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Knut Fredrik Idestam started a wood pulp mill in the year 1965 on the bank of the Tammerkoski river in the town of Tampere, Finland. Afterward, the company shifted to the town of Nokia, by the Nokianvirta river, and thus got its name “Nokia”.

After a long time, three companies – Finnish Rubber Works, Nokia Wood Mill, and Finnish Cable Works, merged into a big company ‘Nokia’ in 1967, the company that we have now.

In 1992, Jorma Ollila took responsibility for Nokia by taking the post of a new CEO. He decided to make ‘Nokia’ a ‘telecom-oriented’ company. Ollila’s decision proved to be a golden decision as Nokia’s profit went from negative in 1991 to $1 billion in 1995 and almost $4 billion by 1999.

Nokia is a very responsible company. Here is an incident about Nokia’s responsibility. In 2008, it was discovered that the BL-5C Series batteries had defects in them. Instantly Nokia announced and assured its customers that defective batteries were replaced by new good batteries and the customers did not need to pay any additional cost for that. Not only that, Nokia took steps to create awareness among people about it and in their website put an option to check whether the purchased mobile phone’s battery is from a defective lot or not. This has created a sense of faith in customers that Nokia is a responsible company.

As Nokia is a network and communication technology-related company, it offers network and technology-related products fixed networks, mobile phones, Wi-Fi systems, network implementation and modernization, 5G network, etc.

Nokia serves mobile network operators, retail energy & resources, enterprises, automotive, logistics, healthcare and transportation industries etc.

The company has its business in Europe, The Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

In April 2007, Nokia and Siemens, two big companies jointly started Nokia-Siemens one of the world’s largest network communication companies. This joint venture brought together the network business of Nokia and the carrier-related business of Siemens.

After some years, on 7th August 2013, Nokia bought out Siemens and renamed it Nokia Solutions and Networks, briefly NSN. It is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Nokia.

In the early years of mobile phones, Nokia dominated the network and telecommunication sector in many countries. For some years Nokia lost its market. But now Nokia is trying its best to regain its name and fame.

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