How Do I Get AirTalk Wireless Free iPhone 

How Do I Get Air Talk Wireless Free iPhone 

AirTalk Wireless is an HTH communications company powered by AirVoice to ensure all qualified American families can afford telecommunication services. The company offers the best customer services on the largest and most reliable 4G/5G network. In addition, AirTalk offers lifeline and affordable connectivity program benefits to every qualified customer in the US. Through lifeline and ACP, AirTalk wireless offers the best plans with varying benefits depending on your place of residence. With these plans, be assured of accessing free talk, free text and high-speed data with no hidden fees, zero monthly bills, no registration fees, no credit check and no contracts.

Besides free plans, AirTalk wireless also offers free smartphones at their own cost under lifeline and ACP programs. Eligible households are assured of free and quality smartphones from Iconic brands. However, you have to qualify for AirTalk lifeline or ACP program before applying and receiving your free phone. When applying for AirTalk wireless free phone, it’s prudent to mention that the applicant can’t tell the exact type of phone to receive from this company. One sure thing, however, is that you can grab yourself a free iPhone from AirTalk wireless. Are you looking forward to getting an AirTalk wireless free iPhone?  In our guide today, we will discuss more getting AirTalk wireless free iPhone and other related topics to help you make an informed decision. 

What Types of Free Phones Does AirTalk Wireless Offer 

AirTalk Wireless offers free phones through lifeline and ACP programs. Lifeline is a government assistance program that offers free or discounted phone services to qualified low-income customers in the US. Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP is also a government assistance program that offers free or discounted internet services to qualified low-income customers in the US. These two programs help low-income families to communicate, access the internet, employment, education, and health care services with ease. One of the greatest advantages of AirTalk wireless is that it works closely with these two programs to offer free smartphones to qualified customers.   

When it comes to the type of phones to receive from these programs, you don’t know what to receive until it’s delivered to you. This is because AirTalk randomly selects a free smartphone for you subject to state, eligibility, and availability. One thing to assure you however, is that you will get smartphones from exemplary brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, and so on. 

List of AirTalk Wireless Free iPhone 

After applying for a Free AirTalk Wireless phone, you can be lucky to grab a free iPhone for yourself. Below is a list of free iPhones that you are most likely to receive from this service provider: 

1. APPLE iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 comes in place as one of the most prestigious iPhones that you can acquire for free from AirTalk wireless. The handset exhibits quite impressive features, including an IP67 rating that makes it resistant to both dust and water. Below are some of its other features:

  • It runs on the iOS 11 platform that is upgradable to iOS 15.6 platform. 
  • It boasts an expansive 4.7-inch display that is backed by a screen resolution power of 750 X 1334 pixels.
  • This handset exhibits a very alluring exterior design due to its back and front glass coating. In case you opt to buy this handset, note that it comes in four different colors. These are red, silver, space gray, and gold. 
  • Users have adequate space to store all their data thanks to its large interior storage capacity of up to 256GB and 2GB RAM. 
  • Its powerful 12 MP rear camera and 7mp selfie camera assure users of quality photos anywhere even in the dark.
  • It has an inbuilt 1821mAh Li-Ion battery that allows both fast and wireless charging. 

2. APPLE iPhone SE

Do you require a reliable and aggressive handset? If so, the good news is that you can get Apple iPhone SE for free from AirTalk wireless. The phone has the following impeccable features: 

  • This model boasts a very reliable 12 MP rear camera and a single 7 MP front camera. Besides that, it comes in three different colors; these are black, white, and red. 
  • In terms of storage capacity, the latter is available in three distinct sizes. These are 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 3GB RAM. 
  • With this device, users are assured of maximum security thanks to a stand-by fingerprint scanner
  • Exhibits a very resilient exterior design that is IP67 rated. Therefore, it’s resistant to both dust and water
  • It comes with an inbuilt Li-Ion 1821mAh fast-charging battery. This battery allows for Qi wireless charging (7.5W).

3. APPLE iPhone 7 PLUS

Just like most apple handsets, iPhone 7 Plus is another high-performance device that is given to low-income households for free. Below is a brief description of its main features. 

  • It has an expansive 5.5-inch display that is very clear and large for watching movies and playing games. 
  • Exhibits a very reliable 2900mAh Li-Ion battery. With this, users get up to 21 hours of talk time and up to 384 hours of standby time. 
  • Runs on iOS 10.0.1 platform, but it is upgradable to iOS 15.6 platform. 
  • Boasts of powerful 12 MP dual rear camera and a single 7 MP front camera. 
  • You can even take photos while swimming as its IP67 rated hence resistance to water and dust. 
  • It comes with a large storage capacity of up to 256GB and 3GB RAM. 

