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Since COVID-19 invaded us, life has not been the same. As a matter of fact, this pandemic has caused a lot of activities to be conducted online these days. From connecting to family and friends, conducting school work, jobs, conducting businesses, to accessing healthcare, there are a lot of activities that rely on the internet these days. To conduct these activities, you need connectivity devices like tablets. The truth of the matter is that such devices are not cheap to acquire. This has constrained low-income families as they can’t afford connectivity devices with ease like their peers. As a result, the government, through the federal communications commission program, initiated Affordable Connectivity Program, which helps low-income individuals or families to get a free or discounted tablet for a seamless connection. To get these devices, you’ll have to apply for ACP through a reliable service provider.

There are several ACP service providers that you might opt for. Among them, Airtalk wireless is one of the best. Operated by AirVoice wireless, AirTalk largest mission is to offer lifeline and ACP benefits to low-income consumers. Through Airtalk ACP program, you will get discounted tablets for as low as $10.01. From this company, you can get free tablets from the best brands in the market. As long as you have an income below 200% of is the federal poverty guideline or benefit from Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI, you can get tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad mini 3, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S among others. Are you looking for answers on how to get Airtalk wireless free tablet? This article will help you get started. 

Does AirTalk Wireless Give Free Tablet?

No, Airtalk wireless does not give free tablets per se. Although the company doesn’t offer free tablets, their tablets are discounted to cheap and affordable prices. As previously mentioned, these tablets are offered for as low as $10.01. This makes it easy for struggling families to connect with their loved ones and enjoy other benefits of a tablet. 

To get the almost free tablet from AirTalk wireless, you must be approved for the government’s ACP program. You are already aware that Airtalk wireless is one of the leading ACP service providers in the US. Therefore, you should visit AirTalk wireless official website and enroll for ACP. Before enrolling for the program however, there are few factors to put in consideration. 

One of them is to confirm that you live within AirTalk wireless coverage area. Although the company offers wide network coverage, it’s unfortunate that its services are not available everywhere in the US. Therefore, this is a very crucial factor to consider before enrolling for AirTalk ACP program.

Secondly, you should ensure that you qualify for ACP. Generally, ACP was not initiated for everyone. To rule out some users, there are ACP qualification requirements set by the federal communications program. Generally, this program is meant for financially strained families in the US. Therefore, ensure you are in this category before taking the initiative to apply for AirTalk wireless free tablet.

Once you qualify, you should also gather a number of relevant documents before applying for Airtalk wireless free tablet. The role of these documents is to proof to the national verifier that you qualify for ACP. Due to the rise of fraudulent activities, you are also required to attach documents that will verify your identity. When you have everything ready, time is now ripe for applying for AirTalk wireless free tablet.

How Do I Qualify For AirTalk Wireless Free Tablet?

There are a number of ways to qualify for Airtalk free tablet. The first way is to ensure you are within Air talk wireless coverage areas. To qualify, you must also meet other requirements highlighted below:

You Qualify If You Come From A Low-Income Household

To qualify for Airtalk wireless free tablet, you or your household must have a total annual income that is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline. One important thing to note about federal poverty guidelines is that they vary based on the year, state and household. Below is an example of various guidelines for the year 2022.

Family sizeAlaska Hawaii Other states.
$ 33,980$31,260$27,180
3$ 57,580$52,980$46,060
7$ 104,780$96,420 $83,820 

You also qualify if you participate in a government assistance program

Are you disqualified for Airtalk free tablet based on your income? Fret not because you are also considered eligible if you participate in at least one of the following programs:

Federal programs

Tribal programs

If you are a lifeline program beneficiary

Have you heard of Lifeline? This is a government assistance program that is managed by the federal communications commission to make telecommunication services cheaper and affordable to every qualified household. Just like ACP, lifeline program was initiated to offer assistance to the poor, vulnerable and limited income customers in America. If you qualify for lifeline therefore, you are directly considered eligible for Airtalk free tablet through the ACP program. 

What Documents Do I Need While Applying For AirTalk Wireless Free Tablet?

We mentioned earlier on this page that you need to have certain documents when applying for free AirTalk tablet through ACP program. Since ACP benefits are restricted to low-income customers, you are therefore required to prove to the lifeline national verifier that your income is limited. To prove, you should attach valid, functional and clear documents. Due to increased rates of fraud, you are also required to attach personal documents to prove your identity. Here is a list of all documents needed to apply for ACP free tablet. 

Income proof documents

  • Child’s support award
  • Social security statement of benefits
  • Veteran administration document
  • Pension statement of benefits
  • Federal/tribal or state tax return copy
  • Your prior year’s federal, state or Tribal tax return
  • A copy of your current income statement 
  • Your paycheck stub
  • Divorce decree
  • Unemployment or worker’s compensation statement of benefits
  • Pension or retirement statement of benefits

Government programs proof

  • Medicaid cover letter
  • SNAP approval letter
  • Federal public housing benefit verification letter

Verification documents

  • Your individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN) document
  • A copy of your certificate of U.S citizenship or naturalization
  • Your birth certificate
  • Your government, state, military or Tribal ID
  • Your U.S driver’s license
  • Your Green card or permanent resident card
  • Passport 

Address documents

  • Lease statement or current mortgage
  • Bank statement
  • Official letter from your state agency
  • Utility bill

How Do I Apply For AirTalk Wireless Free Tablet? 

