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Perhaps, TCL is the only mobile company that is famous for manufacturing mobile phones with its own components and its own controlled manufacturing process.

TCL Technology (Telephone Communication Limited) is a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong. TCL invested a huge amount of money (more than $30 billion) in the development of state-of-the-art facilities, from where they may innovate new display technologies and develop new production techniques.

TCL communication company is not only a big company but also has the largest appliance factory in the world. It has a panel factory that is scattered over nearly 260 acres of area. TCL also has 35 Research and Development centers around the world, one of which is in Silicon Valley.

TCL believes in premium quality technology and unlimited entertainment. It takes every step in every area of its operation to make a sustainable or caring future. It is their humble commitment to their customers.

TCL always cares for its customers. They take it as an obligation to add happiness, joy along with simplicity to their customer’s life. They also care for their employees. They are committed to creating an environment where their employees find diversity, excellence, time for learning, and laughter.

TCL also cares a lot about the world’s environment and climate change. They take many steps to keep the environment clean, fresh, and suitable for living. For that, they give stress the recycling of their products.

For its contribution to the environment by recycling electronics responsibly, TCL achieved the “SMM Challenge Gold Tier Awards” from EPA.

TCL company makes their own products with their own components and fully monitors their whole production process. Thus, they are fully aware of what they make.

Moreover, they commit to providing their customers with premium technology, good components, etc. In this vast world of mobile products, TCL is a genuine mobile company. A person can happily and confidently choose TCL mobiles, among other choices.

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