ACP Free Laptop 2022: How To Apply

How to Get ACP Free Laptop

Laptop is a portable connectivity device that plays several roles in this current world. As you already know, COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed how things are conducted these days. For instance, most people now work and learn from home. For those reasons, having a laptop is very crucial in the current world. Besides working and learning from home, it’s important for everyone to have a laptop to connect with their loved ones or seek emergency health care.

It’s important for everyone to have a laptop but unfortunately, their prices are high compared to other connectivity devices. The high cost of these devices makes them unaffordable to many. This applies to low-income families whose income is barely enough to access basic needs. If you are a low-income US citizen who is in need of a laptop but can’t afford one, we have some good news for you. The good news is that there are existing government programs that give free or discounted laptops to low-income households. One of the most reliable government program that offers free laptop is the ACP program. Also known as Affordable Connectivity Program, this program partners with laptop service providers to offer discounted laptops to qualified users. Are you in need of answers on how to get ACP free laptop 2022? This research is here for you.

How to Get ACP Free Laptop from Government?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, the government offers free laptops to qualified users through the affordable connectivity laptop and internet program. This program works closely with laptop service providers to make sure that every qualified household or individual has received his free laptop. It’s important to mention that although ACP laptops are referred to as free laptops by the government, these laptops are not entirely free. Instead of a free laptop, ACP gives you a discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop from ACP laptop service providers. With this discount, you will access your laptop at a lesser price making it affordable for low-income households. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria for getting ACP free laptop from the government, you will be able to apply for your ACP tablet.

There are different ways to apply for your free ACP laptop. Below are these methods:

1. Apply through the affordable connectivity program online portal 

  1. To apply through the ACP online portal, open this link;
  2. From the page, scroll down and click “ apply now”
  3. The national verifier page will open with an online application form
  4. Fill the form by providing correct details like your name, date of birth, social security number, home address and any other required information then click “ next”
  5. Another page will open requiring you to attach program eligibility document.
  6. Follow all on-screen sintructions and submit the form
  7. Get approval for ACP laptop discount and contact your laptop servce provider for guidance on how to receive your laptop.

2. Apply via mail

Mail application is where you download and print ACP application form. You can download and print this form from this page: Once you receive the form, compete the application, attach copies of eligibility documents and mail to the following address:

ACP support center
P.O Box 7081
London, KY 40742

Once the form is received, the national verifier will approve your application and give you feedback. Finally, contact our service provider and receive your ACP discounted tablet.

3. Apply through your laptop service provider 

This is where you apply for your ACP laptop directly from your laptop service provider’s website. There are a number of laptop service providers that work closely with the government to give you a free laptop through the ACP program. These are service providers like PCS for people, Human-I-T and EveryoneON. Therefore, visit any of these providers’ official websites and apply for your ACP laptop.

Eligible Criteria for Getting ACP Free Laptop from Government

To apply for ACP free laptop from the government through any of the methods above, you should first confirm ACP eligibility. Here are ways through which you qualify for ACP free laptop from the government:

1. You qualify based on your household or individual income

To qualify for ACP free laptop from the government, your total household income should be 200% or less of the federal poverty guideline. Note that federal poverty guidelines differ based on your household side and residential state. Visit and confirm your actual ACP income based on your state and household income.

2. You qualify based on federal assistance program

Another alternative way of qualifying for a free ACP laptop from the government is through participating in a federal assistance program. Below is an example of these programs:

3. You qualify based on your tribal assistance program

Another alternative way of qualifying for free ACP laptop from the government is participating in a tribal assistance program. These are programs like:

4. If you benefit from lifeline

You also qualify for ACP free laptop from the government if you receive lifeline benefits. Lifeline is a federal communications commission program that is meant to help low-income households to afford communication services. Qualifying for lifeline automatically makes you qualified for ACP. Qualifying for ACP then means that you qualify for a free laptop from the government.

5. You qualify through your child or dependent.

This is where you qualify for ACP laptop if any of your household member participates in any federal or tribal assistance program. This makes you qualified for ACP laptops as a dependent.

What Documents Do I Need To Getting ACP Free Laptop from Government?

