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Coolpad group limited is a Chinese company that manufactures telecommunication equipment and is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Coolpad is a big company and has total assets of HK$ 3,117 million (2018). The number of people working in this company is 637 (December 2018). The motto of this company is to make products for the entire family and create a strong bonding between the members of each family through these products.

Coolpad china was established in 1993. And the company came to the US market in 2012. Coolpad’s US headquarters is in Irvine, California.

Coolpad is a company that devotes to bringing affordable, reliable, high-quality products with the best user experience for global summers. They have more than 10000 patents and 5 Research and Development centers. In these centers, Researchers of Coolpad continuously try to invent new technologies and a smart mobile ecosystem backed by artificial intelligence.

Coolpad makes Dyno Smartwatch, Coolpad Surf mobile hotspot, Coolpad Snap, and Coolpad Legacy to serve the needs of all families.

We always need mobile equipment that is served by Coolpad mobile company. Thus we all, the family members of a family, can be connected together all the time with Coolpad and shall be happy.

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