What Is Apple iOS For iPhone & iPad


Every smartphone you find out there usually has an Operating System. Typically, this is the infrastructure software or platform that controls nearly all its basic operations. With this platform in place, you will be able to download and install apps the way you please. In case you permit your device to accept 3rd party apps, this platform will allow you to do so and thus enjoy increased functionality of your device. One of the common popular Operating Systems out there is Apple’s Operating System. Ideally, this is the operating system used by iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. In this article, we shall outline the various features that come with this Operating System and the number of iOS versions to expect, alongside other related ideas.

Features of Apple iOS

The iOS or IPhone OS comes with tons of features that will mesmerize you. These features, however, depend on the iOS your Apple device is using. Some of these features include:

1. Ability to unlock your phone with your mask on

With the advent of COVID-19, most iPhone users have been wearing masks in a bid to keep the virus at bay. Thankfully, the latest iPhone Operating System 15.4 comes with this feature. If you have an iPhone 12 and 13, be sure that you will be able to utilize this feature seamlessly. However, you must update your device to the above-mentioned Operating System.

2. Allows you to change the size of the text in any given app

One of the various ways to have control over the apps that you are using is to change the text of each of them. The good news is that IOS 15 allows you to change the text on your app the way you want.

3. Allows you to know how your apps are monitoring you

With an Apple device, you can now have access to the App Privacy Report that allows you to know how the apps you have on your device are utilizing the granted permissions such as camera, location, microphone, and so forth.

4. Presence of Emergency calling button

If your device runs on iOS 15, be sure that you will have access to the emergency calling button. With this button in place, you can now reach out to emergency services in case of danger. All you need to do is to visit the Settings icon and then checkout for the Emergency SOS button.

How Many Versions of iOS Are There? 

Currently, there are 16 versions of Apple iOS. These include:

  • iPhone OS 1
  • iPhone OS 2
  • iPhone OS 3
  • iOS 4
  • iOS 5
  • iOS 6
  • iOS 7
  • iOS 8
  • iOS 9
  • iOS 10
  • iOS 11
  • iOS 12
  • iOS 13
  • iOS 14
  • iOS 15
  • iOS 16

Which is Better Android or iOS?

Truth be told, both platforms are good. Android however is deemed to be better than iOS when it comes to organizing the various mobile apps you might choose to download online. Besides this, the Android Operating system allows you to customize your home screen the way you please. Finally, the widgets of Android tend to be more useful than those on iOS.

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