  1. To apply for Air talk free tablet, visit and tap APPLY NOW
  2. A page will open requiring you to enter your ZIP code. Do so and tap on APPLY NOW. 
  3. Do Airtalk wireless provide service in your area? If yes, go ahead and fill the provided form. In the form, provide your valid name, date of birth, social security number and tap CONTINUE. 
  4. Next step requires your email address, phone number, street address and tap CONTINUE. Note that you must not provide a landline number. Also, your street address must match your ID listed address.
  5. This step requires you to upload verification documents. Here, upload ID proof, eligibility proof and address proof. Note that the address on these documents must match with the address provided in your application. Your address documents should also be dated within 90 days. Another important thing to know is that these documents can be uploaded in JPG/PNG file only. 
  6. Once you attach the documents, select your plan and tablet and follow prompt to finalize the application
  7. Submit the form, get approval and AirTalk free tablet will be shipped to your valid address within 3 to 7 business days.

What Type Of Tablets Does AirTalk Wireless Offer? 

When applying for AirTalk free tablet, you don’t get to choose the model and type of device to get. Once you qualify for ACP, AirTalk will select a tablet for you subject to availability. Since these tablets are provided at a very cheap price, you shouldn’t expect high quality tablets from this company. Instead, you are most likely to get mid-range and entry-level types of tablets as described below: 

1. Alcatel Joy Tab

Are you eligible for AirTalk wireless free tablet? If so, get this device for as low as $10.01 and save yourself more than $90. Besides saving you money, this device comes with a robust 4080mAh battery. This gives you a very extensive battery life of up to 698 hours of standby time. 

Nonetheless, it has a single 5 MP rear camera and 5 MP Selfie camera that guarantee users nothing short of quality videos and pictures. The model also comes with a mid-range display size of 8.0 inches with a screen resolution power of 1280(800) pixels. Its internal storage capacity stands at 32GB and has a 4GB RAM. On top of that, it has a micro SD card slot on standby for storage expansion of up to 128GB. Currently the device runs on Android 9.0 pie platform.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Endowed with a robust 5870mAh Li-Ion battery, this device can run extensively without the need for a recharge. With the device, you also get quality photos thanks to its powerful rear camera of 8 MP and 2.1 MP front camera. Besides, it comes with a very reliable storage capacity of 64GB and 3GB RAM.
 In case you need more storage space, this device comes with a micro SD slot for memory expansion. When it comes to display size, the latter boasts of a super clear 9.7 inch display. It also comes with a NANO sim card slot. Lastly, it runs on Android 5.0.2 lollipop, which is upgradable to android 6.1 marshmallow. In the current market, this tablet has a retail price of up to $130. However, if you are a low-income customer, you are privileged to get the device for only $10.01 through AirTalk ACP program. 

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

This is another incredible AirTalk tablet that is available to ACP-eligible customers for only $25. In fact, this device is not only available at a discounted price but also has all the features that anyone desires in a tab. Whether its quality photos or reliable storage space, this devices has them all.

It comes with a powerful 13 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera for clear shoots. On top of that, it boasts of a very large storage capacity of up to 256GB and 6GB RAM. In addition, this tablet comes with a dedicated micro SD slot for more storage space. It also allows you to enjoy extensive battery life thanks to its fast charging 7300 mAh battery. Last but not least, it runs on Android, 8.1which is upgradable to android 10. 

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

This is a mid-range tablet that is very suitable for light tablet users. It comes with a 7.0inch display and a screen resolution power of 800(1280) pixels. Although the tab has a micro SD card slot on standby, its internal storage capacity is sufficient. To be precise, the latter comes with an internal storage capacity of up to 16GB and 1.5GB RAM.

In addition, this tablet comes with 3.15 MP rear camera and 1.3mp front camera. This tab also have a lasting 4000mAh Li-Ion battery that gives up to 10 hours talk time and up to 190 hrs. standby time. If you come from a limited income family, you are privileged to get this tablet at a discounted price of 10.01 dollars only. 

5. Apple iPad Air

Just like most apple devices, this device assures users of quality and reliable performance. This device has an internal storage of 128GB and 1GB RAM. Apart from that, it boasts of 5 MP rear camera and a 1.2 MP front camera. Thus, users can enjoy quality photos all through.

On the other hand, it has a large 9.7-inch display that allows users to view everything from a large interface. In fact, it is very reliable for gaming, videos and movie watching.

