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ZTE was founded by Wei Gui Hou on February 7, 1985. Its headquarter is in Shenzhen, China. ZTE Corporation is a global manufacturer of Telecommunication equipment, network components, and mobile devices. ZTE mobile is a division of ZTE corporation.

ZTE fully participates in designing their products, developing them, and manufacturing them. ZTE believes that technology innovation should be the core demand of their company. For this, they invest more than 10% of their annual revenue in Research and Development.

The company established Research and Development Centers in USA, Canada, Sweden, and China. ZTE engaged a huge number of Researchers to develop Technology of new generation, say 5G network, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, etc. They have filed applications for more than 73,000 patents. Among them over 35,000 were granted.

ZTE is a global leader in mobile device manufacturing. It has partnerships with more than 320 carriers and distributors around the world. ZTE tries its best to implement the scientific development concept, fulfill company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, and by that getting a harmonious corporate.

ZTE abides by some rules or concepts in doing business. We can term these as ZTE’s visions. These are given below:

  1. ZTE believes that they should (and they do) ethically conduct all their businesses to protect the human rights, health, safety, and well-being of all human beings.
  2. From manufacturing to selling mobile devices, the company must operate everything in an environmentally responsible manner and actively face the world’s current and future challenges.
  3. Our world is changing. ZTE’s vision is to help their customers to take advantage of this changing world and make a positive impact in societies all over the world.

ZTE is not only a mobile phone company but also has responsibility to society. They played a vital role in the relief efforts to support the devastated people of earthquake in Nepal in 2015. They also established the ZTE Special Children Care Fund, which is the largest charity fund for children in China.

According to Forbes, the Annual Statistics of ZTE for the year 2022 is given below:

Revenue: $ 17.6 B

Assets: $26.6 B

Profits: $1.1 B

The above statics gives us a core idea about ZTE in 2022.

ZTE is a big company, and they are determined to be a pioneer in Telecommunication Industry. ZTE is fully dedicated to their service, and it is not so far that they have become one of the world’s Telecommunication leaders.

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