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OnePlus is a Chinese mobile phone company. It was co-founded on 16th December 2013 by an ex-employee of Oppo electronics, Pete Lau and Carl Pei. The company is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and has a presence in 43 countries around the world. Their first product OnePlus One, launched on April 23rd, 2014, a few months after the establishment of OnePlus Company. One Plus has specialization in the manufacturing and production of smartphones. It has various types of smartphones with advanced features, such as 5G Network compatibility and well-developed cameras. Some best One Plus mobile phones are: The One Plus 5 & 5T, The One Plus 6 & 6T, and The One Plus 7 Pro.

The phones are capable of being used in China, the United Kingdom, Europe, and India. The client from the United States can afford the phone through T-Mobile.

One Plus has gained tremendous popularity in mobile markets all over the world, mostly in India. In the Indian smartphone market, One Plus holds a prestigious position because of its flagship-grade smartphones at affordable price tags.

The worldwide popularity of One Plus is for its unique qualities. The hardware used in these phones are improved and long-lasting. The Operating System used is the Oxygen OS. This Operating System, to be said in a word, is marvelous. Even iOS would be jealous of it. Oxygen OS is one of the best UI found in any android phone.

The battery used in OnePlus phone is durable and much improved. It gives backup for a long time after long usage.

The above features make OnePlus mobile famous as well as its manufacturing company OnePlus Ltd.

Now, come to the point of pricing. One Plus is so famous for its price. The company sells phones that are equally powerful like iPhone, google phone, Galaxy, etc. at half the price of these flagship phones.

In the past when OnePlus One was launched, it was called flagship killer. This term has been widely used by the media for other One Plus mobile phones also. Flagship killer means flagship-level quality with a price to kill for. In other words, an incomparable quality-price ratio that interests a lot of people.

Like many other reasons, one reason for OnePlus Ltd.’s popularity is its communication strategy. Just in a few years, the new OnePlus Ltd will be able to create a strong fan base. The leading key persons of OnePlus communicate with their fans through forums.

They promote their products and services and talk to their fans directly. Thus, they boost their company’s image and try to increase sales.

One Plus Ltd gives us high-quality phones at an affordable price. That will be the main cause for which OnePlus will dominate in the mobile phone industry. Their honesty and dedication will earn a prestigious position for them in the mobile industry in the near future.

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