sure that something is wrong with your router. In the subsequent sections, we shall outline the various reasons why your Cox router might start blinking and the various methods that can help solve this problem once and for all.

Reasons Why Cox Router Starts Blinking Orange

By now, you are aware that your Cox router can blink orange for 20 seconds or even more. However, it should not exceed 60 seconds. If this is the case, chances are that your Cox router has one of the following problems:

  • There is a glitch or bug within the system that is hindering the router from communicating with the network.
  • Your Cox router has some loose or poorly connected cables.
  • There is an object that is interfering with your router’s signal.
  • Your Cox router has seen better days. This means that your router might be old and might require to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Your router has some unresponsive or damaged ports
  • There is a service outage within your locality
  • Your router is using an old firmware
  • Your Cox router is overloaded.
  • Too much cache

How To Solve Cox Router Blinking Orange Problem

Since you already know the various reasons why your Cox router might be blinking orange, time is ripe for you to know how you can solve these issues on the go. Here are some of the solutions that can remedy the problem:

  • Soft reset your Cox Router. By soft resetting your router, you will be able to get rid of any bug or glitch that might be affecting the connectivity of your device. To soft reset your Cox router, you should first disconnect it from the power source and then wait for about 60 seconds. Thereafter, plug it back to the power source and power it on. Once you soft reset your Cox router, it will reconfigure its connection and thus enable you to enjoy good internet connectivity.
  • Ensure that you check for loose cables and connection within your router. In case there are some loose cables, plug them well so that you can fix this problem right away. In case you do not see any loose cables, unplug them all and then plug them back correctly. Besides this, ensure that all cables are plugged in correctly.
  • Remove any obstacle that can be blocking your router’s signal. Better still, place the Cox router in an open area devoid of any obstacles. This way, your Cox router will be able to send Wi-Fi signals to all your connected devices seamlessly. You can even bring the Cox router and connected devices close to each other so that you can enjoy a good internet connection.
  • If your Cox router is old, it does not hurt to get a replacement model. With a newer model, you will enjoy better features, including a good internet connection.
  • Check and ensure that your Cox router does not have any damaged ports. Additionally, ensure that the ports are not unresponsive. This is because damaged and unresponsive ports can cause a connection issue, thereby making the router to blink orange light for longer periods. If there are damaged ports, ensure that they are repaired promptly.
  • Visit Cox’s official website and establish if there is an outage within your locality. Here, you just need to click here and then log in to your account. Thereafter, click on the ‘My Account Overview Menu’ option. Once you click this option, a dropdown menu will open. After that, tap on the ‘Manage My Equipment’ option. In case there is an outage, you will see a notification on top of your screen. Besides visiting this carrier’s website, contact the Cox customer support team and enquire whether there is a service outage or not.
  • Update your router’s firmware. When it comes to updating your router’s firmware, you c can readily do so via Cox’s official website. This way, you will be able to improve its connectivity and also upgrade its firewall.
  • Reduce the number of devices that you have connected to the Cox router. For instance, if you have connected 10 devices, try to reduce them to 7 or even 5. The fewer connected devices, the better the connections.
  • Close all unnecessary background applications that might be running on your devices. Additionally, reduce internet usage on your connected devices. Such applies when you opt to play online mobile games using 7 devices or even more. By reducing your internet usage, you will be able to boost your internet connectivity.
  • Clear the DNS cache that might be on your router.
  • Reset your Cox router by pressing the reset button for about 8 seconds until the LED lights flash or go off.
  • If everything fails, reach out to this carrier’s customer support team for more guidance and insights on how to deal with this problem.

What Color Should My Cox Router Blink?

Well, your Cox router starts by blinking orange light to show that its gateway is trying to connect to the network so that you can enjoy a good internet connection. In most cases, this light blinks for about 60 seconds.

Once the gateway establishes a good network connection, the Cox router will blink solid white LED light. You can now connect your devices to the router and surf the internet. However, if the Cox router blinks a solid orange color, it shows that the router has failed the much-needed network connection.

Should My Cox Router Blink Green?

Not really. If your Cox router blinks this light, it shows that it is not able to connect to the upstream channel. This problem can be caused by loose or damaged cable, internal router issues, a defective splitter or service or power outage within your locality. Thankfully, all these issues can be mitigated by a number of steps.

Will My Cox Router Work While Blinking Orange?

Not really. You will experience internet connection problems. As a result, you need to diagnose this problem so that you can solve it once and for all. From resetting your router to contacting the Cox customer support team, there is a myriad of solutions that can help you get started.

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