How Do I Get Cintex Wireless Free Tablet


Tablets have become very fundamental electronic devices among many users in today’s world. They are popular and preferred by many because they act as a perfect blend of a smartphone and a laptop. Unlike a laptop, tablets are lighter, easily portable, and cheaper. Unlike a smartphone, tablets have broad functionality. Although they are popular, tablets cost an arm and leg. In fact they are costly compared to most smartphones and even laptops. This makes tablets so scarce among low income households. In fact, tablets were mostly associated with the rich some years back. To breach this digital divide, the government intervened with solutions on how to get free tablets for low income households. How?

The government initiated a program that is commonly known as Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP. This is a very famous program in the US that was recently initiated to offer discounts on broadband services and devices to low income consumers. Broadband devices are tablets, laptops and so on. To operate effectively, ACP partners with service providers to offer these discounts. There are many ACP service providers but only a few offer free tablets. We are happy to inform to you that cintex wireless is one of those service providers that offer free tablets. Cintex wireless is an incredible lifeline service provider that offers free call minutes, free texts, free data and free smartphones through lifeline program. As pre-mentioned, this carrier also participates in the affordable connectivity program to offer free tablets and other benefits to every qualified user. However, there are terms and conditions to meet before receiving a cintex wireless free tablet. First, you must have a total annual income that is less than 200% of the federal poverty guideline. Alternatively, you can qualify if you receive aid from any government assistance program. In addition, you must pay $10.01 before receiving your cintex wireless free tablet. Read through to know whether you can get a free tablet from Cintex wireless.

Does Cintex Wireless Really Offer Free Tablets?

Not really. Cintex wireless tablets are not as free as speculated. However, this carrier offers massive discounts on eligible tablets through ACP program. This enables you to access incredible tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Alcatel Joy Tab for as low as $10.01. Although these tablets are not completely free, acquiring it for only $10.01 is so cheap and affordable. However, as mentioned, you must have an income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline or benefit from government assistance program to enjoy such favors.

What Other Benefits Do I Get If I Qualify For Cintex Wireless Tablet?

Cintex wireless free tablets are provided through the affordable connectivity program. Suppose you qualify for Cintex wireless free tablet that means that you qualify for the ACP program. If you qualify for cintex wireless ACP, expect to enjoy other benefits like those mentioned below:

In Which Areas Cintex Wireless Currently Offer Lifeline And ACP Programs?

Cintex wireless ACP and lifeline services are available nationwide. However, although they are available everywhere, some places are not covered by these services. If you need cintex wireless ACP/lifeline services but wondering whether they are available in your area, visit this coverage page. Some of the states covered by cintex wireless lifeline and ACP are Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, Washington, Vermont, Texas, Oregon, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nevada, Montana, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, and west Virginia

How Do I Qualify For Cintex Wireless Tablet?

As you already know, cintex wireless offers free tablets through the ACP program. To get any benefit from this program, there are requirements to meet. Below are ways on how you qualify for Cintex Wireless tablet:

Through income

Households must have low income to qualify for Cintex Wireless tablet. This income is limited to 200% of the federal poverty guideline. Once your total income as a household or individual surpasses 200% of the federal poverty level, you are no longer qualified for this benefit.

Through federal programs

If your household has any member in the federal or tribal assistance program, that household is considered eligible for Cintex wireless free tablet. Examples of federal assistance programs are:

What Documents Do I Need While Apply For Cintex Wireless Tablet

Cintex wireless free tablet offer is not open to everyone. As seen, these offers are meant for ACP eligible households only. To confirm that you are among eligible households, national verifier requires everyone to attach documentation proof when applying for Cintex Wireless tablet. These are documents with your identity proof, income, or program proof. Examples of these documents are:

