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A Japanese, Dr. Kazuo Inamori with his seven colleagues, started Kyocera, a small company, situated in Kyoto, Japan, in 1959. They have the vision to create a company, that make high quality product, based on most advanced technology, materials and components.

This small company is now grown to be a corporation, whose head quarter is in Kyoto, Japan. Global Kyocera has approximately 83 thousand employees now in 2022.

Kyocera corporation’s management runs with the help of an honest, innovative, real life management system invented by its founder and chairman, Kazuo Inamori. The main theme of this philosophy is – “Do what Is Right as A Human Being.” ‘The Amoeba Management’ and ‘Kyocera Accounting Principles’ are two great invention of Kazuo Inamori. He died in August 24, 2022 at the age of 90. (Born in January 21, 1932).

Kyocera corporation makes things from Kitchen Tools to inventive electronic component and devices. They make Mobile Devices, Solar Power Generating Systems for Residential use, Power Tools, Document Imaging Equipment, Fine Ceramic Components, Electronic Components, Ceramic Packages, Organic Packages/Multi-layer Boards, Cutting Tools, Energy Conversion Devices, Medical and Dental Product, Laser Light, Optical Components, Gemstone and Jewelry.

Kyocera has served the mankind over 60 years. In its journey there are a lots of ups and downs. But the company still working to increase its reputation to the whole world.

Mobile phone is one of the best manufactured product of Kyocera Corporation. They make durable, stylish, improved audio supported mobile phones, that carry a good value for people who works in many industries.

They name their mobile device “Kyocera”. Kyocera launches its first mobile phone in 2014. This smart phone comes with an ultra-durable pure sapphire display. In 2015, the major four Telecommunication companies, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon started selling Kyocera cell phones.

Kyocera launches their first rugged smartphone, Dura Force Pro, with a wide Full HD Camera. Later, this smartphone won iF Design award in 2017. Later on, Kyocera gifted us with Kyocera Dura Force Pro 2, Kyocera Dura XV Extreme. This flip phone is washable and can be washed with mild dish cleaner and disinfectant with Alcohol (70% solution). The latest mobile phone by Kyocera is their first 5G network Supported smartphone, 5G Ultra Rugged, “Dura Force Ultra 5G”, for use on Verizon ultra wide band network.

Some durable, stylish, rugged and ultra-rugged smartphones from Kyocera are described below:

1. Dura Sport 5G: Dura Sport 5G is a Verizon network compatible phone. The phone is water proof, dirt proof and if you drop it from 5 feet onto the concrete, it stays undamaged. Thus its Drop Safe and dust and water proof. Dura Sport 5G is reliable too. You get fingerprint sensor and face recognition service.
The battery is a removable 4500 mAh, which gives back up for the whole day. You feel happy to charge the device in multiple ways: Qi Wireless charging or USB-C with quick charge facility. The mobile comes with 2-year standard Manufacturer’s warranty. So, you can be tension-free for next 2 years. It supports Multi Camera mode that enables you to take picture in picture photos. It’s water proof feature enables you to take photos and videos under water also. This mobile gives you full support when you are in outside.
An adventurer, athlete, or Biker, whatever you are, you always get these facilities. You can find out your speed, altitude, traveled distance etc. Don’t forget to take photos and videos of exciting moments and in the evening bright photos and videos with supper night vision.
2. Another Kyocera phone, Dura Force Pro 2 ultra-rugged is also available. Its most features are similar to Dura Sport 5G.

Some features or specifications of Dura Force Pro2 are given below:

• This phone is customizable for construction areas.
• It is a Military Standard 810g phone.
• It is Drops, Shocks proof.
• It is fully water proof. Also Mud and dust proof.
• Wearing gloves, or with wet touch screen, you can use it.
• Long lasting 3240 mAh battery.
• Push-to-talk, Secure communication.
• Vehicle mounting facility. You can mount it on any vehicle.
• USB Type-C fast charging and Qi Wireless charging.
• Full HD 5’’ ‘Dragontrail’ PRO Touchscreen with 443 ppi.
• Operating System is Android 10.
• The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon.
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity.
• Micro SDXC memory card slot with up to 512 GB memory support.
• Nano SIM supported.

Some Kyocera phones those supports different carriers:

1. Verizon: Dura Sport 5G.
• Dura Force Ultra 5G.
• Dura XV Extreme.
2. AT&T: Dura XE Epic.
3. First NET: Dura XE Epic.
4. Unlocked: Dura Force PRO 2
5. US CELLULAR: Dura XA Equip

Conclusion: Kazuo Inamori started Kyocera with a vision to seek for the answer of the question, “what is the right thing to do as a human being?” The answer is not so easy. According to this philosophy, we can’t do anything that goes against mankind. We must not be greedy, or cheater. We must be honest. And Kazuo Inamori worked honestly and give the best service to mankind all his life. This honestly make his different among others and his small company grows to be a big corporation of 299 companies with approximately 83,000 employees. He proved that there is no alternative for honesty and hard work. If we work hard, respect others, and be honest about anything, then we can be successful like him.

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