4. APPLE iPhone 6

Although this handset was launched several years ago, iPhone 6 remains very competitive in the modern smartphone world. It is one of the most recent iPhones available for free from AirTalk wireless. It features: 

  • 4.7inch LCD that has a screen resolution power of 750 X 1334pixels.
  • Fingerprint scanner at the front for enhanced security measures. 
  • 1810mAh Li-Po battery gives it up to 250 hours of standby time and up to 14 hours.

5. APPLE iPhone 6S

 iPhone 6S comes with a reliable 4.7-inch display that is crystal clear. This absolute clarity ensues from its sharp screen resolution power of 750 X1334 pixels. The phone has the following amazing features: 

  • Operates on iOS 9 platform that is upgradable to iOS 15.6 platform.
  • Has an internal storage capacity of 128GB and 2GB RAM?
  • It comes with a powerful 12 MP main camera and a 5 MP front camera
  • This model comes with an in-built 1715mAh Li-Ion battery that allows for up to 240 hours of standby time. 

6. APPLE iPhone 7

With iPhone 7, users can save quality moments any time thanks to its powerful 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera. It has other features like:

  • Comes with a reliable internal storage capacity of up to 56GB and 2GB RAM. 
  • This model comes with a powerful non-removable 1960mAh Li-Ion battery 
  • It has a fingerprint scanner

7. APPLE iPhone 6 Plus

Here is another reliable and easy-to-use handset that is available for free from AirTalk wireless. Besides being simple, iPhone 6 Plus comes with very competitive features just as described below. 

  • One of the most notable features about this handset is its long battery life. To be more precise, this smartphone boasts of a powerful 2915mAh Li-Ion battery that gives 384 hours of standby time and up to 24 hours of talk time. 
  • Has an internal storage memory of 128GB and  1GB RAM
  • Has a large crystal clear 5.5-inch LCD. 
  • Its screen resolution power stands at exactly 1080(1920) pixels.

8. APPLE iPhone 6S Plus

Last but not least, you can also get this quality and sleek iPhone for free from AirTalk wireless. iPhone 6S Plus has the following features: 

  • First off, it exhibits a large internal storage capacity of up to 128GB
  • It also features a reliable 2GB RAM.   
  • Boasts of powerful 2750mAh Li-Ion inbuilt battery. This battery allows for up to 384 hours of standby time and up to 24 hours of talk time. 
  • Comes with a fingerprint scanner to keep intruders from accessing your device. 
  • Besides that, it runs on iOS 9 platform, which is upgradable to iOS 15.6. 
  • It Exhibits an expansive 5.5inch display size with a sharp screen resolution power of 1080 X 1920 pixels. This makes it very ideal for watching
  • Lastly, it comes with a strong 12 MP rear camera and a 5 MP Selfie camera to capture clear and quality pictures. 

Who Qualifies AirTalk Wireless Free iPhone 

AirTalk wireless free iPhones are offered to low-income customers. One important thing to note is that you can be a low-income customer but still get disqualified from receiving AirTalk wireless free iPhone. Therefore, you are considered eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  • You can qualify through ACP if your total household or individual income is below 200% of the federal poverty guideline.
  • You can also qualify through lifeline if your individual or family’s total income is below 135% of the federal poverty guideline
  • You can qualify if you received a Pell grant on the current award year 
  • You can qualify if you participate in federal government assistance programs like Free and reduces price school lunch or School breakfast program, Federal public housing assistance, Veterans pension and survivors benefits, Medicaid, Supplemental nutrition assistance programs, Special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children. 
  • You can qualify if you participate in tribal government assistance programs like Bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance, Head start, Tribal temporary assistance for needy families and Food distribution program on Indian reservations

What Documents Do I Need For the Application Process

While applying for AirTalk free iPhone through Affordable Connectivity Program or lifeline, you’ll come across a step that requires you to attach personal, program or income eligibility documents. Examples of these documents are: 

Identity documents  

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of U.S citizenship or naturalization
  • Green card 
  • Permanent resident card
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN) document
  • Government, state, military or Tribal ID
  • U.S driver’s license
  • Your passport
  • Permanent resident card
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN) document

Address documents

  • Utility bill
  • Lease or mortgage statement 

Income eligibility documents

  • Copy of the Veterans Administration statement of benefit
  • social Security statement of benefits
  • Invoice decree
  • Unemployment or worker’s compensation statement of benefits
  • Pension or retirement statement of benefits
  • Prior year’s federal, state or Tribal tax return
  • Paycheck stub
  • Current income statement
  • child support award

Program eligibility documents

  • Federal public housing assistance approval letter
  • Veterans pension and survivors benefits award letter
  • Head start verification letter 
  • Tribal temporary assistance for needy families approval document

How Do I Apply For AirTalk Wireless Free iPhone?

