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BLU products is an American Company, headquartered in Miami, Florida. It is founded by Samuel Ohevzion. BLU is the abbreviation of “Bold Like Us”.

BLU products are available at Latin America, Central America, The United States, and all over the Caribbean. BLU’s subsidiary offices are located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Trinidad, Tobago, Haiti and Venezuela.

BLU’s vision is that, they have offered their customers the features, they are looking for in a mobile device at an affordable price. But their consumer, may not be sacrificing a good design and better quality.

BLU has a ware house facility of 80,000 square feet. And a number of employees more than 300 with 13 local offices.

BLU products are sold more than 8 million units throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the US. BLU products is the only company that offers immediate direct shipment facility to its customers without any minimum to buy or forecast requirement.

BLU is a company that offers its customer a vast number of mobile phones in affordable prices and thus pioneered the advancement of the prepaid revolution. BLU’s phones are always advanced, compare to its price. It is to be hoped that BLU products will secure a good position in the mobile market throughout the world soon.

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