You need to attach documents with eligibility and identity proof when applying for your ACP free laptop from the government. Here is a list of the much needed documents:

  • Birth certificate, Certificate of U.S citizenship or naturalization, Green card , Permanent resident card, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN) document, Government, state, military or Tribal ID, U.S driver’s license, Your passport, Permanent resident card, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN) document, Utility bill, Lease or mortgage statement to prove both identity and address
  • Unemployment or worker’s compensation statement of benefits, Pension or retirement statement of benefits, Prior year’s federal, state or Tribal tax return, Paycheck stub, Current income statement, child support award, Copy of the Veterans Administration statement of benefit or social Security statement of benefits to prove your income.
  • Federal public housing assistance approval letter, Veterans pension and survivors benefits award letter, Head start verification letter, Tribal temporary assistance for needy families approval document or any other program official document to prove that you are a participant of that particular program.

Organizations that Provide ACP Free Laptops

As we have mentioned, ACP collaborates with various laptop service providers or organizations to offer free laptops to qualified customers. Below is a brief discussion on each of the organizations.

PCs for People

PCS for people is one of the most trusted organization that works with the government to offer free laptops to low income users. As long as you have an income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline or participate in a government assistance program, you will receive a $100 discount when you buy a laptop from PCS for people. Beside this discount, PCS for people offers you $30 discount on your hotspot or modem subscription. In addition, you will also enjoy a free month of internet service from PCS for people. Here is how you apply for free laptop through PCS for people:

  • Visit PCS for people ACP-online portal
  • from the page, read, understand and accept all the terms and conditions and tap on “ check and continue”
  • login to your PCS for people existing account by providing your email and password
  • If you are a new customer, create PCS for people account by proving personal information like your name, company, street address, city, state and your phone number.
  • Through national lifeline accountability database, verify your account data.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation message and purchase your discounted laptop from PCS for people.


This is another non-profit institution that works with the government to offer free laptops through the ACP program. Through ACP, this organization offers discounts on laptops and connection services to help low income households access the internet with ease. The company offers $100 discounts on ACP-selected laptops. Below is how you apply for a free laptop from human-I-T:

  • Visit human-I-t official website
  • Scroll downwards to the internet request application form
  • Fill the form with your correct personal information and tick the program that makes you qualified for ACP
  • Explain how you heard about human-I-T
  • Provide your contact information and“ submit the form”
  • Get your application approval which might take 1 to 2 business days.
  • Contact human-I-T 888.391.7249 to get more information on how to purchase your discounted tablet.


Broadlinc ACP program offers discounts of up to $30 per month towards broadband services to qualifying households. Also, it gives discounts to families on tribal lands of up to $75 per month. Additionally, you can get a discount of up to $100 for you to buy a laptop or desktop computer. Kindly note that you are supposed to contribute more than $10 and not more than $50 towards the gadget’s price.

How to Apply

  • You must check eligibility before applying for the program. If you would like to apply, click and proceed to check your eligibility. If you have met the set requirements, proceed to make your Broadlinc application.
  • You are supposed to provide the details, which will be provided to FCC by Broadlinc. Click to apply. Note that these details are normally filled by both existing and new Broadlinc members.
  • You can send your application via mail if you do not have online access. However, note that you may experience some delays in approval when you choose this method of application. To get the application forms, kindly visit and scroll down to find the “USAC ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION APPLICATION” and “BROADLINC ENROLLMENT APPLICATION” buttons. Click to download each to get the specific forms.

After downloading, print and fill out the forms, ensure that you provide the correct information for your application to go through. You can now send them to FCC and Broadlinc, respectively. The FCC address is PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742, and the Broadlinc address is 150 Progress Way, Owenton, KY 40359.

One Degree

One Degree is another organization that offers free laptops through the ACP program. You can qualify for a discount of up to $100 to help you get a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. However, you will need to pay a fee of more than $10 and less than $50. To apply, visit and download an application form or apply online. Note that downloaded application forms are typically sent via mail and might experience delays in the approval process. They usually encourage online applications than using the mail option. If you need clarification, you can call customer service every day of the week from 9 AM to 9 PM.


EveryoneOn is an organization that helps people access affordable internet and laptops. It offers discounted laptops for households that qualify for ACP of up to $100 for a laptop and desktop computer. You will only need a co-payment of not more than $50 and not less than $10. Simply go to the FCC website and make your application online or download the application form.

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin offers the ACP benefit to all the households that qualify for the program. After you apply and get approval, you are normally eligible for laptop discounts of up to $100 per laptop. To get this discount, you will need to contribute up to $50 towards the purchase of the laptop. Note that it is limited to one device for one household per month. Also, the qualifying household can benefit from both the ACP and Lifeline programs. Visit and check your eligibility and make an application if your household is eligible.