In addition, Apple iPad air assures has a robust 8600mAh Li-Ion battery that allows several hours of use with a single charge. With all the above features, this AirTalk tab is sold to ACP-qualified users at a discounted price of$35.

6. Apple iPad mini 3

Here is a sleek and easy to carry tablet that comes with a display size of 7.9 inches with oleophobic coating and a strong screen resolution power of 1536(2048)pixels This tab also has a reliable storage capacity of up to 128 GB and 1 GB RAM. To add on that, it runs on iOS 8.1 platform which is upgradable to IOS 12.5.5. 

Additionally, this model is available in three different colors giving you a wide selection option. It also comes with two sets of cameras, 5 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP Selfie camera that allows you to have a clear record of family or friend’s special moments through pictures and videos. Finally, it has an inbuilt 6470mAh Li-Ion battery that assures several hours of use. If you come from a household with total income below 200 % of the federal poverty guideline, you will get this amazing device for only $30 dollars instead of $180

7. Apple iPad 2 mini

Currently, this device retails at 150 dollars but is offered for only $25 to air talk wireless ACP customers. For such a low price, this device allows you to enjoy a very clear 7.9 inch display screen with a resolution power of 1536 X 2048 pixels. 

The model is so light and easy to carry around. Besides, it has a strong 5 MP rear camera and a 1.2mp selfie camera for quality pictures. It also comes with a reliable internal storage capacity of 28GB 1GB RAM. Apart from that, it packs a strong 6470mAh non-removable battery that assures several hour of use. 

8. Samsung galaxy tab S

If you are eligible for air talk wireless ACP program, you can get this gadget for as low as 20 dollars and comes with a variety of features. It comes with a powerful 7900 MAH battery. On top of that, it comes with an 8 MP rear camera and 2.1 MP front camera. When it comes to memory size, the latter is available in two versions. There is 16GB ROM, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM version. It also has a micro SD card slot available for extra storage space.

Besides, this model runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat platform which is upgradable to Android 6 marshmallow. The latter boasts of a large 10.5 inches crystal clear display and a screen resolution power of 2560 x1600pixels.

List of other tablets that AirTalk wireless offer

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  2. Alcatel Joy Tab 2
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2020
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab E
  5. Samsung Tab A7 Lite
  6. Lenovo Tab 4 8 plus
  7. Apple iPad 3
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018
  9. KonnectONE Moxee Tablet
  10. Apple iPad 4
  11. Apple iPad mini 

How Do I Activate AirTalk Wireless Tablet?

After receiving your AirTalk wireless tablet, you should immediately activate it for use. The good news is that the process of activating this tablet is so easy and quick. To activate, dial 611 on your tablet and select option 3 for a successful activation. Shortly after, you’ll receive a message that your tablet is already been activated. 

In Which Areas Currently Does AirTalk Wireless Offers Free Tablets?

  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Georgia
  4. Kentucky
  5. Maryland
  6. Michigan
  7. Mississippi
  8. New York
  9. Missouri
  10. Nevada
  11. North Dakota
  12. Ohio
  13. Oklahoma
  14. Rhode Island
  15. South Carolina
  16. West Virginia
  17. Wisconsin

Are There Any Restrictions For AirTalk Wireless Free Tablets?

Yes, there are a number of restrictions set for AirTalk wireless free tablet. These are;

  1. You must have an income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline or participate in government assistance programs to get this tablet
  2. AirTalk wireless free tablet is limited to one device per household
  3. You must attach valid, clear and up to date proof documents to get this tablet
  4. When applying for your Airtalk wireless free tablet, you must agree to notify AirTalk wireless within 30 days after you stop qualifying for ACP or if you change your address.
  5. You must avoid providing false, inaccurate or fraudulent information when applying for a free tablet or get punished by law.

Can I Use Any SIM Card On AirTalk Wireless Free Tablets?

No, it’s not possible to use any SIM card on AirTalk wireless free tablets. This is because devices issued by AirTalk wireless are locked. The good news is that you can unlock your AirTalk wireless free tablet by dialing the number +1(855)924-7825. However, this is only possible on condition that your tablet has been active on AirTalk services for at least one year 

Can I Replace AirTalk Free Tablets?

Yes, you can seamlessly replace your Airtalk free tablet. If you received your device with a defect, you can return it for refund or replacement within 15 days from the date of receipt.

However, if you lost, misplaced or damaged your free tablet, AirTalk wireless will not refund or take charge of replacement cost. Instead, you will be responsible for all the charges needed to replace another tablet. 

What Network Does AirTalk Wireless Use?

Airtalk wireless is an MVNO company that relies on AT&T network. This makes it super reliable as far as national wide coverage and high speed network is concerned. With AT&T network, AirTalk wireless customers are also privileged to enjoy 4G LTE/5G network. 

Is AirTalk Wireless The Same As AirVoice Wireless? 

AirTalk wireless is a project of Airvoice wireless whose major purpose is to offer lifeline and ACP benefits to eligible households in the US.

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