  1. In the event you qualify for Cintex Wireless free tablet due to job loss, you should attach documents with proof to your joblessness. Some of these documents are Notice of dissolution, an employment termination letter, your unemployment or worker’s compensation statement of benefits
  2. In an event you qualify for Cintex tablet due to participating in a government federal or tribal program, you should attach copies of documents with participation proof. When attaching these documents, never attach original copies. It’s advisable to attach duplicates that are clear and not blurred. These documents should have your program’s name, your full legal name and the date that the document was issued to you. The date should be within the last two months. Instead of an issue date, your document can also have a future expiring date. Some of these documents are: Medicaid membership card, Federal Pell grant cover letter, SSI approval letter, Tribal head start cover letter, SNAP verification letter and SSI approval letter.
  3. In an event you qualify for Cintex tablet due to low income, you should attach documents to prove that your income is indeed low. These documents should be valid, up-to-date, should have a valid full legal name and your income amount. Some of these documents are, a copy of your unemployment or worker’s compensation statement of benefits, a copy of your Veterans Administration statements of benefits, a copy of your Social Security statement of benefits, a copy of your current income statement from your employer, a copy of your prior year’s state, Federal, or Tribal tax return, a copy of your divorce decree or child support, a copy of your retirement or pension statement of benefits and any other official document that shows your current income levels.
  4. Apart from eligibility documents, you are also required to attach personal documents with proof of your identity. These are documents like: Driving license, Permanent resident card, Certificate of US citizenship, Government issued ID, Birth certificate or Driving license

How Do I Apply For Cintex Wireless Tablet

The process of applying for Cintex wireless free tablet is quite simple. All you need to do is follow the following instructions:

  1. Make sure you qualify: it’s a waste of time and energy to apply for Cintex tablet if at all you don’t qualify for ACP program. If you don’t qualify, your application will be declined immediately. Therefore, make sure you meet at least one of the above discussed eligibility rules before commencing with your application.
  2. Make sure you are within the coverage: before applying for Cintex wireless free tablet, also make sure you live within the carrier’s ACP coverage areas. Some of the areas covered by cintex wireless are listed above in this guide.
  3. Get your documents ready: while applying for Cintex free tablet, there is a stage that requires you to attach eligibility documents. Therefore, you should gather all the required documents before starting your application.
  4. Start your application: once you get everything ready, time is now ripe to start your application. To apply:
  5. Visit this page, enter your ZIP code and tap APPLY NOW
  6. You will get a notification informing you whether cintex ACP services are available in your area. You will also get to know the available plans. Select a plan and tap APPLY NOW.
  7. An application form will appear. You are required to provide your full name, date of birth, and SSN number and tap CONTINUE
  8. The next page requires you to provide contact information. This is your email address, street address and phone number tap CONTINUE.
  9. The next page requires you to upload your eligibility proof, identity proof and address proof. When uploading these proof, you can only use a JPG/PNG file.
  10. Once you are done with uploading, select a plan and follow prompts to finalize your application.
  11. Get approval: after submitting the form, cintex will forward your application to national verifier for scrutiny. Afterward, they will approve your request to get a free tablet from cintex wireless.

How Do I Check Application Status 

When you submit your cintex wireless ACP application form, it normally takes 30 minutes to get approval from the national verifier. However, some delays might prompt you to push your approval to 4 business days. This happens when the national verifier needs additional documents for approval purposes. If your application approval extends for more than 4 business days, you should check your application status and know what’s really happening. To check your application status, open this check status page, enter your email address and ZIP code to login to your account. After you login, you’ll be able to check your application status along other relevant details.

What Type of Tablets Cintex Wireless Offer Under Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

1. Apple iPad Air

Believe it or not, Cintex wireless offers this competent tablet to eligible customers for as low as 35 dollars. Besides that, they don’t charge any extra costs for shipping or even on registration fees. All you need to do is to apply, and if found eligible, you get the chance to own this apple device. Some of its features are:

  • One of the most outstanding features present on this handset is its robust 8600mAh Li-Po battery.
  • It boasts of a standard 5mp main camera and a 1.2mp front camera.
  • It comes in four different sizes based on its storage capacity. These are 16GB 1GB RAM, 32GB 1GB RAM, 64GB 1GB RAM and 128GB 1GB RAM. On the flip side, this storage capacity is fixed as the gadget lacks a micro SD card slot for storage expansion.
  • The model has a super clear 9.7 inch IPS LCD display. This ensues from its Sharp screen resolution power of 1536 × 2048 pixels.

