How To Get AT&T PIN Transfer & Port Number

AT&T Transfer PIN

For one reason or another, you might think of transferring from AT&T to another carrier. Maybe you are out of AT&T network coverage or maybe you find their services costly, there are a few reasons as to why customers get prompted to transfer from ATT. Unlike before, when AT&T transfer was hectic, the current process of transferring from AT&T is so easy and instantaneous. However, there are a number of requirements needed to transfer from AT&T, depending on your new service provider. One of these requirements is AT&T transfer Pin.

This PIN is normally requested whenever a customer wants to transfer from AT&T to another carrier. The good thing is that there are more than one way of requesting for AT&T transfer pin for convenience. You can request for it online through at&t website, from my AT&T app, or through a call. Do you wish to transfer your number from AT&T to another provider? This article will help you get started.

What is AT&T Transfer PIN?

AT&T transfer PIN is a pin code that is used to authorize customers to transfer or port their number from ATT to another carrier. As stated above, this PIN is requested either through calling *port, from AT&T app, or through AT&T official website. However, there are important facts to note before requesting for your AT&T transfer Pin.

First of all, you should not ask for your AT&T transfer PIN after discontinuing your services with the company. In other words, you should request this PIN before disconnecting from AT&T. Please note that if you request for your AT&T transfer PIN after deactivating your AT&T account, you will have to reactivate it before your PIN request can be approved.

Another important thing to know is that you should request your AT&T transfer PIN before asking for a transfer request to your new service provider. After receiving your AT&T transfer PIN you can now submit a transfer request to your new carrier. Please note that your AT&T transfer PIN expires after 4 days of requesting it. If you exceed 4 days before submitting a transfer request to your new provider, you will have to request another AT&T transfer PIN. Fortunately, there is no charge or fee needed to request your AT&T transfer PIN either for the first or second time.

Does AT&T Need a Transfer PIN?

Yes, just as stated earlier, customers must request for AT&T transfer PIN before transferring their number to another provider. However, it’s important to note that an AT&T transfer PIN is only needed when you are transferring your wireless number to another provider.

That means there are instances where you don’t need a transfer PIN from AT&T. For instance, AT&T prepaid customers and customers with business accounts won’t need an AT&T transfer PIN. If you are a FIRSTNET subscriber, you won’t need an AT&T transfer PIN. If you have a liberty account or if you receive service from Liberty, you won’t also need a transfer PIN.

The Process of Finding Your AT&T Transfer PIN?

You are already aware of the importance of obtaining an ATT transfer PIN. You are also aware that you should not discontinue your ATT account before requesting your ATT transfer PIN. With that in mind, let’s now go ahead and discuss various ways of obtaining your AT&T transfer PIN.

From your mobile device

To find your AT&T transfer pin from your mobile device, you should call PORT (7678) and follow the prompts to finalize the process. After the process, you will get your ATT transfer PIN through a text. Note that when calling port to find your AT&T transfer PIN, your wireless passcode is required to finalize your request.

From AT&T app

This is another easy and instant process of obtaining your ATT transfer PIN. When using this method, you just need to sign in to your myAT&T app and visit your profile. Under your profile, open “people and permissions”. Scroll and select “transfer phone number”. Afterward, select “request a new PIN” and your ATT transfer PIN will pop on the screen. 

From AT&T website

This is where you obtain your ATT transfer PIN through myAT&T online portal. To use this method, visit myAT&T online page, enter your User ID, password and sign in. In your profile, select “people and permissions”, followed by “wireless”, scroll until you find “transfer phone number”. Select “request a new pin” and the number will appear on the screen.

How to Find My Account Number for AT&T?

If you want to find out your account number for AT&T, the process is equally easy and quick. To find your account number for AT&T, sign in to your account and visit your profile. Under your profile, select “sign-in info” then scroll and tap “my linked accounts” and your AT&T account number will appear on the screen.

Can I Keep the AT&T Phone Number if I Switch to Other Carriers?

Once upon a time, switching to other carriers needed you to get a new number before connecting to their services. This is no longer the case because it’s now possible to switch to other carriers from ATT and keep your phone number.

However, the process and requirements of switching your phone number to other carriers from AT&T depend on your new service provider. The general process of switching your ATT phone number to any other carrier starts by requesting your AT&T transfer PIN. You can ask for this PIN online, through APP or through call as discussed above. After that, send a transfer request to your new carrier.

After sending a transfer request, some carriers will ask for your AT&T account number, a passcode or AT&T transfer PIN. To keep your AT&T phone number when switching to other carriers, make sure that your AT&T account number is active at the time of transfer. Please note that not all AT&T phone numbers are eligible to switch to other carriers. To switch your number, you must have cleared all your current bill with AT&T.

How do I Transfer My AT&T Number to Another Carrier?

If AT&T do not cover your residential areas or doesn’t cover a place that you wish to reside in the future, or maybe there is another carrier that provides a better offer than AT&T, you can be forced to transfer your AT&T number to another carrier. Before you commence with the switching process, however, always make sure that you have cleared all due balance with your AT&T account. Once you clear all your due balance, start your transfer process as follows:

  • Login to your myAT&T account
  • Scroll to transfer Billing responsibility
  • Enter all the required account information and verify that all the details are correct.
  • Create a 4 digit PIN because your PIN, ZIP code and myAT&T account number will be required to finalize the transfer process.
  • Follow all given instructions and submit my AT&T billing responsibility transfer.
  • Depending with your new service provider, it might take few days to accept your billing responsibility;
  • Within 14 days of accepting your request, sign in to your new provider’s online service
  • Visit your account categories for accept billing responsibility
  • Follow prompts and select “ next “
  • Confirm whether your billing information is right
  • Accept terms and conditions and submit your request.

Is There any Charge for a Number Transfer PIN?

Not really, the process of obtaining your AT&T transfer PIN is free of charge. The process of transferring your number from AT&T is also free of charge.

How do I Get a Transfer PIN if My Phone is Lost or broken?

If you lost or broke, or maybe your phone is not accessible, you should just sign in to your my AT&T account online and ask for your AT&T transfer PIN. You can also use your friend’s or relative’s phone and call *PORT to ask for your AT&T transfer PIN.

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