Best 12 Alternative Ways To Get Free Or Discounted Laptops

Apart from participating in the programs that qualify you for the ACP program, you can also benefit from free or discounted laptops from other organizations. Here are some of the organizations that provide you with

1. Computer with causes

Computer with causes is one of organization that can help you acquire a free laptop if you are eligible. It is normally obligated to collect donated computers on its website and give them to children and other eligible people. If your child falls under the category of underprivileged children and needy households, you all can qualify for a free laptop. Computer with causes also gives computers to educational programs and foster homes.

Do you want to get a free laptop from Computer with Causes? All you need to do is get an application form and explain why you need the laptop. Note that they focus on people who seriously need the laptops, so you must be ready to answer questions and prove your eligibility. Kindly note that applying for the free laptop at Computer with Causes can affect other benefits you get from the government. So, we advise you to check with the FCC before applying for a free laptop at Computer with Causes. You can get Computer with Causes service in all 50 states across the country.

2. The OnIt Foundation

The OnIt foundation is another organization that provides free laptops to citizens across the United States. However, to qualify for a laptop you must have a child in K-12 grade. To qualify, you will need to prove that you normally get a low income and that your child should benefit from the free laptop program.

The only proof you need is to show that your child has qualified for free or reduced lunch at their school. Your child must be in a public school to be eligible for the free laptop. This program is only open to all children who live only in the United States. Click and check the application process.

3. Online College or University

The other method to get a free laptop is by attending online classes. Some colleges provide free laptops or iPads to their students attending online courses. However, the laptop may seem free, but you may experience high tuition fees. Many colleges that offer free laptops for students attending free online classes increase the school fees to cover the laptop. You can visit Open Education Database to learn about some of the colleges offering students free laptops. Here is their website,

4. Freecycle

Freecycle is a nonprofit movement of people giving and receiving free stuff in their towns and nearby neighborhood. Their primary goal is to collect old but in good condition laptops and give them to needy people. The laptops are not in bad condition; Freecycle collects them from households who like buying the latest laptop models. After getting the newest model, they usually dispose of the old laptops they were using. That is how Freecycle is able to collect them. That way, those who cannot afford a laptop can get one from Freecycle.

You can proceed to the Freecycle website and sign up to join them. Note that you do not need to pay anything to sign up on Freecycle.

You can also find a Freecycle group in your local area and join them. You can then ask for someone to help you with a laptop or wait to be given one. If you would like to join, visit and signup.

5. Computers for Kids

This organization normally gives children from low income used and refurbished computers. All you need to do is prove that your child comes from a low-income family, and they will get a free computer. The organization was formed by volunteers who collected used computers and refurbished them before giving them to the kids. Visit their websites at and look at the requirements before applying.

6. Notebooks for Students

This non-profit organization gives students in primary, high school, and college discounted laptops. It also offers these discounted laptops to students attending online classes and homeschooled students. They also work towards decreasing the costs of accessing the laptops by offering free shipments once you buy them. You are usually guaranteed a 4-year warranty if you get your laptop from Notebooks for Students. You can visit for more information about the discounted laptops.

7. Charities

There are charity organizations that do give people who cannot afford laptops free laptops. All you need is to locate one local charity organization, and you will be able to access a free laptop. Note that you need proof that you qualify for the free computer before you apply.

8. Dell

Dell is known for the manufacturing of Dell laptops in the whole world. Besides selling brand laptops, they sell refurbished laptops to the general public. Refurbished laptops are always at a discount, which is an advantage for people who cannot afford new laptops. So, if you would like to get a refurbished laptop from Dell, kindly visit their website at

9. Lenovo

Like Dell, Lenovo is also known for manufacturing Lenovo laptops and products. It also offers discounted laptops to the general public who cannot afford brand ones. If you want to get a Lenovo refurbished laptop, kindly visit their website and enjoy the overwhelming discounts. They also offer desktop computers and tablets at discounts. Simply visit for amazing offers.

11. Microsoft

Microsoft is another organization that offers discounts on the laptops that they sell. However, most of their discounts are generally imposed on students. A student can qualify for up to a 10% discount and get a laptop at a lower price. You can buy a desktop computer, laptop, and other accessories at discounted prices. If you are a student, visit and grab yourself a discounted laptop and other products.

12. Craigslist

Craigslist is highly known by people for selling items. You can buy and sell different products on the platform. However, are you aware that you can get free items from Craigslist? You can get a free laptop from Craigslist. All you need is to go to their website at and locate the “free” section under the “Sales” tab.

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