2. Alcatel JOY TAB

If you need a simple easy to use a tablet that you can employ in your day-to-day activities, then the gadget above is the absolute panacea for you. Moreover, if you are eligible for lifeline services through Cintex wireless, price won’t be an impediment to you. This is because Cintex wireless sells it to qualified people for as low as 10.01 dollars. Below is a brief description of some of the features to expect from this device.

  • First off, this gadget comes with an impressive 5mp front camera which is very effective in taking selfies. Additionally, it has a standard 5mp rear camera.
  • Users enjoy extensive hours of use which is as a result of its powerful built-in 4080mAh Li-ion battery.
  • Exhibits a medium size 8.0 inch display that has a screen resolution power of 1280 × 800 pixels.
  • It comes with a 32GB internal storage capacity that is expandable up to 128 GB through its always on standby micro SD card slot.

3. Apple iPad Mini 2

Being an apple device, this device is equipped with some of the best features you can find on a tablet. You can enjoy the incredible features of this device for only 25 dollars from Cintex wireless. However, this only works provided that you meet the required eligibility standards. Here are some of the features present on this device.

  • Exhibits a medium size 7.9 inch display that is absolutely clear. In fact, this sharp clarity is as a result of its intense screen resolution power of 1536 × 2048 pixels.
  • Boasts of a non-removable 6470mAh li-Po battery that gives you up to 10 hours of talk time.
  • It`s equipped with a single 5 MP rear camera and 1.2mp front camera.
  • Although this handset lacks an expandable storage capacity, it comes in four different storage sizes that are large enough to store your data. These are 32 GB, 64GB, 128GB and 1GB RAM.

4. Apple iPad Mini 3

Generally, the above handset is an improved version of the Apple iPad mini 2. This device has incredible features and can be found in Cintex wireless stores for only 30 dollars. Read further to learn more about its features.

  • To begin with, this model comes with an extensive storage capacity of up to 128GB and 1GB RAM.
  • Users can save quality moments with its 5mp rear camera or with its 1.2mp front camera.
  • Comes with an inbuilt 6470mAh li-Po battery which allows for up to 10 hours talk time.
  • Last but not least, it comes with a super clear 7.9inch display which is backed by a screen resolution power of 1536 × 2048 pixels.

5. Alcatel JOY TAB 2

With only 10.01 dollars, eligible lifeline customers can access this handset on Cintex wireless. In spite of that, this gadget comes with a truckload of features like mentioned below.

  • It’s powered with a standard 4080mAh battery that gives it up to nine hours of continuous video playback time.
  • Boasts of an expansive 8.0 inch display that comes with an average screen resolution power of 1280 × 800 pixels.
  • Very suitable for selfie lovers as it boasts of a sharp 5mp selfie camera. Also, it exhibits a 5mp rear camera lens.
  • It comes with a reliable 3GB RAM that gives it a smooth run even when under heavy use.
  • It is equipped with a micro SD card slot which for extra storage room. As matter of fact, this storage size can be expanded up to 256GB.

6. Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus

This is another reliable cintex wireless tablet that can be acquired for just 10.01 dollars. However, you must be eligible for ACP program. Besides that, this tablet comes with very competitive features just as outlined above.

  • The model boasts of a very clear IPS LCD display which stands at exactly 8.0 inches. On top of that, it has a screen resolution power of 1200 × 1920 pixels.
  • It has a fingerprint scanner present at the front to limit unauthorized access.
  • Exhibits an average battery life thanks to its built-in 4850mAh Li-Po battery. Has an 8mp main camera and a 5mp selfie camera lens.
  • In terms of storage size, this handset is available in two different sizes. It has a 16GB 3GB RAM version and 64GB 4GB RAM version. Besides, it has a micro SD card slot on standby just in case you require additional space.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Despite the fact that this handset was launched more than six years ago, its subtle features have kept it relevant up to date. Nonetheless, if you are eligible for ACP from cintex wireless, you can acquire this tablet for just 10.01 dollars. Its major features have been discussed below.

  • It comes with a reliable 8mp main camera lens and a 2mp front camera.
  • You can store large amounts of data in its 32GB internal storage room that is expandable up to 128GB via a micro SD card. To add on that, it comes with an average 3GB RAM size that ensures a smooth run all through.
  • Exhibits an in-built 4000mAh battery which allows for up to ten hours of standby time.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Unlike most tablets mentioned on this article, this particular tablet comes with a medium sized stylus pen, which is very ideal for easy navigation. Besides that, eligible customers can acquire it for just 10.01 dollars so long as you are qualified. Some of its other features are included below.

