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Alcatel is a French brand of mobile phone, which is now owned by Nokia, a Finnish Consumer Electronics company. It is used under the license of Chinese electronics company TCL Technology.

On 24 April 2004, Alcatel Lucent (France) and TCL Corporation (China) jointly established Alcatel Mobile phone company.

Alcatel Lucent has 45% of share and TCL Corporation has 55% of share. In 2005, TCL Corporation acquired Alcatel Lucent’s 45% share and became the owner of the Alcatel Mobile Company. The brand name is Licensed to TCL.

In 2010 the brand name changed to “Alcatel One Touch”. Bet in 2016, the brand name again changed to “Alcatel” and a new logo was set. In this way, TCL Communication started its journey with Alcatel.

TCL Communication itself designs the phone and manufactures it. The company invests a big amount of money to improve their products and try to reach the hand of common people.

Their products are available in 160 countries including North America, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Now TCL Communication Company is ranked as one of the ten Telecommunication Companies in the world. TCL provides innovative, value-packed, and rich-featured mobile phones. They are trying to simplify mobile technology and equip their mobile with new features to reach all people.

They serve people of all ages, from young adults to old people. Alcatel’s customized user interface and high quality make it a demandable phone among all of us. Alcatel allows its consumer to explore more and increases their joy with it.

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