The best method of applying for AirTalk wireless free iPhone is online through their official website. This method is so easy, fast and reliable. To apply online, follow this procedure:

  • Visit AirTalk wireless official website  and click “ apply now “
  • Enter your ZIP code to determine whether Air talk’s services are available in your area. 
  • Select a plan and tap on “ apply now”
  • Enter your name, date of birth, social security number and click “ continue”
  • Enter valid contact information like your mobile number, email and street address. When providing your contact, you should avoid providing a landline number. Also, match your street address with your ID listed address.
  • Upload identity, eligibility and address proof and tap on continue
  • Select a plan and follow prompts
  • submit your form
  • AirTalk wireless team will review your application and approve it within ten minutes
  • Ounce approved, your free phone order will be shipped to your address for free

How Do I Check the Status for AirTalk Wireless Free iPhone?

After submitting your AirTalk wireless free iPhone application, approval takes few minutes. If your approval delays more than usual, you should check your application status. The process of checking AirTalk wireless free iPhone application status is so straightforward. To check, visit> enter your email address>enter your ZIP code> enter the last four digit of your social security number> tap on check status. Once you login, you will come across a bunch of information including your application status. 

What Other Benefits Do I Get If I Getting AirTalk Wireless Free iPhone? 

  • When you get your AirTalk wireless free iPhone, you will be given a free ACP premium plan that offers free unlimited minutes, free unlimited SMS and 8 GB of high speed data every month.
  • You will be able to access lifeline & ACP combo plan that offers free unlimited texts picture message, free unlimited call and 15 GB of high-speed data
  • You can also get a free SIM card, 100 talk minutes, unlimited texts and 4.5 GB data per month through AirTalk lifeline plan. 
  • Airtalk wireless free iPhone has amazing features like caller ID, 3-way calling, call waiting and voicemail 
  • You will enjoy a good and reliable 4G LTE/ 5G high-speed network with your free iPhone.
  • You will enjoy quick, reliable and friendly Airtalk wireless customer care services.
  • Getting AirTalk wireless free iPhone ties you to no contract, thus no early termination free in case you decide to quit their services.

How Long Does AirTalk Wireless Take To Ship?

When you get your application approval, it may take 7 to 10 days to process your order. Once your order is complete, they will ship the device to you immediately. Time to ship your AirTalk wireless free iPhone is 3 to 7 days.

How Do I Activate my AirTalk Wireless Free iPhone?

Once you receive your AirTalk wireless free iPhone, Install your free SIM card and switch your phone on. On your device’s keypad, dial 611 and choose option 3 from the menu that appears to successfully activate your device. To know whether you have successfully activated your device, you will get a notification message indicating that your handset is already activated. 

Can I Replace My AirTalk Wireless Phone? (If lost, damaged, warranty)

Yes, you can replace your lost, stolen, damaged or misused phone with AirTalk wireless. However, you will cater for all charges incurred when replacing your phone. 

This is exceptional for customers that had their phones malfunction within 15 days from the date they received it. Thanks to AirTalk wireless 15 days warranty, you can get a free phone replacement if your phone malfunctions within the first 15 days of use.    

Is It Safe To Provide My Social Security Number On AirTalk Wireless Application?

AirTalk privacy on customers’ content is always their priority. The company provides top-notch privacy, security, and confidentiality to every piece of information given to them by the customer. Therefore, providing your Social security number on AirTalk wireless application has no course for alarm

Are AirTalk Wireless phones unlocked? 

AirTalk wireless phones are not unlocked. These phones are locked to the carrier’s network and aren’t compatible with other service providers unless unlocked. If your phone has been active with AirTalk for at least one year, it will be so easy to unlock it. To unlock your phone, just contact AirTalk customer representative for assistance.

Can I Bring My Own Phone To AirTalk Wireless?

Besides providing a free phone to eligible customers, AirTalk wireless also allows you to bring your own phone to their services.  What you need to do is ensure is that your model is unlocked and compatible with this carrier’s network. 

What carrier does AirTalk Wireless use?

AirTalk wireless is a mobile virtual network operator that uses AT&T network towers to offer wireless services. Relying on AT&T assures AirTalk customers very fast, reliable and nationwide coverage. 

Does AirTalk Wireless have an app?

Yes, the company has an APP called AirTalk roam. It is a mobile Voice application that helps AIRSIM users to get connected with their loved ones 

How Do I Contact With AirTalk Wireless

  • Contact AirTalk wireless through calling the number +1 (855) 924-7825 from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM CST or Saturdays 10 AM to 7 PM CST. 
  • Contact them through sending an email to [email protected] 
  • Contact them through sending a mail on 21763 Ventura BLVD Woodland Hills, CA 91364
  • You can also contact them through visiting their official website and having a live chat with an agent. 
AirTalk Wireless
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