  • If you love watching and playing games via a tablet, the latter will be very ideal for you. This is because it comes with an expansive 9.7inch display. More also, this display is very clear thanks to the sharp screen resolution power of 1546 × 2048 pixels.
  • Exhibits a large 4GB RAM size which gives it a smooth run even after extensive hours of use.
  • Although it has a small internal storage capacity of 32GB, it exhibits a micro SD card slot which allows for storage expansion.
  • As if not enough, this model comes with a 13mp high-resolution rear camera, as well as a 5mp front camera.
  • The model boasts of a reliable 6000mAh li-Po battery that allows fast charging.
  • It comes with a front mounted fingerprint scanner for extra security reasons.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

You can kill two birds with one stone by getting this high-performance tablet at a very cheap price on Cintex wireless. The only prerequisite you need to meet is to prove that you are eligible for ACP program. If you qualify, cintex wireless will give you this phone for just 25 dollars. Below is a brief outline of its outstanding features.

  • Users enjoy viewing from a large interface thanks to its expansive 10.5-inch display. This is backed by an acute screen resolution power of 1600 × 2560 pixels.
  • You can also take high-definition images with its sharp 13mp rear camera lens or with its impressive 8mp front camera.
  • The model guarantees users of extensive battery life as it comes with a strong 7300mAh battery
  • When it comes to storage size, this model comes in three distinct versions. These are 64GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM and 256GB 6GB RAM. In case you run out of storage space, there’s a micro SD card slot on standby for storage expansion.
  • Lastly, it comes with a stylus pen which simplifies your whole navigation experience when in use.

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2020

Cintex wireless charges only 10.01dollars to get this tablet. All you need to do is qualify for ACP and get your tablet instantly. Below is a short description of its features.

  • It comes with an expansive 10.1inch display with a screen resolution power of 1280 × 800 pixels.
  • The model boasts of a 5mp rear camera as well as a 5mp front camera.
  • Comes with a 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage capacity. However this can be expanded up to 512GB through a micro SD card.
  • Has a convenient battery life thanks to its strong 5000mAh Li-ion battery.

How Do I Activate Cintex Wireless Tablet

The process of activating Cintex wireless tablet is quite easy. In fact, this process is not only easy but instant. If you have a cintex wireless phone and already activated it, the process is so similar to activating cintex wireless tablet. To activate, install Cintex SIM card in your tablet and dial 611 on your tablet’s keypad. After, options will appear on the screen. Select option 3 and a message will be sent to you immediately to inform you that your phone has been successfully activated.

Can I Use Any SIM Card on Cintex Wireless Free Tablets?

It’s not really possible to use any SIM card Cintex wireless free tablets. This is because cintex devices come Unlocked. However, you can unlock your cintex wireless tablet and use another SIM card. This is only possible if the other SIM card is compatible with Cintex wireless network.

Can I Replace Cintex Wireless Free Tablets?

Cintex wireless free tablets come with a 15 days warranty period. Therefore, you can get a free replacement for your free tablet free within the first 15 days of receipt. However, if your tablet has been stolen, lost or damaged within 15 days of receipt or after, cintex wireless will not be responsible for your free tablet replacement. In this case, you will have to cater for the cost of replacing your free tablet. 

What Network Does Cintex Wireless Use?

Cintex wireless is not a mobile virtual network operator but a stand-alone wireless company. This means that the carrier operates on its own network.

Does Cintex Wireless Offer Free Smartphones?

We have already mentioned that cintex wireless offers free smartphones through the ACP program. This carrier also offers free smartphones through the government’s lifeline program. However, you have to qualify for either lifeline or ACP program to receive your free smartphone from cintex wireless. To qualify through lifeline, you must have a total household income of 135% of the federal poverty guideline. To qualify through ACP, your income must be below 200% of the federal guideline. Once you meet these requirements, you can get a free smartphone from reliable brands like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and Google Pixel.

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